Travel Photo Thursday, May 5, 2011, Blossom Bliss in Daejeon, Korea

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday!

Here in Daejeon winter gray has been replaced with a multitude of colors. The trees are sporting fresh green leaves, the cherry blossoms have graced us with their beauty. Right now, the university campus is covered with pink and red Azazel; my favorite time of the year.

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(Click on the photo for a larger version.)

I took this shot on campus a couple of weeks ago. The blossoms were in full bloom…

Cherry Blossom Bliss

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  1. Finally, the blossoms hit Korea! Glad you got them and hope the springtime weather keeps you busy with your camera.

    • Thanks Mike! Yes, it’s time to get shooting!

  2. Love all these Cherry Blossom photos that are popping up everywhere. Beautiful pic!

  3. Lovely picture of the Cherry Blossom. I kind of miss these flowers as my last time I saw them in Japan was well over 10 years ago.

  4. That’s a superb shot Nancie. Sounds like you’ve had a late spring too.
    What’s your favourite – white or pink cherry blossoms?

  5. Really lovely and it’s almost summer =)

  6. Must be Spring in the Northern Hemisphere with all the lovely blossoms showing up. Lots of colour on my site this week. Check out the artistry of njeera platters!

  7. Beautiful and delicate 🙂

  8. Awsome picture.

  9. Gorgeous! The flowers are just starting to bloom near us- can’t wait until they are full and bright!

  10. beautiful shot – very crisp focus

  11. Great photo. I’d wish Spring would hurry up and arrive where I live!

  12. this the same as the Japanenese “Sakura”..?

  13. I love the close up and then the blurred background, beautiful!

  14. Blossoms are one of the reasons spring is so great!

  15. So pure and beautiful! Great photo Nancie!

  16. Great shot! The cherry blossom may be one of my favorites. Can’t wait to check out the other photos!

  17. What a lovely spring photo! 🙂

  18. Beautiful, Nancie. I was just in Chicago where people are very happy to be seeing blossoms after a long winter. I think most of the ones I saw were apple blossoms — look much like the ones in your photo, I think.

  19. Love the clarity and the details in the blossom.

  20. Beautiful photo and great focus! You have to love Spring!

  21. Nice shot!

    I’m new to your site – looks like you have lots of interesting info and I like the idea of encouraging everyone to post and link to a particular photo.

    Enjoy spring!

  22. Beautiful shot! It just somehow screams spring!

  23. Beautiful! I love blossoms. Ours came out in Vancouver during a short blast of spring a few weeks back but we got cold and rainy again right away so I didn’t get a chance to get the camera out. There are still some out but they aren’t quite as nice.

    • It sounds like all of Canada is having a lousy spring. I spoke to my Dad in Halifax the other day, and he says it’s still cold. The only flowers they have seen so far are daffodils.

  24. Beautiful light and detail in this charming shot.


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