Travel Photo Thursday — July 18th, 2013 — Nova Scotia Coastal Moment’s

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. My time here in Nova Scotia is flying by, and this time next week I will back in Korea.  However, for now I am concentrating on being home and all that it has to offer. Not having Internet access at my Dad’s means that I can’t update the blog very often, but that’s not really a bad thing. I am loving the feeling of being  “semi-unplugged”, and it means that I will have lots to write in August when I am languishing in hot, humid Daejeon. For now, I will share a few of my favorite shots from my Nova Scotia adventure, with a promise of much more to come.

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I did manage to visit Peggy’s Cove in the sunshine!



untitled shoot-1355.jpg


Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia… Not as famous as Peggy’s Cove, but just as beautiful and well worth a visit if you are touring Nova Scotia’s South Shore.


untitled shoot-1756.jpg


untitled shoot-1722.jpg


Mahone Bay’s Churches from across the water…

untitled shoot-1588.jpg


Have you been to Nova Scotia? Do you have a favorite coastal view?




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  1. All your photos are so peaceful and scenic. I especially like the one of the churches from across the water. I have 4 days left in the USA before heading back to Malaysia. Houston weather and Penang weather are similar, so no change for me there.

    • Thanks, Michele! I have less than a week left in NS, and it is speeding by! Safe travels!

  2. I’ve never been to Nova Scotia but have always wanted to go so that I can witness its scenic beauty for myself. Great pics!

    • Thanks, Dana, and welcome to Travel Photo Thursday. Ours is a beautiful province, and if you like a laid back lifestyle it doesn’t get any better!

  3. I love these coastal shots, Nancie. I haven’t been to Nova Scotia yet but have been wanting to visit Peggy’s Cove. It looks so serene and seem like you have the coast all to youself. My favorite has to be the first shot. Have a wonderful few days left with your dad and safe travels back to Korea.

    • Thanks, Mary. If I had a dollar for everyone who wants to visit this beautiful province, I would be a millionaire 🙂 I do hope you get here sometime!

  4. I love Nova Scotia – especially spots that look like that first picture 🙂 Fun to see it again.

  5. What a beautiful area, never been to Nova Scotia, the light is dazzling. It’s interesting that we also have that same yellow type of algae growing in our area that is bright yellow in the daylight.

    • Hi Noel! That is interesting. The algae really adds to a photo.

  6. You come from a very beautiful part of the world Nancie – and so amazingly different from Korea. I think you are lucky to live in one and visit the other regularly.

    • Hi Jan! Yes, I am lucky and try not to take it for granted 🙂

  7. I’m hoping to visit Nova Scotia this fall. I love how some of these pictures look like they could have been taken any time in the past 100 years!

  8. Hi Hancie, those coastal views look lovely and peaceful. I love the calming blueness in the photos. You’re lucky to have so many beautiful sceneries in your hometown. I haven’t been to Nova Scotia but definitely like to visit someday. Have heard so many great things about it.
    Have a safe trip back to Korea.

    • Hi Marisol! Come visit! You will be welcome with open arms. 🙂

  9. Great shots. I have been to New Brunswick a couple of times for work and seen in the airport in Halifax, so I’ve had a small taste of the Maritimes. I look forward to exploring it one day!

    • Nova Scotia will welcome you with open arms 🙂 I don’t recommend visiting in the wintertime! Summer and fall are best. I’m not including spring, because it can be so cold and rainy.

  10. Well, I’ve been to Nova Scotia — and Peggy’s Cove — but never heard of Blue Rocks. Looks really lovely! Nice to get semi-unplugged for a while. The blog and social media will still be there in August. Enjoy time with your dad. That’s the most important thing.

    • Hi Cathy! Yes, I am enjoying my time away from the computer. I’ll be back at it all too soon!

  11. Nancie:

    I can smell the salt water and am salivating for another lobster roll.
    A visual feast when the sun is out.


    • Hi Leigh! I know what I’m having for lunch today. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit here!

  12. glorious! Another place to add to my destinations list!

  13. Nova Scotia looks so beautiful. I hope to visit one day! Looking forward to more of your travel photos, Nancie.

  14. Everything looks so relaxing… Beautiful place!

  15. These are just so peaceful! I can hear the silence in the pictures. The church picture is my favorite.

    • Thanks, Jessica. I have always loved the churches of Mahone Bay.

  16. Beautiful. Love the contrast the rocks and the water and the last shot of the reflection of the churches.
    I’m adding Blue Rocks to my list of places to see in NS. Thanks, Nancie!

    • Hi Marcia,

      Blue Rocks is a gorgeous spot! and overlooked by many.

  17. Travel, followed by house guests, doesn’t leave much time for armchair travel this week so am finally getting a quick visit back to your beautiful photos. We’ve never been to this area of the country, but your photos make me want to do so! You’ve captured tranquility.

    • Thanks, Jackie! Yes, summer can be busy in so many ways, but so much fun!

  18. Thanks for hosting, Nancie! This is my first linkup with Travel Photo Thursday and I am so excited to explore. I’m also putting Nova Scotia on my travel bucket list immediately 🙂

    • Welcome Amy! I’m glad you found us. You will never regret a visit to Nova Scotia!

  19. These photos are gorgeous too. I especially like the first photograph with the boats! I really want to get to Nova Scotia….


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