Travel Photo Thursday — May 10, 2012 — Buddha’s Birthday in Korea — A Preview

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. At the moment I am busy packing to move into a new apartment. It’s amazing how much stuff a person can accumulate in 6 years of living in the same apartment. To think that I arrived in Asia with only two suitcases! We are just over a week away from the festivities for Buddha’s Birthday. The actual day is May 28th this year, however the celebrations begin in Seoul on May 19th with a birthday party and street parade. The Lotus Lantern Festival is one of the  biggest events of the year in Seoul, and I will be there again this year. This week I am sharing some my favorite photos from past Buddha birthday celebrations.

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Lanterns at Jogyesa Temple in downtown Seoul…

Lotus Lanterns 2008


A “fish eye” view of Bongeunsa Temple in downtown Seoul; dressed for the occasion…

Bongeunsa Temple


Celebrating the Buddha…

Celebrating The Buddha


Waiting to perform….

Anticipation....Lotus Lantern Festival.....2008


She looks so happy, and I love the colors; taken during the parade….

Lantern Parade, Buddha's Birthday, Seoul 2011


Budget Travelers will find this weekend very easy on the budget; all events are free.

You can find out more about this years Lotus Lantern Festival here.


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  1. Great pics…love the colors in the last one!

  2. Such a beautiful, colourful celebration! I love the lotus lanterns!

  3. Where’s Mr. Linky today? He doesn’t show up when I open your great photos of past birthday celebrations.

    • Mr. Linky is now in the building!!

  4. There doesn’t seem to be a Mr. Linky attached to this post!

  5. Joining again, Nancie. I love the colors in the first picture, and the joyful look in the girl’s face in the last. So lovely!

  6. I hear you about accumulating stuff. I arrived in Switzerland with one suitcase, and when it was time to leave 2 and a half years later it took me weeks to get rid of everything and decide what I’d take with me to Australia.

    I love your photos. Wish I could be there for the final celebrations.

  7. This looks like a great festival! Love the lantern and fish eye photos. Looking forward to your photos from this year’s festival. Good luck with the move!

  8. Mr. Linky is back on the blog and I am back from Mexico which means this week I have computer access to visit everyone again. I really did miss ‘visiting’ last week but we were without electrical plugins and very little computer battery (a bad combination for a blogger). Good luck in your move Nancie!

    • I think Mr. Linky is mad at me. I’ve tried four times to add my name to the list and he’s ignoring me!

  9. So, how many suitcases do you have now, Nancie? I can so relate.
    Your photos are stunning. I love the colors of the Lotus Lantern festival. And they start a whole 9 days before!

  10. Love the colors- make me so happy!

  11. It looks like it will b a fun festival – and what a great show of colour. I love the expressions you captured – and I received the Thai cookbook yesterday with mouthwatering recipes. Thank you Nancie.

  12. Those are wonderful colors! It looks like it is going to be a fantastic celebration!

  13. I love these photos–especially the first two. National Geographic worthy!

  14. Oh, I love the photo from the Jogyesa Temple! Great shot!

  15. The first photo is just gorgeous, and I agree about the last one–she looks so happy and the colors are beautiful. Seems like a great time!

  16. Your pictures of Korea more than give us a glimpse of everyday life there. It’s as if we’ve been there too.

  17. Such happy colours.

    I moved to Sevilla with one small carload of stuff (and two cats). When I moved house last year after 16 years it took three large vanloads. I never want to move again!

  18. What stunning photos! When we lived just outside Seoul we arrived just after Buddha’s birthday so we missed all the decorations and celebrations. I’m really sorry that we did! Enjoy the packing and culling – 6 years is a long time to accumulate things.

  19. WOWW!! That 1st photo looks like a painting! I love Asian lanterns.

    Happy bday in advance, Buddha! And good luck with the move–sounds daunting (greeeatly dislike moving myself)

  20. As always, beautiful pictures! I love all the color.

  21. Great shots, especially the first and last of the bunch!

  22. That looks so colorful and like so much fun!!

  23. I love the last picture! The fans and colors are so beautiful. I really love the colors of Asia.

  24. Such gorgeous shots. Can’t wait to see the ones from Buddha’s birthday part soon! 🙂

  25. How many times can I say WOW??WOW! Especially love the last one with the beautiful smiles and colors.

  26. Seoul seems so colourful. Love the lanterns.

  27. What?? Those colors are insane!!

    So vibrant & pretty!

    Thanks for hosting! Hope the move goes well.

  28. I don’t envy you. Moving is my least favorite thing ever. We moved not quite a year ago so it’s still fresh in my mind. I hope your move goes smoother than ours did. 🙂

    Your pictures are beautiful! That first picture is absolutely gorgeous. I love the bright colors against the contrast of the dark sky. Thanks for hosting the link-up. 🙂

  29. Wonderful series,Nancie. I especially like the fish eye view and the last one. Waiting to see this year’s photos. Have fun, and good luck with the moving!

    • Thank you, Andrew! I’ll be glad to have the move behind me and excited about moving into a nice apartment.

  30. That looks so fun. Look at all them colours!

  31. Thank you, Candice!


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