Travel Photo Thursday, June 16, 2010 — My Favorite Canadian Brew

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. The semester has ended, and I’m spending my last week here in Daejeon working on a freelance project, and getting ready to head to Canada on Monday. Air Canada is on strike, so wish me luck in getting to Halifax without too many delays.

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And my favorite Canadian brew is not  beer, BUT……

Sunday Morning Heaven

TIMMY’S, as many Canadians call this coffee chain, is found across Canada. For some reason it’s become an institution in Atlantic Canada. When I lived in Halifax I had eight Timmy’s within a 10 minute drive of my house. Most people either hate the stuff or love it. One cup can give you enough energy for the day. When I was an account manager I would spend a lot of time at Timmy’s getting ready for the next appointment. Maybe that why I suffered from insomnia…….

Unlike Korea, where a small cup of coffee can set you back $4.50US or more, Timmy’s coffee is quite cheap. I’m sure the price has gone up in five years, but I’m still willing to bet that a cup of my favorite Jo still goes for well under two bucks. I’ve even downloaded a Timmy’s location app to my Ipad! (I can hear some of you groaning now 🙂 )

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  1. Made me crave for a cup of brew!

  2. My daughter calls it Timmy Ho’s – don’t ask me why – a university thing. I have become addicted to really good premium coffee – the stuff that makes Starbucks taste like Nescafe. Drinking it out at a cafe is my treat.

    I wish you luck on your flight back – there is talk about back to work legislation.
    Hope your trip back to Halifax is a great one and may the weather gods be in your favour.

  3. I’ve never had Tim Horton’s coffee before, but I agree with Leigh–I’m sure it’s SO much better than Starbucks!

  4. Sure fooled me. The title had me thinking “BEER”.
    I’m a coffee lover, too. Just never called a coffee a brew !

  5. Any coffee is good coffee.
    I put up a photo of one of the most deserted places in Southern Africa!

  6. I could so relate to this post. I’m going back to Canada in a little over a month and have already made arrangements for a friend to greet me with a cup of Timmy’s at the airport. I’ve missed it sooooo much while living in Germany. I didn’t know they had an app, thanks for letting me know. I will be so downloading it 🙂

  7. 4.50 for a small cup of coffee- I’d go through caffine withdraws!!!

  8. Good donuts too.

  9. Ha ha, will be putting our contribution to Travel Photo Thursday on here in a moment and we too have gone for a brew – a Turkish brew. But, ours is of the alcoholic variety. 🙂

  10. Tim Horton’s – a Canadian institution 🙂

  11. Sounds like Timmy’s is much like Dunkin Donuts’s is the East Coast, with one every couple of blocks!

    Good luck on you air travel!

  12. i LOVE tim hortons – esp those Tim Bits! YAY YOU!!

  13. Fun pic, Nancie! You know, I just learned about “Timmy’s” when I was in Vancouver last weekend. Sorry to say I didn’t try their coffee. Must do next time!

  14. Sounds delicious! If I ever make it to Canada, I’ll try to fine a Timmy’s 🙂 I’m not really a fan of Starbucks – the regular coffees there don’t taste like much and I guess that’s why I like mainly their lattes and flavored stuff (where you don’t taste the actual coffee). I miss German coffee!!

  15. Never had Timmy’s before. In fact, I rarely drink coffee, but I absolutely love the smell of fresh ground coffee. Anyway, after reading these comments, i bet Timmy’s smells great too.

  16. My friend tells me there is a Tim Horton’s in Abu Dhabi now…maybe there is hope for Korea? 🙂

  17. Not sure if I have seen that in America. I don’t think so.

  18. Oh, I couldn’t afford Korea if that’s what coffee costs! We are very much snobby coffee addicts in the Pacific Northwest. I’ll only go to Starbucks if I’m desperate!

  19. What ever happend to that “Elsinore” brew they had in that movie with them two hosers the MacKenzie brothers eh??? If you find a mouse in a can, do they give you a free case?

  20. Sorry that I’m late to the party again. We had kind of n eventful night in Vancouver last night. It’s timely that there is a Timmies cup and Canadiana theme for the lead TPThursday photo because my post is hockey related.

  21. I chose a picture from my December trip to Budapest, Hungary.

  22. Hmmmm…I love my coffee! Having a cup right now 🙂 Have a great trip to Canada and have fun!!!!

  23. Fabulous! I had no idea Canadians affectionately call it Timmy’s. I like their coffees, but their muffins/donuts aren’t that great (but they’re really cheap). Timmy’s coffee is still cheaper than what I call Fourbucks 🙂

  24. I’ve heard of Tim Horton’s for years now, but I’ve never been. I think we must not have it in the part of the US where I live. Although when I return, they may be all over the place…


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