Travel Photo Thursday — October 10, 2013 — Ton Lamyai Flower Market

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Travel Photo Thursday is here again! Even with an unexpected holiday yesterday I don’t have enough time to get everything done that needs doing! This week’s photo is from Chiang Mai’s Ton Lamyai flower market.


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 Open 24 hours a day, Chiang Mai’s Ton Lamyai flower market is located on the Ping River very close to Worarot Market. I like to wander around there at night with my camera. Trucks full of fresh flowers are coming and going non-stop. There are some great photo opportunities. I caught this worker while she was waiting for the delivery truck. Her work here seems to be finished for the evening. I have the feeling she’s thinking “Where’s the truck? Let me go home!”.


Chiang Mai Flower Market -- Preparing flowers for morning deliveries


Here’s another post that I wrote about the city’s awesome flowers.


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  1. Open 24 hours a day??? I am curious to know why. Do you have any idea why the locals need access to fresh flowers all day?

    • Flower shops from all over Northern Thailand order wholesale from this market. Trucks come in and pick up the orders at night and arrive at the flower shops early in the morning.

  2. Hi Nancie, lovely shot! I like how you capture the mood of anticipation and anxiousness. It’s interesting that this flower market is open 24 hours a day.

    • Hi Marisol! Thanks. Yes, but they are a wholesale market as well for flower shops in Northern Thailand. The shops want their fresh flowers first thing in the morning.

  3. Wow, that is a long day! I’d be ready to go home too.
    Lovely shot, Nancie.

  4. Are flowers inexpensive to buy in your part of the world? That’s something I always love to have in my house. And I think you’re probably bang on with what the woman is thinking.

    • In Thailand flowers are cheap to buy; at least for foreigners visiting. In Korea fresh flowers used to be relatively cheap, but not so cheap anymore. I’m with you on having fresh flowers in the house!

  5. Great shot Nancie. I think you might be right about what she was thinking. Amazing to think about the flowers being delivered 24/7. Must be fun to walk around there with all those photo ops.

  6. Very interesting composition

  7. I had anticipated an exotic display of primary colours so I was interested to see that you’d picked a subdued and moody shot, which really does, as you say, tell a story about someone’s feelings at that moment in time.

    • Fooled you, Johanna 🙂 I do like the atmosphere and moodiness of this shot. It really does catch real life in action.

  8. It’s such a great picture that speaks volumes. Poor lady, she has to be exhausted. I’ve always wanted to see these flower markets. They must smell heavenly though.

    • Hi Mary! Yes, the smell is amazing. It seems like I always have my nose in a flower when I’m in Thailand!

  9. I like that you showed the hidden side of a business that seems “fun!” Like bakers and fishmongers, those in the flower trade need to be up when the rest of us aren’t to have everything ready for us. It’s a lot harder work than most imagine! I felt sad for the young mothers from the Hill Tribes who would be working in the market, baby in tow, late at night when I was leaving and who still had more work to do before they could make the (probably long) trek home.

    I couldn’t believe how many flowers there were in the markets in Thailand. They were everywhere! And there were so many exotic seeming things (denrobian orchids) just piled up everywhere along with the delicate little arrangements and folded flowers. It was amazing.

    • I never tire of the flowers in Thailand. I absolutely love all of the different varieties of orchids.

  10. I imagine, like most women, she is thinking of the million things she has to do when she gets home.
    Lovely photo!

    • Hi Jackie! Thank you, and yes I am sure that’s exactly what she’s thinking.

  11. Love that photo Nancie! I love flower vendors on our travels. Hello to all from the South Pacific – where the internet is slow and somewhat unreliable. I’ll make my blog visits after we reach land – I promise!

    • Hi Jackie. Yes, flower vendors are always a favorite of mine as well. I do hope you are having an amazing time!

  12. I am a total night owl, so this sounds like perfect working hours for me. I bet it smells heavenly, too. I wonder what type of retail place these flowers end up at? Wet markets around Chiang Mai (there are flower stalls at the ones in Penang) or a Western style florist?

    • Hi Michele, I imagine they end up at both traditional wet markets and western style florists. Although, I have never notice any western style florists. However, I do know you can buy bouquets in the supermarkets.

  13. Great shot! I never would have imagined a flower market being open 24hrs either. It must have a very different feel at night to what it has during the day.

    • Hi Lisa. The flowers are trucked out at night. That’s why they’re open 24 hours.

  14. Long day for them but I guess otherwise they can’t deliver flowers to the shops fresh.

  15. Nancie, I love pictures that tell a story that remains truly untold just like this one. I saw your caption and to me, I was thinking that it’s amazing she probably put in a very long day’s work that so many people I know personally would never do. Because it would be too much labor. And yet it only makes me appreciate that much more what she did that day. I hope that makes sense.

    • Hi Mike! Yes, I get what you’re saying. I find Asians to be very hard working people, particularly the women. We would never work these hours in the west.

  16. I love the thought of being able to go buy fresh flowers 24 hours a day!

  17. I can’t think of anything better after reading and seeing this than wandering through a large flower market!


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