Travel Photo Thursday — February 9th, 2012 — Granada’s Alhambra From A Distance

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. I left Madrid on Monday evening, and I’m now in beautiful Granada. I’ve spent the last couple of days exploring, and today I’ll be visiting the famous Alhambra, including the Nazaries Palace.

Today’s shot is the Alhambra from a distance.

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Granada’s Alhambra

(As always, you can click on the photo to view a larger version.)

Alhambra in Granada (from a distance)


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  1. Absolutely beautiful shot! I have been longing to visit this place. I like this perspective and is different from the usual Alhambra pictures. Safe Travels!

  2. Ah, the Alhambra! Can’t wait to see your pics from visiting there, too. I’ve only seen the Alhambra in photos — so far. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful travel experience.

  3. Looks very imposing from a distance, the Alhambra. I haven’t been there yet, but it tops my Spain list. I once saw a televised Loreena McKennitt concert from the Alhambra (she’s Canadian, I think), and I wish she would do another one there. Such excellent acoustics and atmosphere.

  4. Gee, finally made it back here. Hey, cool shot of the Alhambra. Memories of our visit 10 years ago. One of those places that should be up top of the list!

  5. Love your Travel Photo Thursday. Have to see what I can dig up. Way behind in downloading and developing but your Alhambra photo may just motivate me tro find a flower, or something, for you !

  6. once again, beautiful shot

  7. Ah, beautiful! Lovely shot, LadyE.
    The mere mention of the words Alhambra and Granada or a view of a photo give me goose bumps. I hear the voice of my high school Spanish teacher talking about the Granada and the Alhambra. It’s high on my list of places to visit.

  8. I love the colors!

  9. Great shot Nancie. Did you do a guided tour or head off to explore that magnificent structure on your own. I love that place when it’s lit up at night – and all the history that goes with it. Hope you’re enjoying your travels – and the dining at 9pm.

    • Leigh, I headed off on my own with a rented audio guide, which I found to be excellent. I’m enjoying Spain a lot, except it is colder than I expected. I generally eat a late lunch, and don’t do much evening dining. If it was warmer I probably would, but once I get back to my room, knowing how cold it is outside, is hard for me to move again…haha.

  10. What a gorgeous shot. I can’t believe I was in SPain TWICE and have yet made it to Andalucía & Alhambra. It is a must next time I visit Spain! Specially with my Arab culture obsession =D

  11. Love the clouds in the picture. I think I need to spend some time in Spain 🙂

  12. I can also claim two trips to Spain and not yet seeing the Alhambra. Third time’s a charm they say. Love this photo.

  13. Going there this summer – hotel (inside the Alhambra!) is already booked! Can’t wait!

  14. Yet another place on my list!

  15. I love this picture! It looks very medieval and scary but intriguing all at the same time.

  16. What a great shot! I love the imposing nature of the sky against the castle.

  17. Great shot – Visiting the Alhambra has been on my wish list for a long time!

  18. This is great, as it provides a very different view of this famous place. All the best, Nancie — or as you’re in Spain, ¡Muchos saludos!

  19. Oh my, the Alhambra is one of my favorite places in the world! I hope you’ll take advantage of both the daytime and the night time tours. It is like a different world at night. That’s a great shot.

    • Vera, I didn’t stay up after dark. It was so cold yesterday. I was there from 9am to after 4pm and needed some heat 🙂 I loved every moment and next time I will definitely see it at night.

  20. Nice Photo! Very High on my list of places I want to go see. I’ve been to spain before but not yet there.

  21. There are so many amazing photos this week. I’m going to have to step up my game….

  22. Great perspective as always, Nancie! I’ve featured a blog titled, “Through Alhambra’s Gate of Judgement to a Personal Chahar Bagh.” Hope this resonates with you! -Meg

  23. Spain was on my “bucket list” when planning my last trip to Europe in 2009. Alas, it was too far off my beaten path. Hope to get there next time.

  24. Great shot! You really captured the spirit of the Alhambra. I hope I can drop by the place again.


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