Travel Photo Thursday — January 12, 2012, Sunrise Magic on Hua Hin Beach, Thailand

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Hua Hin Beach

Welcome to Hua Hin Beach and another week of Travel Photo Thursday.

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I’m a morning person, but sometimes when I’m traveling, I get lazy. I made myself get up for the sunrise a couple of times in Hua Hin, and I was not disappointed with the sunrise on the beach. Here are a few of the shots I captured.

The work day begins for this Thai fisherman and his trusty net. I would love to walk to work every morning greeted by this perfect act of nature!

Fisherman Walking, Hua Hin Beach


Fisherman, Hua Hin Beach


I love how the colors morph from orange to red as the sun makes its way above the horizon.


Sunrise Magic, Hua Hin, Beach


Monks receiving alms from the locals is a very common occurrence on Hua Hin Beach.

Monk Receiving Morning Alms on Hua Hin Beach


Hua Hin is located a short train ride from Bangkok, or affordable private taxis are also available. The town is home to the Royal’s summer home, and visitors can enjoy the town and the beach without a lot of the seediness you’ll find in many of the Thai beach towns. The beach is a walkers paradise and the further you walk along the sand from town the nicer it gets. There are lots of beach restaurants where you can grab a bite. The food is cheap and delicious. You can lounge on a sunbed for a couple of dollars a day. When you get bored, go for a swim in the refreshing water. Be sure to get up early if you want to experience the early morning magic of Hua Hin Beach.

Have you been to Hua Hin Beach? What did you think?

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  1. Oops. Looks like I pressed enter and now you have two links.

    What wonderful photos – though they’re making me jealous. Mostly I’m liking winter but when it’s got -25C in the forecast in the next week not so much and these photos just serve to remind that much of the world isn’t frozen for half the year.
    Definitely worth getting up for Nancie.

    • -25…too cold! I don’t miss those cold temps at all.

  2. Simply beautiful! It’s warming to see such photos during winter… (^_^)

  3. Those pinks and coral sunsets are the best- so pretty!

  4. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been up to watch the sunrise while on a trip…

    • There’s always next time, Denise 🙂

  5. Wow, those colors are gorgeous. Must have been a peaceful way to begin the day.

  6. These photos are so beautiful and vibrant, Nancie! Happy New Year to you, by the way. 🙂

  7. Absolutely gorgeous photos, Nancie. Getting up so early must have definitely been worth it. Looking out my window this morning, there’s snow as far as the eye can see. Beautiful that too, to be sure – but I wouldn’t mind twitching my nose and suddenly be on that Hua Hin beach right now.

  8. Gorgeous sunrise photos! What a wonderful way to start anyone’s day. I love how the monk’s robe almost matches the sun’s colors.

  9. Some awesome sunrises. Thanks for showing us these beauties and giving me hope for some springtime weather !

  10. Simply beautiful! I’m not a morning person, but I would get up early to see these sunrises and the monks receiving their alms.

  11. Really, really beautiful, Nancie! I love sunrise/sunset shots. So, what’s that in the second photo? Looks like the tail of a whale? — but they wouldn’t be that close to shore, right?

  12. I think a lot of people sleep in while traveling hence the abundance of sunset pictures! I’m a morning person too who sleeps in while traveling but after seeing these I am going to make more of an effort to see some sunrises 🙂

  13. That first shot is just wonderful, Nancie! Good job. And good job on getting up for sunrise – I’m not a morning person, but really love those early morning hours. . . when I can actually get myself out of bed. It’s such a great time of day for a photographer. You remind me of why I have to be better at it.

    As good as the beach sounds, I’m jealous that you are in Chiang Mai – I have such fond memories of that area from my short, short time there. Enjoy!

  14. Beautiful photos Nancie. We’ve arrived in Hawaii but our beach today is under a heavy cloud cover. . .no sun to be found, so I am enjoying your photos even more than usual! And I plan to take a trip later by looking at all the other participant photos as well.

  15. I love the middle photo with the couple waling down the beach and the buildings in the background towards the right…. but what is the obect sticking out of the water in the middle of the picture that looks like a too skinny out of place whale tail? Could it a post with some driftwaood behind it?

    • That’s a fisherman walking with his net over his shoulder.

  16. I love the sunrise pictures! Gorgeous. First time on TPThursday – thanks for allowing me the link back – going to add your link in my post now!


    • Welcome Becca! I love your beach shot.

  17. A stunning sunrise series, and the inclusion of the monk on his rounds makes sense, seeing as it’s Thailand!
    Keep having fun, Nancie!!!

    • Thanks Andrew! I am having a great time, and I don’t think that will anytime soon!

  18. Nice click !!I love sunrise pics

  19. Well worth getting up early for those great shots. Unfortunately, I miss a lot of pretty sunrises since I’m not a morning person.

  20. I love the first and third picture!


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