Travel Photo Thursday– November 24, 2011– Koreans Love Their Bells!

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. I’m fighting a cold this week. My head feels like “watermelon mush”. I apologize in advance for any typos (or whatever) in this weeks post 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving for those celebrating today!

Last Saturday I went on a bus tour of rural Korea. Subsidized by the Korean government, we got to trip around rural Korea for the day and ate like Korean royalty for a mere 16,000 Won. What more could this budget traveler ask for, eh?

Our first stop was the Bell Museum in Jincheon. I had no idea this museum even existed, and it was so interesting and well put together. Featured were Korean, Chinese, and Japanese Buddhist bells. There was also a colorful exhibit of more modern glass bells from around the world.

The shot I’m sharing with you I took from the second floor; a large Korean Buddhist bell that is on display in the lobby.

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Korean Buddhist Bell; Bells Museum, Jincheon

Korean Buddhist Bell


If you would like to see what we had for lunch check out Wanderfood Wednesday

Check out the Bells Museum…


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  1. Interesting angle and I love the color!

  2. Sounds to me like you had a great day – especially with food fit for a king.
    Looks more like a barrel than a bell and it sure looks old and like it’s made out of copper.
    Get better – no fun having watermelon head.

  3. Get well soon! I was sick for two weeks. It’s that time of the year I guess :S

  4. Wow, that bell is impressive! Looks so old and heavy.

  5. That’s a great angle! I like to photograph bells, but never had the chance of such a view

  6. i hope you are better, Your photo is really good

  7. How big is it? Hard to tell as nothing to scale it by.

  8. That is some lantern. Hope you’re feeling better, Nancie 🙂 Sorry for leaving two links, the first one doesn’t seem to work (working from a strange French keyboard today).

  9. I wouldn’t have guessed it was a bell – beautiful!
    You take care of that cold now and get better! 🙂

  10. Finding small museums previously unknown to you is always a nice surprise regardless of whether it happens at home or while traveling.

  11. I agree with Leigh, I thought it was a barrel and not a bell. I love quirky themed museums like this one and a bus trip in rural S. Korea sounds fascinating.

  12. I’ve always been fascinated with those bells. Such a different shape from European bells. Nice angle!

  13. 16000 won for food and a bus trip … wow! We lived in Korea ten years ago but I don’t think this museum was there then. I would have loved to see it. Next visit I hope! Hope you are feeling better

  14. A beautiful image of that bell, Nancie. Sorry to hear that you were feeling off at the time of posting this.

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