Travel Photo Thursday — July 26, 2012 — Beating the Heat in Budapest.

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Welcome to another week of  Travel Photo Thursday. I’m back in Daejeon; arriving to the heat and humidity late Monday afternoon. Getting up this morning, it seems like the jet lag has run its course and I’m feeling normal again. It seems very strange being in Korea this time of the year. I think this is the first time I have ever spent part of July and all of August here. We’ll see how it goes. I’m determined to make the best of it; hopefully doing some domestic travel. I’ll keep you posted.

Eggs would have sizzled on the sidewalks of Budapest a few weeks ago. Temperatures soared to over 40cel during the day. Everyone was looking for ways to keep cool. Water jet parks seemed to be a favorite with both locals and tourists. Just looking at this cools me down, and believe me, Daejeon is sweltering this week.

For those of you who missed last weeks Travel Photo Thursday…Kutna Hora

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Beating the heat in Budapest…

Beating the heat in Budapest


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  1. That fountain looks so refreshing! I like how that little girl seems to be enjoying the moment. Welcome home and hope you have some great domestic travels ahead.

  2. What a perfect fountain to cool off under! Your photo takes me back to the days when as a child we would run under the sprinkler to escape the heat! I’d love some heat…I’m in Melbourne at the moment and its freezing!

  3. Think it finally hit 80 in Seattle today. Could summer finally be here for more than a week at a time? We are loving it, but I could see why that fountain called out to young and old.

  4. Oh man. How my little guy would LOVE that fountain. Even here in Seattle we are pretending it is warmer than it is and jumping in the sprinkler and baby pool as much as possible.

  5. Haha! I loved these when I was a kid! heck, i still love them. Actually i wish we had one of these in LA, because it has been so hot lately.

  6. It’s HOT here too! I’m almost sitting under the fan. I wouldn’t mind a splash in that fountain.

  7. We’ve had a ridiculous summer up here – a couple of nice days in May, overcast and/or rain since. But this morning looks promising. I’m a bit envious of the heat, I must admit.

  8. The heat is still on here in Eastern Europe and it seems now hotter than it was when you visited!
    Honestly, I grew tired of this constant heat… (^_^;)

  9. I love fountains. Please send some of that heat to Munich. Our summer has been dismal.

  10. That looks like so much fun! Will bear this linky in mind if we go away. Can I link up an old post?

    • Hi Charlotte, Welcome. Sure you can link to an old post. I don’t have an issue with that 🙂

  11. I know how it feels. I just got back from a week in Florence where it was over 40 degrees several days, and our room didn’t have an AC.

  12. Hey, I was thinking the same thing this week, so am right on “theme!” I can’t imagine making it through the summer in SE Asia – it’s hot and sticky enough at home as is! I hope you had a good time in Europe despite the heat and that there will be lots more photos still to come. Stay cool! – Cindy

  13. I would have joined the kids in the fountain. It’s hard to be a tourist with that kind of heat! You must be used to it from all your Asian travels though.

    • Leigh, if I could have ditched the camera I would have been in there so fast. I am used to the heat, but I’ll tell you it was hot. By the end of the day I was like a melted Popsicle 🙂

  14. That looks great, and you really captured the joy of all the people. It reminds me of Centennial Park in Chicago.

  15. That picture makes me wanna be a kid again 🙂 That kid looks like she’s having a blast! Have fun planning your domestic trips. I’ve been doing the same here to tide myself over until the next big trip 🙂

  16. It’s fun to see even adults cooling off in the fountains.

  17. I was in Budapest last August and it was very hot too! I have the same exact picture. Last weekend I was in New York City and they have a very similar fountain near Battery Park. Love watching kids just have fun!

  18. My kids LOVE splash pads like these – especially on such a hot day. I don’t blame the grown-ups for finding their way into the middle too.

  19. I LOVE those kind of fountains. As an adult, I secretly wish I could still run into them like the kids do… =)

  20. Those kids look like they’re having a blast! For some reason this year it just seems hot EVERYWHERE I go! Glad to hear you’re back home safe and sound 🙂

    • Thanks, Andi. It wasn’t hot in Prague, so I was amazed at the heat in Budapest, which is only a 7 hour drive away. Korea is sweltering right now. My time is consumed with trying to stay cool 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Andi. It’s a bit of an adjustment being here in August. First time I have spent an August here in years.

  21. Oh, that does look refreshing. It reminds me of the fountain at Millennium Park in Chicago in the summer — the kids love to play in it.

    • Cathy, nothing refreshes like cold water on a hot day!

  22. Aww! That looks like great fun for kids to cool down!!!

    Thanks for hosting each week!

    • And the big kids too, Becca. Your are welcome. I love hosting Travel Photo Thursday!

  23. I feel cooler just looking at that picture! I know what you mean about the heat following you around. It was hot and humid in Houston where we were visiting family. We got back to Penang, Malaysia on Saturday… where it was equally hot and humid. The difference is that in Texas, all my time was spent in air-conditioning. The opposite is true in Penang.

  24. An artistic solution to dealing with a heat wave!

  25. The Badwater shot gets my vote.

  26. Your photo looks so cool and refreshing! What a great spot to relax and cool your feet. Just what I need today- it’s pretty hot and humid here too. 🙁

  27. Great shot. Did you see they spray fountains in the Alameda here in Sevilla? Kids and dogs love them!

    • Hi Shawn, I didn’t notice them, but you know how cold it was when I was in Seville!

  28. Kids every where love getting wet!

  29. What a refreshing sight! I can’t keep my younger daughter out of fountains like that – even when she’s fully clothed!

    • She’s a smart girl…haha

  30. It would have been great to visit fountain like this during this cray hot week here in Germany!! Next week, back to the normal German summer. But I’m ok with that. 🙂

  31. I love the energy in this photo, what an ideal day for kids.

    • Thanks, Ayngelina. Yes, they were having a blast. The adults looked happy too. I’d have been in there in a shot if it hadn’t been for the camera.


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