Travel Photo Thursday, May 12, 2011, Lantern Parade 2011, Seoul Korea

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Welcome to Travel Photo Thursday!

The last two days in Daejeon have been VERY wet. Hopefully, the weather is clearing as we approach the weekend, and I head for the beach.

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The weather for Buddha’s birthday party in Seoul last weekend was perfect. This is one of the biggest events of the year, with a huge parade featuring beautiful costumes, lanterns and floats. Here is one of my favorite shots from the day…

(Click on the photo to view a larger version.)

Lantern Parade, Buddha's Birthday, Seoul 2011

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  1. What beautiful costumes! I love how you captured her expression at just the right moment.

    • Thanks! There were so many great moments to capture.

      Love your shots of the WhitSundays. I tried to leave a comment, but for some weird reason I couldn’t. I did give you a Tweet and a stumble.

  2. Beautiful women in Korea and you’re one of them for sharing this with us !

    • Ah, thank you Mike 🙂

  3. This is one parade that is on my bucket list. I have seen a lot of photos and it looks like a beautiful and interesting ‘festival’. The costumes are so bright, you really have caputred this well.

    • Kerry-Ann………..I’ve been to this parade so many times that I’ve lost count. I never tire of it, and there are lots of other things going on as well. The date changes every year because Buddha’s birthday is based on the lunar calendar.

  4. Dear Professor,
    I had no idea you do blogging too 🙂
    I love your blog so much, thank you very much for sharing.

    your student Yelena Lim.

    • Nice to see you here Yelena!

  5. Lovely! I love cultural photos like these; they are just so colorful and interesting and a perfect display of the local culture/ethnicity (no words needed at all) 🙂

  6. Beautiful colors- so vibrant! You really feel the movement and energy in this photo!

    • Thanks Jade…the parade was made for taking photos!

  7. What a gorgeous shot – and one of your best yet Nanci. I love the colour – especially of the gloves.

    • I appreciate your kind words Leigh!

  8. Beautiful colors and wonderful smiles. Makes me wanna go right out and get some Kimchi!

    • I’ll send you some over, Keith!

  9. I absolutely love the colors in this picture! It must have been one of the most beautiful parades ever.

  10. That must have been a fantastic parade – I love the colors and happy faces! Perfect timing for the shot, too 🙂

  11. wow..gorgeous lighting and colors..

  12. Nancie – every single time, you capture colors so beautifully! These look absolutley electric.

    • Nancie – every single time, you capture colors so beautifully! These look absolutly electric.

      • hahaha! Man, I’m having typing trouble today. I tried to correct the spelling in my first comment, just to have another typo! I really do know how to spell “absolutely”. 🙂

      • The colors of the costumes in this parade were outstanding. Korean traditional costumes are usually very “color rich”, which always surprises me because Koreans generally wear such drab colors……a lot of black and brown.

  13. I agree with the other comments, I love the colors as well and can only imagine how graceful the Korean women looked waving their fans.

  14. I LOVE this photo, Nancie! Besides all of the wonderful color, the happiness exuding from the woman in the foreground is priceless!

  15. Great shot — I love that everyone is smiling!

  16. What a beautiful photo. Their costumes are simply stunning… so bright colourful. Love it!

    • Thanks Cheryl. The costumes and colors in this parade are always outstanding.

  17. What a beautiful travel shot. The look of delight on the woman’s face is perfectly caught, and the colour contrasts are amazing.

    • Thanks Andrew………Her expression really makes the shot.

  18. Beautiful capture. I love her expression and the colors are amazing.


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