Travel Photo Thursday — July 25th, 2013 — Turanor PlanetSolar Graces Halifax’s Harbor Front.

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday.  I have just completed my online check-in, and in less than 24 hours I will be en route to Daejeon via Toronto and Seoul. With any luck, I should be walking into my apartment around 9pm on Thursday evening. I have loved my time here, and am not anxious to leave. Today, we’ve gone from beautiful sunshine to gray skies and rain. Definitely, easier to leave when the sun isn’t shining! Today, I will share a shot I took last week on the Halifax Waterfront, with glorious sunshine.

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Halifax was visited last week by the world’s largest solar powered vessel, the Turanor PlanetSolar.  Isn’t she a beauty?

Worlds Largest Solor Powered Vessel, Halifax Harbour

You can find out more here.


And…a shot of the Halifax Harbour and George’s Island….

A View of George's Island, Halifax, Nova Scoita


I’ll be catching up with everyone once I am back in Daejeon, and have caught my breath!


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  1. Hi Nancie and goodbye Nancie. Have a safe trip home; let us know when you’ve arrived and settled in. It was great getting a chance to meet this summer and to follow your travels as you visited family and friends.

    • Hi Jackie! Yes, was so pleased to have had the opportunity to spend some time with you. I’m back and fighting the jet lag, in what feels like a huge, hot sauna!

  2. Safe travels back to Korea! Love your waterfront pics of Halifax! I sure wish I was on one of those jet skis right now!

    • Hi Dana! Yes, I returned to heat and humidity. The jet skis look very inviting right about now.

  3. I’m so glad you had a great visit with your friends and family. Loved following your trip and all the beautiful pictures of the maritime provinces. I can’t wait to visit one of these days. I hope you had a good, relaxing flight.

    • Thanks, Mary! The flight was long, and not overly relaxing, but I made it :); now to get rid of the pesky jet lag!

  4. Happy and safe travels home. We have enjoyed your trip also! I am sure you have lots of happy memories and wonderful photos from your visit to family and friends. But I can understand the wrench of leaving.
    Have a good trip, and thank you for hosting Travel Photo Thursday.

    • Hi Jill! I enjoyed every moment, and the long trip back is now behind me.

  5. That’s quite the solar powered boat. I wonder how fast it can go.
    Hope the flight home isn’t too awful – and you’re so right that it’s easier to leave when it’s not a pretty day outside.

    • Hi Leigh! Yes, leaving on a gray, foggy day made it a little easier. Loved that boat, and was hoping it would be open to the public, but as far as I know that didn’t happen.

  6. Yes, that boat is a beauty — I hadn’t heard of it before, but I’m all for solar-powered! Looks like it was a gorgeous day. Glad you enjoyed your time in Nova Scotia.

    • Hi Cathy, This boat is quite the conversation piece. I was lucky with the weather, mostly sunny until the day before I left.

  7. Have a good trip!
    I love the photo withe the solar boat… it looks so SciFi (^_^)

  8. Have a good trip!
    I love the photo with the solar boat… it looks so SciFi (^_^)

  9. that solar catamaran looks AWESOME! I wonder what it looks like inside?!

    Missing Canada: I was just there in June for the first time and loved it.

    Great photos as always!

    -Maria Alexandra

    • Hi Maria! I’m glad you enjoyed Canada. I would have loved a tour of this boat, but as far as I know it wasn’t open to the public.

  10. I didn’t realize that such a big solar powered ship existed. It’s so futuristic looking. Have a good trip. I’ve only just arrived back in Asia myself and am catching my breath. My poor girl broke down crying, already homesick for Texas, as soon as we got into our apartment here.

    • Hi Michele! I had no idea either, and this was it’s first stop in Canada. I think a lot of folks were taken by surprise. I hope your little one has readjusted to being back in Asia!

  11. Your photos have been characterised by so much blue. I love it! Safe travels. PS that solar powered boat is impressive!

    • Thanks, Lisa. On a sunny day, there is definitely a lot of blue when you are close to the water in NS.

  12. That is one impressive looking vessel. It could have been something out of James Bond.
    I bet it feels like you just got there, right Nancie? I’ve enjoyed seeing Canada through your eyes and look forward to more photos and stories from Korea when you’ve caught your breath. Happy and safe travels!

    • Hi Marcia! Now that I’m back it feels like I left ages ago. I’m so pleased to have such great memories.

  13. Safe travels home! That is some boat.

    • Thank you! The trip back was long, but uneventful I am still fighting jet lag, and can’t wait to see an end to that!

  14. I hope your welcome home is wonderful!

    • Thank you! The trip back was long, but uneventful I am still fighting jet lag, and can’t wait to see an end to that!

  15. wow those are really slick and I’m sure fast and smooth, I think I rode something like that to Capri in an hour and the windows are huge!

    • There are some beautiful boats/yachts/ships wherever you go in the world!

  16. Hi Nancie, Yes, the solar vessel is a beauty indeed. It’s interesting to know that a large vessel can run solely on solar power. I hope it will inspire more vessels to use solar energy.
    I’m glad to hear you had a wonderful visit with friends and family. Have a safe trip back to Korea.

    • Hi Marisol…agree it would be nice to see more solar power being used. Hopefully, this vessel will be an inspiration.

  17. That boat is beautiful and “other worldly” looking! It also looks like you had great weather.

    • Hi Debbie, Yes the weather did cooperate, Before I arrived, it was cold and wet. I guess I was the good luck charm…haha.

  18. Nova Scotia is so beautiful when the sun shines, it would be very hard to leave. I’m glad you had a good visit and am looking forward to more of your pictures.

    Safe travels!!

    • And I was finally able to link up without problems this time!!

    • The day before I left was cold and gray, and the drive to the airport was foggy. That made the leave taking a little easier 🙂

  19. I am so happy that the weather went bad. It would be very hard to leave on a day when the weather was like that in your photos. The harbour is so incredibly beautiful- you are so lucky to call Halifax home.

    • We do have an awesome harbour, Jan! Leaving in the gray and fog did make it a little easier.

  20. Dark skies is something I’m used to. I guess you couldn’t have picked a better time to leave. That vessel is not an ordinary boat we see. Safe travels Nancie!

    • Hi Salika…Back in Daejeon now, and I haven’t seen blue sky since I arrived. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since the cloud cover helps to keeps the temps down a bit.

  21. I love harbours and waterfronts, and these are beautiful views. How interesting about the solar powered boat, as detailed in the linked artiicle. All the best for another semester in Korea…

    • Thanks, Andrew. Nothing beats the Halifax waterfront on a sunny day! Yes, another semester will soon be upon me, but thankfully not until September 1st!

  22. Love the second picture with the clouds!


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