Travel Photo Thursday — October 13, 2011 — Sun and Sand in South East Asia

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. As the days and nights cool down here in Korea I start thinking about the beach. On December 23rd I’ll be arriving in Hua Hin, Thailand for ten days. Hua Hin has a fabulous sand beach; great for walking and swimming. I can’t wait!

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Here are a few of my favorite beach shots…

(To view a large version simply click on the photo.)


Mawon Beach, South Lombok


Mawun Beach, South Lombok


Sanur Beach, Bali

Sanur Beach, Bali


Mabul Island, Borneo



Hua Hin, Thailand

HuaHin Thailand


I’ve been to so many beautiful beaches in South East Asia; impossible to choose a favorite. Do you have a favorite beach somewhere in the world?


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  1. These beach shots are absolutely fabulous!

  2. Terrific shots that suggest a never ending summer. Nothing like a beach holiday on the calender to get you through the tougher months of November & December.

    All time favourite beach was an incredible white sand one on the east coast of Tasmania but can’t remember the exact name. Too many years ago.

    • Leigh, I imagine Tasmania would have some amazing beaches.

    • Leigh was it either Wineglass Bay or the Bay of Fires in Tasmania. I was there earlier this year and have to say they are definitely up there on my favourite beaches list.

      • Wineglass Bay rings a bell.

  3. I’m in Bali right now and the ocean and beaches are beautiful. I just came from a visit to a black beach!

    • Ah Bali, one of my favorite destinations!

  4. Some really nice compositions here. In particular, I like the one on the beach with the bow of the boat facing us.

  5. Winter is fast approaching here as well. Nice to think of the beach when scraping ice from the windscreen. Some lovely shots you have there. The prettiest beach I’ve ever seen was on Praslin in the Seychelles.

  6. After a really crappy day- these images are perfect! I could totally be on one of those beaches with a cool margarita!

  7. Relaxing and beautiful! The one from Borneo is good for a wallpaper ^_^

  8. I’d love to go back to a few of the beaches in the Caribbean I’ve been to — like in Virgin Gorda and Anguilla. Such wonderful memories. Your Borneo photo really reminds me of those places.

  9. Seeing these pictures just brightened my cold rainy day, we’re having in Munich. One of my favorite beaches in Krabi in Thailand, but Hua Hin is also wonderful.

  10. These beaches look stunning. I’d like to take myself there right now in fact! 🙂

  11. Sweet beach shots and I see why you’re looking forward to getting there!

  12. I particularly like the first, because it looks like an abstract painting. My photo today is waterfront, also, but very different from beach

  13. Oh, GREAT photos! I also made a beach photo essay today, all about the best beaches in the Middle East and Africa =) I hope you like them! your shots are stunning

  14. I love your photo from Mabul Island, Borneo. And some of our own favorite beaches are those from the Adriatic coast of Croatia.

  15. Spectacular photos! I’m dying to visit this part of the world.

  16. Oh my how do I want a beach right now? Bali and Borneo are really calling to me! Beautiful shots.

  17. I miss the white sand beaches of SE Asia. Look at the crystal clear water- warm water!!

  18. Desperate to go to Borneo and more so after that pic!

  19. The beach sounds really nice right now, but I suspect after winter actually gets started here in Berlin, I’ll be even more eager for sun & sand!

  20. No 3 is my favourite. Beautiful!

  21. Sooo pretty. I love that gorgeous turquoise water!

  22. Excellent shots! I haven’t had the pleasure of sitting on any beaches that look like this, but of course I haven’t been to SEA yet! 🙂

  23. Beautiful beach shots! Bali and Borneo are definitely are on our Must-Visit list.

  24. What beautiful views these are, Nancie! Enjoy your trip!


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