Travel Photo Thursday — May 30th, 2012 — Amazing Critters I’ve Encountered On My Travels

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. Indy and I are getting settled into the new apartment, and loving it! I’d say we’re about 80% unpacked, and by the end of this weekend we should be pretty much settled. Of course, there are always things to do in a new place to make it home 🙂

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I’ve encountered lots of wildlife during my travels, making memories I will never forget. Here are a few of my favorite shots.


Walking with the elephants at the Elephant Nature Park…

Born To Eat


A wild orangutan in the Borneo jungle…definitely the highlight of my 3 day jungle adventure…

Wild Orangutan


A probiscus monkey, also taken in the Borneo jungle…

Probiscus Monkey


This beautiful kingfisher is another shot taken in the Borneo Jungle. These birds are blind, so the boat could sit right under the branch it was perched on, and we were able to snap away 🙂



Look Ma! No Hands…a hornbill at the Bali Bird Park…

Look Ma....No hands!


Mom and Baby taken in Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali…

Mom and Baby (Bali)


These are just a few of the wonderful animal and bird shots I have taken while traveling, and they always manage to bring a smile to my face. Do you have a favorite animal shot taken while traveling?


Here are some links to help you plan your next animal adventure…

Elephant Nature Park
Uncle Tan Wildlife Adventures
Bali Bird Park

I’ve experienced all 3 of these adventures, and all should be affordable to the average budget traveler.


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  1. Love the shot of the mum and baby, such beautiful creatures! My oldest still remembers being in Ubud’s Monkey Forest when she was 4 – and a monkey looked in her shorts for bananas.

    • Now that would be a memory that a child would never forget! The monkeys in Ubud can be aggressive. I had one grab a water bottle out of my hand one day. When he/she realized it was only water threw it away in disgust!

  2. These animals are all adorable! How lucky that you were able to see such varied and beautiful animals. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a probiscus monkey before but I also love the mom and baby. My favorite shots for now were during a visit to a monkey farm in Honduras last Jan.

    • Monkeys can be so adorable and funny.

  3. my favourite is the hornbill shot, but your monkey shot reminded me of the great time I had in the Bali monkey forest. I went there everyday when I was in Ubud!

  4. It’s a dream of mine to see the orangutans in Borneo – maybe next year! The hornbill shot is an impressive feat of timing!

    • The hornbill was pure luck! Yes, seeing the orangutan in the wild was something I will never forget. I hope you get there next year.

  5. It’s a dream of mine to see the orangutans in Borneo – maybe next year! The hornbill shot is an impressive feat of timing!

  6. My 8 year old loves orangutans – that is one of her dream trips to see them in the jungle. The pic of the mom and baby in Bali is so sweet – it’s my favourite!

  7. I love hornbills too. That beak of theirs looks so awkward! And the bottom shot is gorgeous – perfect lighting. Somehow I don’t think I’ll ever make it to Borneo – it seems so far away!!

    • Leigh, with all the traveling you do I don’t think Borneo is a long shot…and you would love it!

  8. I love hornbills too. That beak of theirs looks so awkward! And the bottom shot is gorgeous – perfect lighting. Somehow I don’t think I’ll ever make it to Borneo – it seems so far away!!

  9. Nice. I love encountering animals, especially birds. The orangutans on Borneo is an experience we hope to do with my father and kids in a couple of years.

  10. Loved your shots, especially the elephant–reminds me of the Big 5. Makes me want to go on a safari so badly! I love animals and cannot wait to see all the greats in an event such as, let’s say, the Great Migration.

    • Maria, I would love to do a safari; definitely on the list.

  11. Our best Christmas ever was an elephant trek through the jungle outside Chiang Mai – so of course, your elephant photo brought back wonderful memories and is my favorite.

    Speaking of favorites, Nancie thanks to you TP Thursday is my favorite day of the week!

  12. Love your photos! Will have to remember to link up for next Thursday – hoping to be out on the weekend exploring and taking more travel photos!

    • Lisa, thanks for dropping by, and I’ll look forward to seeing you here next week 🙂

  13. What a great idea for a post! I can’t believe the little hands and feet of the baby monkey. So super cute!!

  14. Aaaawww, how cute the babies and colorful the birds. Your timing was perfect!

  15. The photo with the hornbill is just perfect! And I like very much the elephant photo too… Not to mention the baby monkey… Lovely! (^_^)

  16. The baby elephant is soooo cute, but the colors on the Kingfisher are fantastic!

  17. Good catches of animals with personality. I seem not to “do” animals in my travels. Note to self: Need to go to Borneo.
    Whenever I see a proboscis monkey, I think of Jimmy Durante and his champion proboscis!

  18. You hooked me with the elephant and inspired me to link up with photos of the Tracy Aviary in SLC instead of the beach scenes I had planned. Thanks for the great photos today!

    • Allison, your aviary shots were great!

  19. Great shots!

  20. Lucky you getting to see this awesome critters up close in exotic places. Great photos, Nancie!

    • That is one of the great things about traveling in Asia.

  21. I love animal posts! That photo of the hornbill is so cool- he looks like a fun little bird!!

  22. I love animals too. Great photos Nancie 🙂

  23. As an animal lover, I loved this post. I’m so jealous that you saw a proboscis monkey – that’s on my bucket list.

  24. Gorgeous animal shots – love the colors of the birds!

    Have a super weekend!


  25. Gorgeous photos, especially of the elephant. It’s hard to take a bad photo of an elephant!

  26. A great series, Nancie. I really like that probiscus monkey!


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