Travel Photo Thursday — March 14th, 2013 — Cherry Blossom Travels in Korea

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. Spring is kind of playing with us here in Korea. One day it’s balmy and the next day the temps take a dive. Have to remember it’s only March 14th! One of my favorite times of the year here is the spring,  when, across the peninsula,  the blossoms embrace us with their beauty. This week I am sharing with you some of my favorite blossom shots taken here in Korea.

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The Little Tree That Could

This shot was taken at Seoul’s National Assembly on a day when the cherry blossom festival should have been in full swing. Unfortunately, spring did not cooperate in 2010,  and there were almost no cherry blossoms, except for the one tough little tree. In a normal year, all of the trees behind him would have been in full bloom too!


The Little Tree that Couldnbsp;


Blossoms and Lanterns

I didn’t have to travel far. These beauties stand tall in front of a government building here in Daejeon. I have no idea who hangs the lanterns, but it makes for beautiful photos.





Stunning closeups of the Sakura.

Taken last year in the Jinhae, Korea, during the 50th anniversary of their cherry blossom festival. 


First Blossoms


Taken in Daejeon.

Cherry Blossom Bliss


Another shot from that cold spring of 2010, and my Flickr title was “Finally a Hint of Spring”.

Finally.....A Hint of Spring!!


First blossoms of Spring 2012.

Taken on a blossom “hunting trip” to Namhae-do and Jinhae, Korea.

First Blossoms of the Spring


Traveler’s Tip

When the blossoms bloom really depends on the weather, and where you are in the country. The further south you go the earlier the blooms appear. If you think you will be in Korea during blossom time this year check out Korea Tourism Facebook Page for festivals/locations/dates. All of the festivals offer free admission.

Also, Korea’s Spring Flower Festivals 2013…


When do the spring blossoms/flowers begin to appear in your part of the world?


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  1. It looks like the new linky is working. I like it with the thumbnails. I love these cherry blossom shots. I’ve always wanted to see rows and rows of them in full bloom. But, I may need to go hunting for them here in Southern California. Here’s hoping you get to see them in full bloom soon. Beautiful shots, Nancie!

    • Great! I’m glad it’s working okay. Yes, another couple of weeks and we should have some beautiful blossoms to enjoy!

  2. These are beautiful. I must confess I have never seen cherry blossoms, but I look forward to the apricot blossoms on my tree in September. In Australian spring is the time for the amazing wildflower season, which starts in July in the north, through August, September, October as we move down through the state. A spectacular time of year.
    Thanks for hosting Travel Photo Thursday and have a wonderful week.

    • Hi Jill, I visited Australia a long time ago. I’d love to go back, and if do, I’ll go during the wildflower season.

  3. I’m envious of you and your cherry blossoms though I can’t complain. We’ve gad sunshine galore and didn’t even need a coat today. I love your shot with the flag coming through the branches.

    Not a #TPThursday issue but wondering what the mood is in South Korea with all the saber rattling from the North.

    • Hi Leigh. I’ve read that NK probably won’t do anything while the US-SK military exercises are going on; too many guns and such in the area. NK always gets angry when these exercises happen. Historically, they strike after the exercises, once the US has removed a lot of their weapons, etc. I’ve read that if they do strike, it will proably be in the Yellow Sea. This area is highly disputed. I am on the Canadian embassy list to be notified in the event of an emergency/evacuation. (In the 12 years I have been here the Canadian embassy has never recommended that Canadians leave.) Nothing has come out from them in a long time. That’s when I’d become concerned. However, NK is highly unpredictable. You just never know what they might do.

  4. I can’t wait to see any type of blossoms here in the Midwest in the States.

    Love the cherry blossoms!

    • All spring time flowers are beautiful. To me they just SCREAM…the world is alive! 🙂

  5. Love the flower photos- this time of year is especially great because of the blooms are starting to come out. Can’t wait for the endless sunshine of summer!

  6. Beautiful! We’ll be in Japan next month and I can’t wait to see cherry blossoms in real life. Thanks for the sneak peek!

    • Enjoy Japan! I played with the idea of a quick ferry trip across, but got my MasterCard bill today, and I spent WAY too much money this winter …darn!!, (but I had fun!)

  7. We finally have blossoms in the Pacific Northwest as well; now if we could just get some blue skies to go with them! Nice photos, Nancie. (p.s. I too have been wondering about the question Leigh asked you).

    • Here’s wishing blue skies for you, Jackie. I responded to Leigh about NK…have a look 🙂

  8. Lovely blossoms. Flowers always brighten my mood, even if it’s a grey and dull day!

    Love the new link format 🙂

  9. Hi Nancie, love the new linky with thumbnails photos. I meant to thank you for putting up this forum that create this community of wonderful, interesting travel/photo bloggers.
    Love your photo of the cherry blossoms. They make me excited for the Cherry Blossom Festival in New York Botanical Garden in April!

    • Hi Marisol, you are so welcome, and I’m glad you found us! I can imagine that the festival in NYC is awesome.

  10. I can’t wait until I see these flowers in person. I love the way trees of the same species, planted beside each other, flower to their own internal timetable. The close-up flower shots are amazing.

    • It shows that you can’t force nature, doesn’t it? I love takin macro flower shots!

  11. Beautiful close-ups! I love photographing cherry blossoms, I’m always eagerly waiting this season. And this year I will be in Japan for hanami, so I’m looking forward to take hundreds of cherry blossom pictures (^_^)

    • Lucky you! Where about in Japan? Tokyo?

      • I’ll start in Kyoto for a week them will move to Gifu, Tokyo and maybe Fukushima (the prefecture, of course…)

  12. Beautiful shots, Nancie! I especially love the close-ups. Would love to get to Korea someday…

    Things are popping here in the Seattle area…daffodils, azaleas, etc. Cherry Blossoms should be coming soon! I here the best place around here to view is the University of Washington campus. You’ve inspired me to be on the look out & plan a visit.

  13. Strange, I commented and I thought it went through, but after I put in my link in the linky plugin, my comment disappeared. Short version–love the blossoms. But I want to add that I also love this new plugin. More meaningful for the casual viewer to have the thumbnails. Good work!

  14. Oh, how beautiful! Spring has definitely sprung. I’ll miss the Cherry Blossoms this year.
    Love the new linky with the thumbnails.

    • You are still in Jamaica?

      • Yes, I am, Nancie.
        Looking at your photos in the morning light, I see so much more than I did when I linked up at 1 a.m. local time. Love your “Finally spring” shot. You’ve captured the beauty and fragility of the blossoms and made me feel so nostalgic. Thanks for reminding me how beautiful they are. Happy Spring!

  15. Would love to see cherry blossoms in Korea or Japan. Still winter up here: cold, but gorgeous sunny weather, a bit early for flowers.

  16. Lovely! It’s almost orange blossom season here.

  17. Hello, I just dashed back and edited my post to add a link to here. You don’t have a button do you??

    Do you know you have reminded me of when I was a very young girl and we lived in a house with cherry trees in the front garden. My sister and I loved the blossom in spring, this was in Scotland.

    One day I shall see the oriental blossoms too!

  18. Beautiful pictures. I have one cherry tree (they aren’t that common in Minnesota) and have always wanted to go to DC to see them in bloom – looks like I should go farther afield!

    I ordinarly try to post from my work computer before I start the day and Mr Linky was a little funky (for whatever reason, it could be a firewall issue), but if there is a way to link and a list of folks who have linked, it is totally invisible to me. I’ll go see if it works on my iPad.

    • Yay! I got it to work! It looks lovely on my home computer (Windows 7). Guess I’ll have to start getting up earlier on Thursdays to post before I go into the office!

  19. Maybe i’m dumb – i’m on my ipad and there still isn’t either a place to link or anyone elses links visible. , , is there some link I need to use to get to the link?

    • Hi Cindy,

      If you scroll down, you will see a link under the thumbnails. We are now up to 21. The link is blue, and says “add your link”. Click on that and follow the instructions. Good luck! Let me know how you make out.

      • On the Windows system at work and on my ipad it is completely blank where the thumbnails are and all the way down to the symbols for fb, twitter, etc. I’m wondering if it’s the firewall. I’ll do some more experimenting with the ipad.

  20. Oh how I wish Spring was here! Those blossoms are beautiful! The best place for me to see something like that is Washington DC. I hope to be there one year during the spring. Of course, it would be even better to see it in Asia, but that is a MUCH longer flight. 😉

    • Sonja…I would love to come to Washington to see the blossoms!

  21. Thank you for the lovely Cherry Blossoms viewing and the party. It does feel like spring is here.

    Our party is on at:

    Please come and join us if you have time. Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping by, and I will be joining you later today!

  22. This is why I love spring! The trees are blooming around here too and it is beautiful.

    • You are ahead of us! No blooms yet, but I saw budding trees on the way home yesterday.

  23. Cherry blossoms are so pretty. I wonder what they would look like under a blanket of snow?! Do you happen to know if this is possible or would they die?

    – Maria Alexandra

    • Hi Maira…I have never seen it snow here during blossom time, definitely too warm. I don’t think the blossoms would like it too much, but agree that it would be pretty 🙂

  24. I like the linky with the thumbnail that is pretty cool! I love the “pop” of color that the lanterns give the cherry blossom trees. I really enjoy the cherry blossoms as well, can’t wait for ours to start blooming!

    • Hi Sere…Thanks! I am happy with the new linky. I might tweek it a bit for next week, but have decided to definitely use it from now on.

  25. Hi Nancie, Those cherry blossoms certainly make wonderful photo subjects and I too love the pic with the bright red lanterns. I seem to remember cherry blossoms from Lesotho, but I’m wondering if my memory deceives me and they were something else. As Jill says, Spring is the best time for flowers and blossoms in WA, and we have a wonderful variety. However, I’d love to see them in all their glory in Japan. Thanks for hosting Travel Photo Thursday 🙂

    • Hi Johnanna, Blossoms in Korea and Japan are beautiful. You will have to plan a trip during blossom time some year 🙂

  26. Well, these pics will certainly give people some spring fever. Beautiful! The closeups of the Sakura are awesome.

    • Thanks, Cathy! I’m glad you enjoyed them. Spring flower shots always give me hope…haha 🙂

  27. The blossoms look wonderful. I so look forward to them arriving – such a sign of hope and renewal and the goodness of summer to come. Roll on Spring blossoms..

    • Hi Stuart! I’m with you; can’t have too many blossoms or flowers!

  28. Beautiful. I can’t wait til the cherry blossoms in our botanical garden start to pop. Nice herald of spring.

    • Hi Eileen…Yes, spring is just such a great time for anticipating what is about to happen!

  29. Beautiful! This is the time of year I always wish I lived someplace I could see cherry trees blooming like this.

  30. Spent a fourteen day trip around japan and just loved the cherry blossoms. Some absolutely amazing trees and I love the carpet of petals underneath. A wonderful country to visit.


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