Travel Photo Thursday, March 10, 2010 — Andong International Maskdance Festival–Dress Rehearsal

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Every year the small town of Andong hosts the Andong International Maskdance Festival. Other than the Mask Festival, Andong is probably one of the most boring towns in Korea. I lived there for a year back in 2002, and I thought I would go cross-eyed with boredom. I decided to attend the 2010 Mask Festival, and this was my first time back since 2002. All did not go according to plan, so I arrived on the first day long before the opening ceremonies. In the end everything turned out okay. I got to watch the dress rehearsals without too many other people hanging around with cameras.

(To view a larger version click on the photo.)

Andong Mask Festival 2010, Dress Rehearsal

Andong is fairly easy to get to from most towns and cities in Korea. Train or bus fares are very reasonable. Accommodation can be a challenge during the festival. There are only two hotels listed on-line and they get sold out very early. There are many small hotels in Andong, so if you want to stay overnight it’s probably best to arrive early in the day and look for a hotel on the spot. Hotel rates are fairly reasonable. Budget travelers will find a day or a weekend at the festival easy on the pocketbook.

The 2011 festival is from September 30 through October 10th. If you’re in Korea, I highly recommend that you make the trip to Andong. To find out more: Andong International Maskdance Festival, 2011.


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  1. I really like your photo—those are gorgeous costumes! (It’s still Wednesday where I live so I won’t post my photo until tomorrow…)

  2. really great shot — love the drama of it

  3. Smart getting there during rehearsal. Did anyone have Charlie Sheen masks yet?

    • I should take a survey and see how many Koreans even know who Charlie Sheen is………that would be funny!

  4. I guess that itf Andong didn’t have their mask festival, I would never have heard about it! I like learning about these interesting festivals. Lovely shot – graceful.

    • Probably not Cathy. Although, Queen Elizabeth visited in 1999, so that put them on the map!

  5. Cool Idea. Added a link to my Daily Photo:


  6. Cool that the colours on the screen match perfectly with the costumes.

  7. I visited Korea but had really miss out on this one Nancie… But this was in Andong so I wonder if it’s within Seoul or maybe not… HEHEHE… Your photo is really cool! 😉

    • Hi Jorie………Andong is about three hours from Seoul. When I lived there I traveled to Seoul every weekend. I knew the train and bus schedule by heart!

  8. Good clour, good pose, good shot.
    I posted an unposed people shot to tie in with this Nancie. Zulus would be a lot taller if they didn’t have to carry such loads each day.

    • I agree Jim. I’m sure those heavy loads keep them from standing as tall as they could.

  9. Great photo, I love festivals, masks always give a sense of mystery.

  10. Awesome shot!

  11. I like your honesty – so Andong is boring is it. I love the colours. Masks are like clowns to me – sometimes mysterious but sometimes scary.

    • Leigh…To live it really is. There are a couple of attractions. If you can combine everything with the Mask festival it’s a great weekend. Fingers crossed I never have to live there again 🙂

  12. Interesting festival and great photo. I like mask performances. 🙂

  13. Vibrant shot, Nancie and I love the way you didn’t mince words!

  14. Boring towns are good towns to live in. I’m pretty boring so I should know! Interesting post. Are these the same masks they wear during the festival?

    • Keith…….there is boring and then there is BORING….:)

      Yes, these are their performance masks.

  15. Beautiful photo! Well it may be boring, but at least the hotels are cheap. Is there anywhere nearby that might make the stay there more worthwhile?


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