Travel Photo Thursday, May 26, 2011, Smiles to Warm Your Heart on Mabul Island, Borneo

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(Click on the photo to see a larger Version)

Mabul Island Children

Mabul Island is located a short boat ride from the small town of Samporna on the coast of Borneo, Malaysia. Most people who stay on the island are divers or snorkelers. The huge drawing card is Sipidan Island. If you’re looking to live among the locals, while experiencing some of most awesome underwater life on the planet, this is it. Accommodation ranges from budget to luxury.

The children on Mabul island are amazing. They love having their photos taken, or just spending a bit of time with the foreigners. This is one of my favorite shots of many. This shot is currently being featured by the National Library of New Zealand “Services to Schools Publication”…. “Inspire Me”. How cool is that?

National Library of New Zealand
Mabul Island

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  1. They have such chubby cheeks. Cute!

  2. Oh, they are so cute! I love the framing, too. ^_^

  3. Talk about smiles that can warm a heart, here you go!

  4. These kids look like they could be mischievous and very curious about life. You have captured them beautiful. They have stunning smiles.

  5. Love those smiles, they really do warm your heart. Congrats on having the photo featured in the National Library of New Zealand, what an honor.

  6. Awwe- they are precious! Such a great attitude and feeling from the photo, too.

  7. How can you not love the adoring faces of two smiling little kids!

  8. Featured is a big CONGRATULATIONS and well-deserved. I love the smiles and the details in their faces.
    You’ve mastered street-portraits, I’d say !

    • Thanks Mike. It’s nice to have an organization like a National Library request permission to use one of my photos in their publication.

  9. How can that not make you smile too?!

  10. What a great portrait picture!

  11. This is such a precious photo Nancie! It made my heart warm on a very cold Thursday morning 🙂

  12. Congrats on getting this wonderful photo in a publication. I love it. Genuine. Authentic. Heart warming.

  13. Beautiful photo, Nancie!

  14. That is very, very cool Nancie to have your photo featured. And it’s no wonder that it is — what a heart-warming photo. Those children are precious!

  15. Those little faces are adorable! Congrats on your feature. It is nice to have hard work recognized.

  16. Adorable! So sweet and such a nice shot!

  17. Aw, what beautiful little girls! Congrats on the photo being published too !

  18. Awww, I love people pics like this – especially children. I’m just never brave enough to ask to take the photo. Beautiful shot.

    • I know what you’re saying Julia. Children always seem to be the easiest to shoot. I always ask the parents, if they’re close by, and they almost never say no. The kids love to see their photo in the view finder, too.

  19. Awww… adorable. I love taking photos of the local kids when I’m traveling. 🙂

  20. Thanks for all your kind words. I think I’ve been around to everyone’s shot. I’ve tweeted, stumbled, FB’d, etc. If I’ve missed anyone, give me a shout.

  21. Congrats on your being featured in the show – that is very cool indeed.

    Lovely shot.

  22. I’ve been to Borneo but did not make it to Mabul Island. Those kids sure at cute though!

  23. Everyone loves pictures of children!


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