Travel Photo Thursday — October 18th, 2012 — Dancing to the Music (Andong’s 2012 International Mask Festival)

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday . The weather here in Daejeon has gotten chilly over the last few days, and winter is definitely on the way. I’m counting the days until I feel the heat of Thailand. However, I’ll leave Thailand in my dreams this week, and bring you a few shots taken a couple of weeks ago at Andong’s International Maskdance Festival here in Korea.

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A Korean Traditional Dancer…(back and front). No masks in this dance, but the colors are mesmerizing…

Korean Traditional Dancer -- Andong Mask Festival 2012



Korean Traditional Dancer (from another angle) -- Andong International Mask Festival


An Indonesian masked dancer… (I’ve seen a lot of dancing in Bali, and “he” is one of my favorite characters.)

Indonesian Masked Dancer -- Andong Mask Festival 2012


Have you ever seen in a masked dance performance?


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  1. I love all the colors on her costume. I’ve always admired the Koren traditional costumes whenever I see them. It’s one of the the most colorful and beautiful. Wow..that mask looks scary. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to a masked dance performance yet but would love to especially after seeing pictures you’ve posted.

    • Hi Mary, I love the colors too. They always surprise me, since most Koreans prefer drab colors (mostly black) in their everyday wardrobes.

  2. My goodness, those colors really jump right out at you. How exciting that performance must be. Do you need sunglasses?

    • Laughing here, Vera. They are brilliant, and these shots are straight from the camera; no editing.

  3. It is lovely to see the traditional dances are still being performed today. Lovely colours.

  4. Fantastic shot of the woman. I’m in awe of her make-up and her dress. Calgary is also getting cold and I don’t see any warm days in my future until I go to Colombia in February.

  5. The colours are fantastic…so bright but I do love the masked dancer. He reminds me of the painted faces of the kathakali dancers of Cochin.

  6. Love the vivid colors! I only watched a masked performance once, a kabuki. That was also great though certainly not as colorful!

  7. Both of those photos make me so happy!

  8. The colors on that Korean dress are so bright and vivid. Great photograph! I wonder how well that Indonesian dancer can see out of his mask. I am envious of your cooler temps. It’s still so bloody hot and humid here.

  9. Beautiful photos as usual Nancie. We write today from inside the old walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Hopefully by next week I will have affordable internet connections again and be able to visit everyone’s photos again. Hi to all –

  10. Such colorful outfits and beautiful makeup! These are very gorgeous pictures, Nancie. Which camera did you use? I’m on the market for a new one and like what I see 😉

    – Maria Alexandra

    • Hi Maria…These shots were taken with a Nikon D90, Tamaron Lens 18-270mm. I like the D90. However, not sure if Nikon is still making them or if it’s been replaced by a newer model.

  11. I love the beautiful, vibrant colors of the costumes!

  12. I’ve never thought of Korea as an especially colorful country. Guess I need to rethink it!

  13. Love the colors and the mask. I’ve seen mask dancers in Sri Lanka. They are quite colorful as well.

  14. Those colors are like a jolt of energy. You can’t help but be happy when you see them. I just saw someone on tv with almost that exact shade of blue and red — wonder if those will be the next gotta have colors? I’d definitely wear them.

    I like the contrast of the two ‘colorful’ dancers and the scary looking one at the end.

  15. Those gorgeous smiles and colors — beautiful pics!

  16. I love those colors too! I’m usually amazed by all the colors in your photos of Asia.

  17. Both of the photos are stunning – I feel like I say it every week – I am amazed by the colors in your photos.

  18. Wow, what an amazing outfit. In all my years of travel, I’ve never seen a mask so scary. Geez, look at those teeth, haha.

  19. Love the colours in your photos. Masked dances are so thrilling.

  20. Hi Nancy, these are amazing colors. Do you edit pictures or are they as it was taken


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