Travel Photo Thursday, March 31, 2011, Buddha’s Head, Ayutthaya. Thailand

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Here we are for another week of TRAVEL PHOTO THURSDAY. I’m here in Daejeon actively looking for signs of spring. I actually found one yesterday! My neighborhood Buddhist temple has a magnolia tree with buds!! I’ll be walking by this tree everyday now until it blooms. I promise that I will post a photo of the event!

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Ayutthaya, Thailand is a world UNESCO site with a rich history. At one time the city was the capital of Thailand. Visiting from Bangkok is very easy and inexpensive. A third class train will get you there for less than 100 Thai Baht. Once you arrive, you’re really at the mercy of the tuk-tuk drivers. I found out from experience that there’s less chance of getting ripped off if you take a tuk-tuk from the station. If you’re traveling alone, as I was, try and find someone to share with. That will keep your costs down and budget intact. Try to go early in the morning before the crowds. This is a popular trip for school kids, and they arrive by the hundreds at around 10am.

The Buddha’s Head is popular with anyone who has a camera. Read the rules that are posted, before you photograph. You shouldn’t stand above the Buddha when photographing. This is disrespectful.

(Click on the photo to view a larger version.)

Buddha's Head..... Ayutthaya,Thailand

For budget travelers who opt to take the train, this is a day tour that won’t break the bank. Your biggest expense will be the tuk tuk. The ruins are spread out, so it’s almost impossible to avoid. As I mentioned above, if you’re traveling alone try and find someone to share the expense with.

I almost forgot…lots of monks take the third class train. Somehow an old monk ended up in my seat. The Thais were very concerned for me. Now, was I about to turn an elderly monk out of a seat? I just smiled and found another seat. It’s all part of the adventure!

Here are a couple of links, if you want to learn more about Ayutthaya.

Historic City of Ayutthaya (UNESCO webiste)



Things To Do on raveable

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  1. I have never seen anything like this. Is the face carved out of the tree?

  2. The Buddha’s Head looks amazing. It reminds me a lot of the Ankor Wat temples that are being taken over by the jungle.

    I’m so happy to finally be organised to participate in your Travel Photo Thursday! Thanks for having me.

    • organised ENOUGH to participate … sheesh, so excited my fingers won’t type properly.

  3. I’d like that head for my garden. I love how it disappears into the folds of the tree trunk. I wonder how many years it’s been there.

    Meant to sign my name as HikeBikeTravel instead of Leigh – but missed that.

  4. Ouch, the poor Buddha looks like he’s gettin squeezed !
    Good advice and information for travelers, always.

  5. Will check this out when we revisit Thailand… Kinda looks eerie to me.

  6. Like a lot of the ancient ruins in Asia, the jungle wants to claim them back. A seedling sprouting on an old rock wall, a few centuries later, and the wall will almost have disappeared
    I posted up on my site something old and interesting. Hope you like it also.

  7. fabulous!

  8. Cool Buddha!

  9. Beautiful, one of the most interesting and original Buddha representations.

  10. I absolutely love Ayutthaya. We rented bicycles and spent the day exploring. I also love that you can quite easily find yourself sharing a bus with monks. This post made me miss living in Thailand.

  11. Great shot! I love the idea of nature re-claiming that which mankind has created. Hope you like our pic of sloths in Costa Rica!

  12. Amazing photo! I had a wonderful time in Thailand and like you say it doesn´t kill the budget.

  13. This is an awesome photo, Nancie! Is the Buddha’s head carved out of the tree’s roots or is it made of stone and the roots grew around it? I am dying to visit Thailand someday (soon!)

  14. Love your photo and the story behind it. Really very interesting.

  15. Amazing photo… you can stare at it for some time and see it in a different perspective. I like that they’ve posted rules about photography.

    • This was the second time I had visited, and both times I spent a lot of time just staring at this and looking at it in different light.

  16. The Buddha’s head looks superb. You have clicked the photo perfectly.This tree is really amazing. Thanks for sharing this photo and your post.

  17. What an intriguing photo!

  18. Really great photo! How did the Buddha head get there? Anyone? Haha.

  19. A beautifully detailed shot, Nancie. I visited Ayutthaya many years ago and was fascinated. I don’t remember seeing the head like this, and on an Internet search, I’ve found out that its position in the tree roots may only date from the early 1990s, when it may have been placed there by a looter (who did not return for it) after the collapse of a temple. As you would have found out, it was the invading Burmese army that destroyed Ayutthaya in the late part of the 18th century. I just happen to be reading in this area at the moment in the book, Buddhism, Imperialism and War, by the late Trevor Ling.

  20. Wow! I didn’t know the rule about standing above Buddha’s head! Good to know!

  21. the buddah photo is nice yet weird at the same time. i guess the tree won that battle

  22. That is an extremely cool tree sculpture. I can’t say that I’ve seen any other such elaborate carvings made in trees, but even if I had, I think this would take the cake.

  23. A friend of mine went to Daejeon in 2004 and she still raves about how good it was now!


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