Travel Photo Thursday — May 17, 2012 — Daejeon’s National Cemetery

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday.  Two weeks ago I went on a photo walk with the Daejeon Photography Group at the National Cemetery in Daejeon. I had never been there, but had been told that lots of people go there to jog, etc. I always thought this a bit strange. However, when I got there, I realized why. The place is huge, and a great place to jog or walk away from the busy traffic. The National Cemetery is where the service men and women who died in the Korean War are buried. There are 7 or 8 of these cemeteries around Korea.

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This beautiful horse sculpture is at the entrance…



There’s an open air museum where you can view war planes, tanks, etc….

Open Air Museum -- Daejeon Cemetery -- Helicopter from the Korean War


Every headstone has a bouquet of artificial flowers…



Having a picnic…

Picnic -- Daejeon National Cemetery


Sculpture at the epitaph…

Sculpture 2




Tiger Sculpture







What you need to know…

Admission is free. (What better way to manage those budget dollars!)

How to get there, etc…Daejeon National Cemetery


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  1. The cemetery seems very ‘Americanized’ in the sense that there are just stones and grass. Is that standard for cemeteries in S Korea?

  2. Beautiful pictures and a wonderful collection, Nancie. This looks like a fascinating place to visit. War cemeteries always seem to be ideal places for poignant photos. I love that they put flowers on every headstone and that there’s an open air museum.

  3. On the one hand, seeing those people picnic amongst the headstones is strange, on the other, I suppose it’s simply that Koreans are very much close to their ancestors, which I think is wonderful.

    Thanks for the interesting shots.


  4. I like to stumble around cemeteries when I travel, too. So much history. Although I would have a difficult time understanding here… 🙂

  5. Wonderful photos! The colourful flowers certainly make the cemetary seem a far less sombre place than one would expect to find.

  6. Beautiful, as always! I love the curve of the tombstones in the third picture-it gives such a neat perspective!

  7. Love the cemetery shots. I’ve seen such scenes (people picknicking in cemeteries) in the Philippines, too.

  8. Cemeteries always sadden me… Beautiful photos, Nancie!

  9. Love those sculpture photos — really liked how you only captured them with the blue sky in the background 🙂

  10. Cemeteries are always eerie…but I love all those statues

  11. Love these- especially the green solider shots. the angels are really interesting and unique.

  12. Love these- especially the green solider shots. the angels are really interesting and unique.

  13. It’s strange to say that a cemetery is beautiful but this one is. Stranger still to see the picnic scene — the living among the dead. The arrangement of the headstones reminds of Arlington National Cemetery.

  14. I love cemetary explorations. . .what a tour through history and culture. Beautiful photos as always, Nancie.

  15. Powerful photos Nanci. I think cemetery tours are a great way of understanding the history of an area. I plan to take one in Calgary this summer where I understand two people that survived the Titanic are buried.
    However I have never seen picnickers in a cemetery before.Interesting.

  16. This looks beautiful. I like the flowers by the headstones. Never seen that anywhere else. I also like the people having a picnic there. What a nice way to keep lived ones in your life.

  17. Gorgeous photos. All those rows of identical headstones are a sobering reminder of how many men and women sacrified all for their country. It’s good to see their memories honored in such a beautiful place.

  18. Monumental photos, in every sense of the word.

  19. I love the way you have found unique angles to show what could be a very static and repetitive scene.

  20. I am one that does enjoy visiting cemeteries! The photos you shared here are fantastic and make me want to visit.

  21. I have to say that when I think of cemeteries, I don’t think of multi-purpose spaces, but it’s kind of nice to see a cemetery that makes itself a little more visitor friendly. I wouldn’t want to intrude upon people who are visiting in remembrance of their loved ones, but I can’t see how you could jog around a place like this and not remember the sacrifices made. Beautiful location and fantastic pictures.

  22. Your photos really capture the intensely moving nature of places like this. Well done.

  23. National Cemeteries always get me- how beautiful they are, yet so sara t what they represent – thousands who have lost their lives for their country.

    Have a good weekend!

  24. Your photos seem to get more and more impressive every week, Nancie. Great job!

  25. Nice set of photos. Cemeteries, graveyards and memorials are unusual places to visit – but strangely worthwhile moving, thought provoking and of course free.

  26. While I realize the symbolism of the cemetery, the headstones were quite beautiful and contemporary in stature.

  27. Your pictures are all great but I really loved that first picture of the horses. Very cool. Thanks for hosting! 🙂

  28. I had always wanted to visit the cemetery of each city, especially when I was backpacking in Europe. However, for some reason, either it’s not accessible or my local hosts don’t know themselves how to go there 🙁 You’ve got a really nice one here. Very interesting how those headstones are numbered.

  29. I always find visiting cemeteries on travel interesting…particularly those related to war. It is that reminder of the cost of war on those who live there and those who go and fight it. I find the picnicking in the cemetery interesting. I have seen that a lot particularly in Japan as well. I wonder if there is a tradition in that area of the world for it?

  30. War cemeteries are always attract the people because these places are always insignia of epoch. Loving those pictures, specially the fifth one. Thank you Nancie……

  31. Wow. The cemetery look amazing. In general they look grotesque and sad. It’s just not a place to hang out very long. But this one looks breathtaking.


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