Travel Photo Thursday — March 29, 2012 — A Magic Moment in Sevilla, Spain

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. We had our first real day of spring here in Daejeon yesterday. I was able to shed my winter coat for the first time since returning from my winter travel. What a fantastic feeling that was! Here’s hoping that the warm weather continues and the trees and flowers start strutting their beauty. This week’s shot is a magic moment I captured in Sevilla, Spain.

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The buildings at the Plaza de Espana in Sevilla are not open to the public, since many of the offices are still in use. However, visitors can walk along the corridors looking out onto the plaza, and the photo opportunities are endless. Here is my magic moment; caught just as I was entering the first level.


One Magic Moment….

Horse and Carriage at Plaza de Espana in Seville


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  1. That is an incredibly beautiful shot – how lucky to be in just the right spot at the right time!

  2. oh double wow! magical moment indeed

  3. What a fabulous shot, Nancie! Spain is indeed a magical place.

  4. WOW, what a fabulous shot, Nancie! Spain is indeed a magical place.

  5. Love the framing of the carriage and fountain and background Very nice

  6. Always a pleasure visiting and seeing yours and others travel photos, Nancie. Before I forget, CONGRATULATIONS on the record numbers of travel photogs visiting and sharing !

  7. Hi Nancie, and YAY for spring!

    What a beautiful shot in Spain. It looks timeless, like it could have been taken ages ago. Lovely!

  8. I can picture exactly where you were.For a winter scene it looks pretty darn nice. I love the framing through the arch.

    • I was surprised at how good the trees looked. One of the few downsides of traveling in Spain in the winter was the lack of green foliage and flowers.

  9. I love this picture! It looks like it belongs in one of those fairy tale images with the carriage and arch – beautiful. Hoping for continued warm weather and spring blossoms your way.

    • Yes, definitely a fairy tale aura around it. We are back in the deep freeze again today. Warming up tomorrow and then another plunge down on Tuesday or Wednesday; weird weather.

  10. The framing, the colours, the scene… gorgeous!

  11. I love this photo! The framing of the horse carriage is perfect!

  12. Nice shot. Would be great to be there during the golden hour.

  13. I’ve always LOVED doorway photos that have a living background. They are simply my fave. LOVE this shot!! 😀

  14. Beautiful! I love the framing with the doorway!

  15. We’ll be in Sevilla for the first time this summer – can’t wait!!

  16. The colours, the frame, the topic…this is how aperfect pics should look like!

  17. One of my favourite spots.

  18. A very special shot indeed! Simply beautiful. It makes me wish I was there.

  19. Another incredible shot you got in Spain. I’ll visit more of the photos after we get back on land. Look forward to visiting everyone’s sites. Adios, for today.

  20. I love “magic moments” like these.

  21. Truly Magical!

  22. Great shot!

  23. That is a stunning shot!

  24. Very beautiful! I can’t wait to go to Sevilla someday. I missed it when I was in Spain.

  25. Wow! Love the photo. Great framing. Definitely a perfect catch.

  26. Thanks for linking up with us! Hope you do again next week!

    • Becca, I will try. Sometimes it’s a matter of remembering 🙂

  27. That certainly is a magic moment! What a shot 🙂

  28. Tried to tell you last Thursday what a fabulous photo this is, but the ship’s internet simply whirled and twirled away both the minutes and the money and I gave up. Didn’t want to let this slip past though without a comment now that I am back on terra firma.

    • Internet on a ship…I can imagine it’s not that reliable. Thanks for your kind words!

  29. Lovely picture, Plaça Espana in Seville, very beautiful square, unfortunately it’s attached to the memory of when my friend got robbed just there on our first day in Spain!

  30. This is a beautiful shot, great colours!

  31. a perfect shot!!


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