Travel Photo Thursday– July 21, 2011– Boogie to the Music, Victoria Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. I have left Nova Scotia, and Korea, and I am now in Chiang Mai. I’m settled in here for the next five weeks working on a book project with a deadline that is looming.

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I was in Halifax’s Public Gardens on a glorious sun shiny day a few weeks ago and I could here this great music wafting in from outside. I decided to leave the Gardens and investigate. I didn’t have to go far. Across the street in Victoria Park a navy band was performing for free. The band was here performing in the Nova Scotia International Tattoo. The Tattoo has been happening in Nova Scotia every year since I can remember, attracting military bands from the around the world. During performance week various bands were giving free noon hour performances throughout the city. They played some great music for a about 45 minutes and were well received by the downtown lunchtime crowd.Just one more opportunity for this budget traveler to experience something uniquely Nova Scotian for FREE! Oh, that statue behind the band is Robbie Burns.

(Click on the photo for a larger version)

Boogie to the Music, Victoria Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo

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  1. Great to see this. Any public or street performance I’ll stop and listen to. A military band is just that more unique!

    • I’m with you there Jim. Nothing like a good street performance to make my day.

  2. Those white unis look great in the sun!

    • Don’t they though. I wouldn’t want to guess how much bleach gets used to keep them that white!

  3. I was just at Jim’s site and saw your link. I enjoy Jim’s travel photos and knew if he mentioned your link I was in for a treat.

    I agree nothing like a performance by a band dressed in uniform. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for dropping by Debbie, and come back anytime. Travel Photo Thursday happens every week.

  4. What a great collection today — Bands, markets, Mongolia and Penang.
    Have a great Thursday everyone!

    • Yes, fantastic photos today and a great cross-section representing our adventures around the globe.

  5. St. John’s has a Tattoo as well — always entertaining to see!

    • I didn’t know that St. John’s had one as well. I wonder if many of the same bands perform. Getting to the East coast is so expensive, that maybe a lot of them do both.

  6. Nice photo–I love free music too! And I love your title this week! 🙂

    • Thanks Michael! Good free music is a bonus on a hot sun shiny day anywhere.

  7. I love listening to the music of a tatoo.

    I have never understood the white uniform. I can’t imagine keeping it clean -but I guess that’s where the military discipline comes in.

    Great photo.

    • I with you Leigh…can’t imagine keeping those clean. I spent a summer in the naval reserves and I’ll tell you I never ironed or spit polished so much in my life. It was a full time job!

  8. Very nice. I like band music, used to listen to them when I was a kid.

    • I can never get bored with band music!

  9. How lucky to come across the band playing – especially on such a glorious day. Those are good times, aren’t they? Nice photo, Nancie!

    • It’s these “little finds” that make traveling so much fun!

  10. So next photo will be from Chiang Mai? 🙂

    • That’s a great idea. I’m busy working on a writing project, so haven’t had much time to get out with my camera. (boo hoo!)

  11. I love it when you unexpectedly come across free things like this. I agree with Michael, I really like the title for this post as well.

    • Thanks Laurel! I didn’t have tickets to the Tattoo, so it was a nice surprise to hear one of the bands perform.

  12. I just stumbled upon this site–great photo!

    • Thank you, and welcome!!

  13. How fun To stumble upon this event! I love when I find cool things like this- especially when it involves music!

  14. Sooooo cool! Seems like you stumbled across a fun event. I love when things like this happen too. 🙂

  15. Unexpected events like this are great. They seem to add that little something extra to your day!

  16. I think Mr. Burns is standing as if he reserving judgement on the band’s performance.

    • Yes, hard to say what he’s thinking with that stern face!

  17. Oops ! Too late this week but, I’ll see what I can squeeze in magic-wise for everyone !

  18. Nice shot: I like it!

  19. You help creating an album of travel memories. The bands look like the white clouds in parade, with their music wafting all over. It indeed provides a pleasure for pocket friendly travelers, as it is absolutely free to watch. Isn’t it amazing!

  20. People in uniform always look better :). I wanted to be a sailor, because it seemed great, but due to some training problems i was unable to fulfill their requirements. Great photo. thumbs up.


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