Travel Photo Thursday — May 16, 2013 — Hong Kong’s Million Dollar Travel Views

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Welcome to another week of  Travel Photo Thursday. Pull up your armchair, and get ready for our virtual around the world tour. I am suffering this week from the yellow dust that is covering Daejeon. I don’t know if it has invaded from China, or if it’s the pollen from Korea’s pine trees. Which ever, I have been fighting headaches all week, and the stuff can’t be gone soon enough! In the mean time here are some “million dollar travel views” Hong Kong, one of my favorite cities!


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A view from the Peak…I wonder who owns that little piece of real estate?


Hong Kong from the Peak



Everything is just so “tight”!


Hong Kong Sky Line



From harbour side…that is one big cruise ship, dwarfing, what was then, the tallest building in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong's Tallest Building (dwarfed by Star Cruises)


Hong Kong Harbour


Have you been to Hong Kong? Where did you find your million dollar views?


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  1. I was in Hong Kong with my mum and my oldest daughter nearly 20 years ago. Fascinating place – the Star Ferry is what we remember the most. Would love to return.

    • I’ve been a couple of times, and would love to go back. The last time I was their Disneyland was just being built.

  2. Love these views! I’ve never been to Hong Kong and would really like to visit. All those buildings can make one feel claustrophobic but I always feel like the area has so much energy and history.

    • Mary, it really isn’t a claustrophobic city. I don’t know how they do it!

  3. I have my own photograph of that same prime real estate house you can look down on from the Peak. It definitely captures your eye and makes you wonder what the view out those home windows must be.

  4. million dollar views indeed. I was in Hong Kong 1993. We came in an a boat from Macau – oh wow the view coming into the city by water was amazing!
    Thank your hosting Travel Photo Thursday and have a wonderful week.

    • I’ve done the ferry betweek Macau and HK. The day I did it both places were socked in with fog, no views that day.

  5. Hi Nancie, I hope that yellow dust go away soon and you feel better soon. That yellow thing sounds awful:(
    Love that shots from Victoria Peak! You were lucky to capture them when the sky is clear. The last time I was there it was covered with haze (pollution) and I understand that its hard to get a clear shot of the skyline lately.

    • Yes, the pollution can make it difficult to see these million dollar views!

  6. Commiserations on the yellow dust headache. I love the first photo “From the Peak”.

    Hope a wind comes to blow the dust away 🙂

  7. Your photos brought back wonderful memories of the three years we spent in Hong Kong when our children were little. How we all enjoyed trips up to the cleaner air on top of the Peak, and that near vertical train ride – oh remember it so well. Loved Hong Kong (although not the pollution), the buzz, the lights, the frenetic activity and the excitement. Thanks for jolting my memory this Thursday morning.

    • Lucky you, to have had the opportunity to live there. I’d go in a minute, if I could find a job.

  8. Great views! I love photos taken from above, especially those with skyscrapers. (^_^)

  9. Hong Kong was our first-ever international destination now 32 years ago (yikes!). And while I can’t recall the hotel’s name, I remember sitting in a bar at its very top and looking out at the harbor and simply being stunned at the city’s beauty. You’ve brought back good memories.

    • You should go back one of these days, and see how it has changed. Then again, that’s not always a good idea!

  10. Oh, you’re so right. I need to dig out some of my photos form Hong Kong and scan them. Of course views from Victoria Peak are great, but from out ON the harbor are fantastic too. The first time I flew in it was the old airport with the “hang on to your seat” landing that swooped right over the tall buildings. THAT was quite a view!!

  11. That place looks pretty amazing–the buildings are so tall! I would love to visit Hong Kong one day.

  12. That is one magnificent view. Wonder what it’s like on the ground — I mean with buildings that look so close, does it feel claustrophobic.
    That yellow dust sounds awful. Stay safe, Nancie! I guess that trip home to Canada is sounding better than ever now.

    • Funny, I never find HK to be claustrophobic. Yes, looking forward to the clean air 🙂

  13. I love the first photo with the ship! I’ve never been there – it looks pretty intense. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    • Cindy…if you ever get the chance, go…you won’t regret it!

  14. Hope the yellow dust soon blows away!

    Hong Kong is such an amazing city!!! Would like to go back there again.

  15. I love this set of photos. It makes me want to see the city from the top of a skyscraper. I’ve been through the airport three times – but never got past there. One day I’ll add a three day stopover to my itinerary. I love the photo with the cruiseship in the foreground. You get a great sense of scale.

    • Thanks, Leigh. Yes, definitely but it on your list for a short stopover!

  16. I would love to see Hong Kong someday. For now, I’m happy seeing your awesome skyline pics. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    • Thanks, Cathy. The dust seems to be settling down. When you visit Asia, HK is a perfect transit point 🙂

  17. Hong Kong looks so fascinating and beautiful. I wonder though, is it as expensive as it looks? 😉

    Lovely shots

    -Maria Alexandra

    • Maria, like a lot of places, the hotels can be expensive. Eating and getting around the city is relatively cheap.

  18. I always think the building in the second to last pic looks like a giant electric razor. I love the peak, it has a wonderful walking path if you can find your way out of the mall at the top!

    Have you ever seen Road to Hong Kong? dated but great shots of old HK.

  19. Talk about a big city!

  20. Wow Nancie! My jaw literally dropped and I said just that outloud,” WOW!” staring at the pictures of the Hong Kong skyline. With the exception of MAYBE New York (?) it dwarfs anything in the U.S. doesn’t it? I’ve never been there.

    • Hi Mike, Yes, HK does have an awesome skyline. I’m Canadian and I can think of a Canadian skyline that can rival it.

      Thanks for you lovely comment!


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