Travel Photo Thursday, March 17, 2011–The Great Torii, Miyajima Island, Japan

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Thursday has arrived, and it’s time for TRAVEL PHOTO THURSDAY. Since last week most of us have been caught up in the tragic earthquake in Japan. I actually learned about the quake on Saturday morning. I opened my email and had a message from my niece in Canada saying that they had heard about the quake, and was I okay. My immediate reaction was what quake, and I went searching on the Internet. My satellite TV was still out, so I couldn’t check BBC or CNN. You could have blown me over with a feather. Of course, now here in Korea a lot of us are wondering how the nuclear disaster will affect us here. I was talking to a Korean friend, and he says that the government is saying there is no need to worry. Time will tell. My thoughts are with the people of Japan during this tragic time.

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I traveled in Japan last summer and loved every moment. One of my favorite places was Miyajima Island, an easy day trip from Hiroshima. My photo this is week is The Great Torii (Shinto gate, the sea entrance to Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima. The Torii is a symbol that the entire island is sacred. You won’t find any maternity wards, or cemeteries here. Giving birth or dieing is not permitted on the island. A Torii has looked over the island since the 12th century. The current 50 foot (16m) Torii was built in 1875.

(Click on the photo to view a larger version)

The Great Torii...Miyajima Island, Japan

A train from Hiroshima Station and a short ferry ride will deposit you on this gem of an island in a little over an hour. Getting there will not break your budget. I bought an all inclusive ticket for well under 1000yen. There is nothing else to buy, except lunch. Of course, if you’re a shopper you might find a trinket or two in the souvenir shops. This is a great day trip for any budget traveler.

You can check out this site to learn more about this beautiful island.

Miyajima Island


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  1. “Giving birth or dieing is not permitted on the island.” I find that fascinating…..the greek island of Delos is the same way…Lovely shot by the way.

  2. I love the colours – the red against the blue. It looks like the gate is just floating on top of the water. This looks like quite a romantic place. Probably not the place you would want to overnight if you were in your last weeks of pregnancy though!

    • Kerry-Ann — I’m wondering how they enforce this. It’s a beautiful island, and I want to go back again.

  3. Wow, love your shot! Too bad I can’t join your TPT, as I’d never been to Japan 🙁 I’m joining BlogforNZ though.

  4. Indeed, my thoughts are with the people of Japan as well. It’s difficult to even imagine the full extent of what they’re going through.

    Nancie, this photo is SO beautiful. It’s very interesting about giving birth or dying there. I really do learn something new every day.

    • Thank you Cathy. I loved this Island and it’s history and culture are really fascinating. When I go back to Japan I want to stay on the island for a few days.

  5. Love those red-lacquered torii. Now, you inspired me to put an Okinawan Sacred Site on today. Something that’ll be years in the making but, it’s a start for me !

  6. Thanks for dropping by Aleah. You can join TPThursday. Your shot doesn’t have to be from Japan. We would all love to see one of your travel shots.

    • I’ll bookmark this and join next time 🙂 Thanks for the invite Nancie!

  7. Great juxtaposition of colours – the red is particularly rich.I wonder if the island is off limits if you are very pregnant. Now I wonder how long it will be before the tourists return. What a tragedy on a scale that’s hard to fathom.

  8. This photo is gorgeous! The red is so bold and striking. It’s also nice that you honored Japan this week. 🙂

    • Thanks Michael. With all that’s happening in the world right now I think we have to show the positive, and send good thoughts.

  9. I can’t locate our Japanese photos of 2001 so have posted up a photo good fortune wish for all Japan using Indian Rangoli.

  10. Nice picture Nancie, I love that torii… I never visited Hiroshima, is on my to go list.

  11. Nice choice to honor Japan with your photo this week.

  12. for some reasons, the structure looks like one of the Japanese characters (written form) for me, interesting trivia too 🙂

  13. This is an incredible photo, Nancie! I have missed this one but so glad I popped in to have a look!


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