Travel Photo Thursday — November 21, 2013 — Finding Comfort Food in Korea

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Sadly, 73 Brunch Cafe has close. There is now a Subway (sandwich) in this location. 

Here we are for the 152nd episode of Travel Photo ThursdayOld man winter arrived in Daejeon this with a bit of the fluffy stuff, blustery winds, and temps that chill the bones. This had me traveling close to home seeking out some good western comfort food. Restaurants here in Daejeon serving western fare often tend to be over rated,underwhelming, and nasty on  the wallet. However, sometimes there are hidden gems to be found. One such gem is 73 Brunch Cafe in Daejeon’s trendy Dunsan-Dong. Come with me for a short tour and a plate of my favorite comfort food.

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I love the entrance with the bright red rails, and you can browse their extensive menu at your leisure. Although, this week I was not into standing outside. I hustled inside to find some warmth! 

Western comfort food!

Western comfort food!


Love the art work! 

Great artwork, lovely ambiance

Great artwork, lovely ambiance

The comfort food choices here are outstanding, and making a decision wasn’t easy…club sandwich, bangars and mash…mmmm. I finally settled on the eggs benedict, which I indulged in on a previous visit. Call me a creature of habit, but it was just so over the top delicous! Look at those perfectly shaped eggs! I didn’t remember that little detail.



The thing is, not only were they perfectly shaped, they were cooked to perfection. The side salad, drizzled with a tangy balsamic dressing, finished the plate off nicely. Trust me, I savored every bite. At just over $10.00, the price was reasonable.

An added bonus was the friendly English speaking staff!


Travelers Tip

I didn’t go here with the intention of posting a blog, so I forgot to get the hours, etc. What a great reason to go back!:)

The restaurant opens for lunch (approximately 11:30am) and dinner. Prices range between six and twelve dollars. Beer is available. I didn’t notice wine on the menu. To get there, find the landmark Galleria Department Store in Dunsan Dong. Walk up the side street about a block (Galleria will be on your right). You can’t miss the bright red facade on your left.


What’s your favorite comfort food when you travel?


This is the 152nd edition of Travel Photo Thursday. You can browse the archives here.


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  1. Sorry to hear winter has come your way already, Nancie. If you didn’t tell me this was in S. Korea, I would have thought it was in the hip part of Los Angeles or NYC.Wow, your food looks delicious and for a great price too. Glad you found this bit of the West there.

    • Hi Mary! Yeah, it’s amazing how trendy even “my” little Korean city has become. The nice thing is that a lot of these new restauranteurs are getting it right!

  2. How lovely to find some comfort food on a cold blustery day. I think you have good reasons to go back again! Stay warm and have a great weekend.

    • Thanks, Jill! Next time I will try something different. Although, I know it will be hard to resist the EB!

  3. Hi Nancie, its great that you can find some taste of home in your neighborhood. The egg benedictine looks like prepared to perfection indeed. The restaurant looks like some places in dowtown NYC.
    Stay warm!

    • Hi Marisol! Yes, Korea does like to try an keep up with the West these days. At least the young ones do! 🙂

  4. Nothing like comfort food to warm the body and the soul! That might be my favorite thing about winter – those warm comforting foods we eat. (Google is acting up again and not letting me post a link to the exact post – so it will be the TPThursday post at least until the weekend. Stay warm – as best you can!

    • Hi Jackie, I hope your Goggle issues have sorted themselves out. Yes, a cold day and comfort food and life is good!

  5. Bangers and mash. Yummy!!!
    That eggs Benedict does look good, even for someone who doesn’t like eggs.

    • haha Marcia! Maybe just the salad would be a good option for you. It was delicious!

  6. You got me on several counts here, Nancie. I also love the entrance – it looks so inviting. Eggs Benedict are a favorite of mine – but some places just don’t know how to make it right. And… The painting on the far right is of an original that I saw at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts and I bought a box of cards with it on the front. Cool.

    • Hi Cathy! I definitely was on your wavelength with this post. I would love to see the original of that painting.

  7. Nice place. And mmm… those eggs look delicious! (^_^)

    • They were good, and I need more. It’s breakfast time, and my cupboards don’t look very inviting this morning !

  8. Love comfort food, and love Eggs Benedict! Wow $10 is very reasonable. Here we’d pay more like $16. Keep warm and thank you for hosting this wonderful Thursday link up 🙂

    • Hi Johanna! The price was definitely right. I was a little surprised. Western food here is usually over the top expensive.

  9. Eggs Benedict *Perfection* i would love to taste it …

  10. Your overall assessment of Western fare in Daejeon sounds like the Penang situation, too. I think that’s why I end up eating Mexican food in Chiang Mai and Italian in Hong Kong. Those Eggs Benedicts look scrumptious. I wonder if it’s worth me flying all the way to see to Korea?

    • Come on over, Michele! We can eat eggs bennie together, and enjoy some of the sights! Yeah, I always seem to eat food in CM that I can’t get elsewhere. Then I feel guilty because I know that I am missing out on fantastic Thai food.

  11. What a delicious looking meal! And I love the art work. The restaurant definitely looks like a great place to grab a bit to eat. I think pizza is my favorite comfort food but I’m not sure if that’s because I have teens and that’s all they seem to want to eat on a trip, or if that’s truly what I would chose for myself. I’d like to think that I’d choose something a bit more sophisticated but we are talking comfort food, right?

    • I’m not sure comfort food and sophisticated go together, but some might argue that point! I’ve never really gotten used to Korean “style” pizza. Think corn and potatoes…ugh, and no Italian spices (:

  12. I must check this place out next time I am in your area. Last had EB in Vegas and these look even better.

    • Hi Val! Thanks for dropping by. Next time you drop into Daejeon we will go there for sure!

  13. Surprising absolutely no one. . . when I travel, my comfort food is baked goods. Give me a bakery, no matter where, and I feel at home.

    • Hi Jess! I like baked goods, too. However, have to say that Korea is a bit hit and miss in that category. Traditionally, they don’t do the cake, pie and cookie scene. That’s changing, but still iffy!

  14. Wow! Such a lovely place! I always want to visit and travel korea.
    I envy you! Thanks for the wonderful post!

    • Hi Bai, Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you enjoyed the post!


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