Travel Photo Thursday — July 12, 2012 — A Glimpse of Budapest

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Welcome to another week of  Travel Photo Thursday. I arrived back in Prague last night after spending four wonderful days in Budapest. The sun barely stopped shining, and the temperatures were off the charts. One day last week Budapest was the second hottest country in the world! If I remember correctly, they lost the dubious honor of “hottest city” to some place in Africa. I loved the city, and despite the heat, I made the most of my time there. I even managed to walk into the set of Bruce Willis’s Die Hard 5 film set twice!

For those of you who missed last weeks Travel Photo Thursday…The Eyes of Prague.

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Pest from the Buda side…

Pest from the Buda Side...Budapest, Hungary


Budapest’s Parliament…One of those unforgettable buildings!

Budapest's Parliament


On location…Bruce Willis’s Die Hard 5 being filmed in Budapest. Does anyone know who this woman is??

Filming Die Hard 5 in Budapest


Finally, a beautiful Budapest window…

A Budapest Window


I have lots more to share from both Budapest and Prague. A friend of mine arrived from Korea last night, and we’ll be traveling together for the next 12 days. Tomorrow it’s off to the spa town of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) to check out the spas!


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  1. Now that I’ve been to Prague, Budapest is next on my European wish list. Love the pics, Nancie. Don’t know who the actress is, but I think it was pretty cool that you got to see some of the filming.

  2. You’re making my travel list longer with these beautiful pictures of Budapest. That parliament building is stunning! How cool to have stumbled on to a movie set. I checked IMDB for you for the movie but couldn’t recognize her from the cast. Hope it gets a bit cooler in Prague for you. Have a great spa day.

    • Yes, the movie set was an added bonus. The parliament building is amazing!

  3. I stayed up for more than an hour by the river Danube waiting for sunset to take night pictures of the Parliament. It really is a wonderful building! Did you see Bruce Willis? How cool would that be!

    • I don’t think I saw Bruce, or if I did I didn’t know it was him:) Next time I’ll get my night shots of the parliament. I’m just starting to work on my night photography skills, and am still at the stage where a good shot is just luck…:)

  4. I didn’t know there will be a Die Hard 5 (^_^)
    The weather in Eastern Europe is becoming hotter year after year. And I think these weeks were the warmest in the last years…

    • I had no idea he was either! I’m back in Prague today, and it is sunny and very cool…amazing the temperature difference between here and Budapest.

  5. I loved Budapest and your pictures are so crystal clear. Mine are fuzzy. For one thing it was cloudy and for another–before digital!

  6. There’s really going to be a Die Hard 5? That’s awesome. Thanks for sharing your photos, the Parliament building is really beautiful.

  7. Love the architecture. Like Cathy, I’ve been to Prague, but not Budapest yet.

  8. Great shots, Nancie! The architecture is really stunning. Can’t wait to see what else you have to share.
    I didn’t realize there was going to be a DH5. Anyway, according to IMDb, that’s Julie Snigir. Not sure who the guy is though, but it’s not Bruce. Isn’t it neat to happen upon a movie being filmed?

    • Thanks! I had no idea who that was. I was told that Bruce was around for some of the day, but have no idea where or when. Later on, after the bridge, I walked into the middle of a scene that was just finishing up and thought I had walked into a real disaster…very strange. I ended up talking to one of the film crew who assured me that all was okay. It was this guy who told me that Bruce was around at some time during the day.

  9. Been hearing lots Of great things about Budapest lately. Now, with your gorgeous photos, I have more of an urge to hit that European city!

    As for stumbling upon movie filming, I was right in Marrakesh (Morocco) when Sex and the City 2 was being filmed. Too bad I couldn’t meet Sarah Jessica Parker, though my friends did get to see Charlotte 😉 hee hee

    • I think Sex and the City would have been a more fun set to stumble on. I’m not really a Bruce Willis fan. Budapest is a fantastic city; not too crowded and not overly expensive. Of course, the architecture is outstanding!

  10. I love the photo of the Parliament Buildings. A wide angle lens or just taken from a distance? I had no idea that part of Europe was in a heat wave. I think I’d melt.

    • Leigh…taken from a distance with my Tamron 19-270. That’s pretty much all I travel with these days. Well Prague is not in a heat wave. I don’t think it got above 20 here today, and when the wind came up it was chilly!

  11. My bucket list just got longer – thanks to your fabulous photos. So how hot was it, to nearly be the hottest place on earth?

    • Jackie, it was over 40cel.

  12. We’d love to visit Budapest! Seeing your photos – especially the one of the parliament building – makes me want to go even more.

    • The parliament building is amazing, and so is Budapest…lots to see!

  13. Great shots of a great city. I especially love the shot taken on the set!

  14. How fun! I had no idea they were filming Die Hard 5. I guess I stopped watching after the third 🙂 Either way, looks like fun. And the parliament building is seriously impressive!

  15. That orange door frame is amazing! Love the color so much! Great shot.

  16. Your pictures of Budapest are beautiful! I’ve unexpectedly run into movie filming before. It is kind of fun 🙂

  17. Loving your photos! One of my dream trips is to take a river cruise on the Danube between Vienna and Budapest. Some day!!

    • Lisa, seeing all the cruise boats on the Danube got me thinking that a cruise would be fun.

  18. Beautiful photos, Nancie. Your window shots are always lovely 🙂 I had no idea Budapest got so hot!

  19. Nice shots. Like the one along the river. “The Woman in The Red Dress” is the best guess I can make!

    • haha Dick! Good guess 🙂

  20. She certainly does look like a movie star, doesn’t she?

  21. Oh how I wish I could spend the next 12 days traveling!! Beautiful pictures!

  22. Nancie – these are so beautiful. Wow. I’m looking forward to more. LOTS more please!!

  23. Who would have ever thought that Budapest would get so hot?? We were in pretty hot temps last week where the heat index was 109!

    That is a great shot of the building as well – gorgeous!

  24. Fun to join everyone again this week. Thursdays always seem to creep up on me

  25. Great shot! The parliament looks so magnificent! 🙂


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