Travel Photo Thursday — March 1, 2012 — Seville From Above

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. Technically, this is the first day of spring semester, but it’s Independence Day here in Korea, so we have a holiday. What a way to start a new term, eh? Once again, this weeks shot comes from beautiful Spain.

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I took this shot from the top of the Giralda Tower. The tower is attached to Seville’s cathedral and admission is included with your ticket to tour the cathedral, 8 Euros. The walk to the top is easy, and there are lots of observation points a long the way if you do want to take a rest.

The building in the center of this shot is Seville’s bull fighting ring. (As always, you can click on the photo to view a larger version.)

Seville from the Giralda Tower

You can easily spend several hours touring the cathedral and tower, and for 8 Euros (or 11 if you rent the audio guide), I think this is good value for any budget traveler. Of course, you have to enjoy churches and towers! You can find out more about both by following the links listed below.

Giralda Tower
Cathedral of Seville


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  1. I tend to like looking at churches from outside…not a big fan of interiors.

  2. Wow- love the perpective of looking inside. Great angle!

  3. As always, it’s a pleasure visiting TPThursday. That must be one heck of a tall tower you were on, to catch the whole town down below. Not scared of heights, are ya?
    Pressed for time today, I’ll be throwing some Guinness stuff at y’all this week. Make ya wanna travel to Okinawa !

    • Well Mike, I went on a walking tour and the guide told us that back in the 1400’s this tower was the world’s tallest!

      As long as I’m in an enclosed space I would go to the moon…:)

  4. Looks like I should have done what you did. Never did go inside the grounds of the cathedral and sorry to have missed such an outstanding view. Lovely photo.

    • Leigh…the cathedral is very impressive just for its sheer size. I enjoyed the walk up the tower much more. The views were so outstanding.

      There’s always next time!

  5. WOW, Nancie, what a view! I could spend days walking around it.

  6. Great photo! I love climbing in every tower I can… (^_^)

    • Welcome back! I love going up in towers as well. I prefer an elevator, but not always available..haha.

  7. Gorgeous picture! I love all the colors from above. I love visiting churches and towers too. Your pictures of this region have been so beautiful and captivating I really need to make an effort to visit it soon.

  8. That’s an impressive view, Nancie. I know bullfights are illegal in more and more Spanish regions. Do they still have them in Seville?

    • Sophie…I honestly don’t know. I didn’t ask because they are not something that really interests me. I had planned on going to the bull fighting ring just to see it, but ran out of time. However, I didn’t see of hear anything about any bull fights while I was in Seville.

  9. I’m all for climbing towers! Good job!

  10. Views from tall buildings are my favorites 🙂 The bull fighting ring is huge!

  11. What a great view of the city! It must be really high up.

  12. Terrific view. Somehow we always seem to rushed to make the climbs to these high points. So I’m glad you did it for us.

  13. Lovely pictures and interesting travels

  14. Beautiful view from the tower. Although I don’t necessarily like the idea of bull fighting, I’d like to experience being inside the arena and the excitement that seems to go along with it.

    • I’m with you there. I went to a bull fight many years ago in Barcelona and did not like it at all. I had hoped to visit Seville’s ring just to have a look around, but ran out of time.

  15. What a great shot! I love to climb towers for the view – provided the staircases aren’t too narrow. 🙂 It’s amazing to see from that perspective just how much real estate the arena takes up in the centre of Seville.

  16. I agree with the others– climbing towers is so fun. I haven’t been to Seville but it’s on the top of my list. I love Spain and the Moorish influence there.

  17. I used nearly the same photo in one of my “Where in the World?” photo challenges a few weeks back! 🙂 I love Sevilla, don’t you?

    • Yes! I can’t wait to go back.

  18. Great view and views always seem better when you have to work to get them.

  19. A beautiful view, Nancie. You obviously had a wonderful time in Spain from the posts you made while there. By the way, the closest I’ve got so far to La Giralda was standing in front of the copy of it in Kansas City some years ago!

  20. That’s a panorama shot right? I don’t really have professional photos yet in my travel blog but I would like to share this one.

    this is my first zipline experience. 😀


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