Travel Photo Thursday — June 28, 2012 — Prague — First Glimpses

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. I’ve finally arrived in Prague, and despite my jet lag, my fascination with the city increases with every corner that I turn. I’ve always marveled at the photos I’ve seen, but until seeing Prague for myself I’ve never had a true appreciation for the beauty of this city. What a gem, and I have barely touched the surface! This week I’m sharing a couple of my first impressions, taken through my lens.

If you missed last weeks Travel Photo Thursday, Nova Scotia Moments.

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Old Town — Where are all the people? They don’t arrive until 10am, and then they arrive in droves!



The beautiful Estates Theater in Old Town; Home to the premier of Mozart’s Giovanni; which I will see on Saturday night!

Estates Theater -- Old Town Prague


Through the arches in Old Town, and before the crowds arrived!

Through the Arches -- Old Town -- Prague


Street sculpture in Old Town; to grab your imagination…

Prague Street Sculpture -- Old Town


Bata Shoes in Old Town… I find out yesterday that Mr. Bata was a Czech. I bought more than a few pairs of Bata Shoes when I was growing up in Halifax. The business is still going strong!

Bata Shoes -- Old Town -- Prague


And finally… 21 Crosses; a memorial to the priests who were tossed from windows by the protestants. This grisly practice is known as defenestration. I’d call it bad karma!

21 Crosses -- Old Town -- Prague


This is just a small sampling of the shots I took yesterday. There will be many more to come as my feet take me along the many cobblestones of Prague…stay tuned!



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  1. Beautiful! I’m looking forward to traveling through Prague with you. It has been at the top of my bucket list for awhile now. I’m so glad to hear the city didn’t disappoint. Have a great time at the theater and exploring.

  2. The pictures are so lively and so color soothing, i think i am going to accompany you @Mary through Prague 🙂

  3. Great photos, I love how you captured the arch! (^_^)
    You were inspired to visit the Old Town in the morning, it gets so crowded later…

  4. Prague is on my B list but I will get to it eventually. That doesn’t make me less jealous of your great pictures though!

    I’m working on a big Hawaii post and have to share an older one this week. Sorry!

  5. Love the easy street shots! Can’t wait to see more from your trip, Prague has always been a destination that has intrigued me! Have fun!

  6. The Linkey Dude wouldn’t let me post this week’s blog for some reason. May have something to do with beer. Anyhow, nice seeing you again. I’ll Tweet/FB/SU and whatever else I’ve got for all the great travelers.


    • Hi Mike…looks like you’re there! 🙂

  7. reminds me of Bratislava…a lot!

  8. I love the street statue. Fantastic photos.

    I haven’t been to Prague yet, but I’ve heard so much about it. Your photos make me want to catch a plane there right now.

    • Come on over, John 🙂

  9. Love these first glimpses of Prague as it is a city that I have been longing to visit – glad you were up ahead of the crowds to get such nice photos! Love the Bata shoe shop – I didn’t know that Mr. Bata was a Czech either.

  10. As a Canadian, I was really excited to see Bata as well. It is a Canadian company isn’t it? Good to know about getting up early, I can’t believe how empty the streets are in your photos. I guess I needed to get up earlier when I was there.

  11. I’ve wanted to visit Prague for years – one day. Love the feel of your first photographs of the city before the hordes descend. Very cool sculptural piece of the man.

  12. I look forward to seeing more of Prague with you. Nothing better than seeing those first glimpses that always serve to capture the traveler’s heart. We are on the road in Oregon’s mountain country so will visit other additions to BTS on the weekend.

  13. Wow, what a change from the Korea photos. Just as beautiful, though. It makes me want to pack my bags.

  14. Wow, what a change from the Korea photos. Just as beautiful, though. It makes me want to pack my bags.

  15. I am SOOOO missing Praha! I stayed in Zizkov for 4 days. I went around in the Old Town during the day and went bar hopping some nights 🙂 Great shots here!

  16. This indeed is a beautiful city, Nancie! Love your photos.
    I wore several Bata shoes, had no idea that Mr. Bata was Czech. Good to see they’re still around.

  17. It really seems like a beautiful city. Hope to see it for myself one day. Wonder if my expectations are just a bit high after I have read so many good things.

  18. Prague has been on my travel bucket list for so long. It looks as beautiful as I imagined it! Have fun and I can’t wait to share my pictures when I finally go 😉

    safe travels!

  19. Prague has been on my list too – but I had no idea it was so colorful! Love your pictures and am eager to see more of the city through your eyes.

  20. I do enjoy wonderful Old towns! Very interesting history regarding the crosses. I have never heard of this before. Your pictures have me wanting to visit Prague even more than before!

    • Hi Debbie! My first time hearing about this cross business as well, and I must learn more.

  21. Some great shots – I look forward to seeing more. Prague’s on my wish list. My parents have been there a few times – it’s quite close to where they live – and raved about it. They’re particularly partial to the beer.

  22. Prague is a gem and your photos are bringing back wonderful memories for me. I had dreamt of going there for many years and finally got there in December. December was a great time because of the Christmas Markets.

    • I have read some of your great Prague posts, and should read some of them again. I would love to see the Christmas markets some time.

  23. Beautiful city! Those crosses are very grisly though!

  24. That’s one on my travel list. WIsh to visit one day there. The pictures are so inviting.

  25. How fun – I love seeing all these new places through your eyes/lens!! How long will you be there?

    Have a great weekend!

    • Hi Becca…I’ll be here for one month. A friend of mine is arriving on the 12th of July, and we’re going to also do some traveling outside of Prague.

    • Thanks for the link, Shawn!

  26. I love these! I also checked out your Flikr Prague photos. Wonderful shots of a beautiful city.


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