Travel Photo Thursday, January 27, 2011, A Room With a View

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Thursday has arrived in sunny Chaing Mai, and it’s time for TRAVEL PHOTO THURSDAY. To join in the fun simply post a photo on your blog. Return here and place your link in the Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post. Please remember to leave a comment after you link. Finally, if you have a few moments, visit the others who have linked. Perhaps you can give them a tweet, a stumble, or a comment on their TRAVEL PHOTO THURSDAY.

If you do tweet a shot, please use the hashtag #tpThursday.

Have you ever visited a temple, and wondered about the buildings, the unfamiliar objects and shapes? I know I have. Last Saturday I attended a talk by the author of “What’s What in a Wat”. Carol Stratton is an expert on Thai wats (temples) and she really gives new meaning to wandering around these beautiful places.

One thing she pointed out is that it is very auspicious for the main assembly hall (called the wihan) to be aligned on an east-west axis facing the morning sun. Before we had electricity the monks would open the doors of the wihan to welcome the morning light.

My shot for today’s Travel Photo Thursday isn’t of a Thai wat, but the view from my apartment at 6:45 am earlier this week. Since I face the east I get the gorgeous light of the rising sun…

Room With a View


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  1. Beautiful sunrise photo. It looks so warm and peaceful.

    • Cathy, It’s really nice to wake up to this every morning. Even nicer, since this is not even close to what I wake up to when I’m in Korea.

  2. Gives a lovely sense of early morning quiet…

  3. nice sunrise photo

  4. Amazing photo. The talk “What’s What in a Wat” also sounds really interesting. I lived in Thailand for 2 years and loved visiting temples. I was also surprised to learn that at a temple in Chang Rai, a small emerald Buddha was made out of Canadian jade. Being Canadian I found this very interesting, but wasn’t able to discover why Canadian jade as used.

    • That’s interesting, Laurel. I am going to Chiang Rai for the weekend. Hopefully I’ll get to visit the temple with the Canadian “connection”.

  5. Nancie,
    Great Photo Essay and I’m enjoying the Travel Photo Thursday. It keeps me out of trouble having a post to do that’s travel related. I get carried away with the photo stuff, sometimes.

  6. It looks so serene. Beautiful sunrise picture!

  7. Soooo romantic. A part of the world I still have to visit.

  8. Beautiful photo!

  9. Travel Photo Thursday looks like fun! I just linked a photo of the SS Klondike II up in Whitehorse, Canada. Hope you like it!

  10. Beautiful purples and pinks in that sky, Wow!

    • Mark…The sky has been like this every morning since I arrived. Love it!

  11. Hi all – So sorry about my link on #6 — used the wrong URL. #7 is my Travel Photo Thursday submission.

  12. aw very adorable pictures if don’t say breathtaking ones

  13. Yeah, I kind of like this idea. Gets me rattling though our old photo CD collection…revives the memories…I’m enjoying revisiting Mongolia because of all this!

    • It’s nice to go back and revisit places we’ve been, through our photos.

  14. I like the red sun shining through the trees. Looks like I’m a little late for Travel Photo Thursday, but here is our photo of the week: Bondi Beach, Australia.

    • Beautiful shot! I hope you’ll join us for next weeks Travel Photo Thursday!

  15. Your photo is fantastic. Thanks for joining Travel Photo Thursday.

  16. It is better to rise to the sun than to a pesky alarm clock!

  17. What a great idea Nancie… I’ll have to try and remember when Thursday’s roll around. It’s not so easy when school is out!

    • Michael, Looking forward to seeing one of your photos some Thursday soon :))

    • Would love to have you join the weekly fun!

  18. So true!

  19. I love visiting Buddhist temples, whether that’s in Thailand, Japan or Australia, where I last did so. Very interesting for me then, Nancie. And what a beautiful view that must have been to wake up to, with the tropical air floating in (hopefully without mosquitos), and the thought of going out to explore and photograph in the day.


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