Travel Photo Thursday — January 26, 2012 — Early Morning in Chiang Mai

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Welcome to another week of  Travel Photo Thursday. Yesterday was my last day in Chiang Mai, and I spent the day eating good Thai food, having a foot massage and saying so long to several friends. I am always a little sad when I leave CM, but I have just arrived in Madrid after an overnight flight from Bangkok. I am excited to be here, and have settled into my accommodation. Within the hour I will be out exploring!

Several mornings recently I managed to get myself up and out the door as the sun was still rising. I was rewarded with some great shots that could never have happened at any other time of the day. A few of my favorites are posted below.

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(To view a larger version click on the photos.)

Morning Alms, Thapae Gate Road…

Morning Alms, Thapae Gate Road


Garden Buddha…

Garden Buddha, Chiang Mai


Wat Chedi Luang…

Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Ringing the morning bell…Wat Chedi Luang…

Ringing the Bell, Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai


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  1. It really is worth getting up early for photography, isn’t it? The light is usually excellent and there’s hardly anyone about. You got some great ones. I especially like the monk ringing the morning bell. Look forward to seeing Madrid shots later 🙂

  2. A few more reasons to visit Chiang Mai.

    Mornings are so peaceful, so serene. I’ve gotten some really good shots in the morning.

    Can’t wait to see your Madrid photos.

  3. I love the colors on the Wat Chedi Luang photo… (^_^)

  4. I agree, morning is a great time. Nice to see people starting the day.

  5. So pretty! I can’t wait to go to Chiang Mai someday.

  6. Great shots. Like the one of the Garden Buddha, as well as the one of the temple.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I especially like the Garden Buddha. Have a great time in Madrid and looking forward to seeing those pictures.

  8. Loved these, although I’ll never rival you because I do not get up early.(no matter what my mind is telling me about how nice the light is!) I kept thinking–this is my favorite–no its this one–but the garden Buddha is really superb.
    Like Mary (just above) I’m doing Venice this week, although it is Sicily week at A Traveler’s Library.

  9. I’m not a morning person, but these are beautiful! Madrid sounds like fun too. How long will you stay there?

  10. I love your early morning shots; but chose the setting sun for our photos this week. Apologies to my fellow participants: we are sharing our Netbook with limited bursts of power so I haven’t been able to travel to all your postings. . .I will after we return home. I am curious, what type of computer do you all use when you travel? Pls email me at [email protected] Thanks.

  11. I really like how the sun is bathing Wat Chedi Luang in your picture. I do like waking early for the sunrise and posted a couple pictures last week on that same subject! I’m looking forward to reading about your Spain adventure.

  12. Oh Thailand – I will visit you one day! Gorgeous photos, love the composition

  13. It is always sad to leave the places and people we love even if we know we’ll be back sometime. Love you pics from the last morning in Chiang Mai. Can’t wait to hear about your Madrid adventures.

  14. Amazing buildings and love the tulips Great to join in again this week even late. It is still Thursday here.

  15. Gorgeous! Chiang Mai looks lovely. Wish I had went there while in Thailand.

  16. I’m hoping to get back to Chiang Mai very soon!

  17. Great photos! You make me miss Thailand!

  18. Such colorful and beautiful pictures. What an experience!


  19. The last one is my favourite

  20. Am joining again after some time 🙂 I’m a night person so it’s difficult for me to wake up in the morning. I did see the sunrise at Angkor Wat though. It’s nice to see ancient temples like these get softly lighted up with the early rays of the sun 🙂 Blog hopping in a while!

  21. I’ve just come to this post via the link in your latest one, Nancie. Some fascinating images here!

    • Thank you, Andrew! Chiang Mai is quite a different place early in the morning, and interesting to photograph.


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