Travel Photo Thursday — July 28, 2011- Monks Chanting, Wat Bupparam, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. I’m here in Chiang Mai, my home away from home, where despite it being the rainy season the weather is amazing. Hot enough to enjoy the pool everyday, but not too hot.

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Early last evening as I was heading out for a bite to eat, and to pick up a few things for my Dad’s “Chiang Mai goodie box”, I walked by Wat Bupparam on Thapae Gate Road just as the monks were beginning an evening chant. Buddhist Lent, one of the most important seasons for Buddhists, started about a week ago, so there are lots of opportunities to hear the beautiful chanting. I sat on a bench that looked directly into the temple, and quietly listened for a while. Getting lost in the chanting is magical for me. Then I took a few photos through the temple door. Anyone taking shots of these events needs to use their common sense. This is a ceremony, and photographers should never intrude. I took all my shots from the bottom of the steps, and the side window. Had I gone to the top step I would have been standing directly over a monk. Not a good think to do in the middle of a ceremony (or anytime for that matter). I was still able to get some special shots, like this one.

One more unexpected, free, special moment for this budget traveler on her journey.

Monks Chanting, Wat Bupparam

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  1. Just came across your site through friends (Drop Out Diaries) and couldn’t resist being involved. Thanks for hosting this Travel Photo series.

    Chiang Mai is wonderful … even in wet season! I hope you continue to enjoy your time there. We spent a week in Chiang Mai last year and are hoping to return in September and again in November. Perhaps we’ll see you there!

    • Hi Tracy………….Welcome to BTS! Yes, I love CM. I’ve been coming here on and off since 2002, and never tire of the city.

  2. Great shot without being a nuisance.

  3. Thrilled to hear the “hot but not too hot” description of Chiang Mai. Can’t wait to get there and explore!

  4. Beautiful photo. I love the vibrant orange!

  5. Beautiful photo… and I almost hear their chanting ^_^

  6. Great, bright photo and enjoyed the story 🙂

  7. Yeas, truly a colorful photo.Hard to resist intruding ewhen you want a good photo of Buddhist ceremonies. But sure, stand back, that when a good zoom comes in handy.

  8. Such a special moment captured! I would have been so nervous, but you really went for the shot standing on the steps!

  9. Just coming to your site from Love the photo would love to visit Chiang Mai.

  10. Great shot and thank you for the advice on not being intrusive during a ceremony. I think sometimes people are so concerned about getting a good shot that they don’t realize how rude they are being to get that shot.

  11. Great photo and wonderful tips on observing others
    Come on by and post your link

  12. I was in Chiang Mai last week and saw monks painting, welding, and releasing birds, but alas, I missed the chanting… 🙁

  13. Sounds like a beautiful experience … which also resulted in an equally beautiful photo!

  14. Great photo, Nancie. Gorgeous color. Such a good point to make about not intruding on a ceremony. Well-done!

  15. Funny! I posted my shot before seeing what you had – I guess the theme of the week is Thailand! Nicely done shot – it’s always nice to be able to explain to people that you can get good pictures without being annoying or obnoxious. Nice job!

  16. Always a pleasure seeing your Thursday Travel Photos. I just never seem to remember when it’s Thursday !

  17. Love the orange…

  18. Some stunning shots in that list, and the top ones are well chosen! I will take part shortly when our blog is up and running 🙂

    • Great George……….looking forward to you joining the group, and reading your blog!


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