Travel Photo Thursday — February 28th, 2013 — Chinese New Year Fun in Chiang Mai

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. I cannot believe that another month has almost passed us by! This week I traveled from Chiang Mai back to Korea. I am officially back to the land of the “winter woolies” …brrrr, and being pulled in many directions. The new semester starts on Monday, so lots to do. Tomorrow we welcome our Freshman class of 2013. All of those young, eager little minds are just thirsting for knowledge 🙂  However, that can wait for tomorrow.
Right now I want to share a couple of shots from Chinese New Years Day in Chiang Mai. These were taken at Thapae Gate just prior to start of the parade.

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This little guy was mesmerized by what was happening…


Chinese New Years in Chiang Mai 2013


This is what he was watching. Maybe not the best photo, but I wanted you to see how far off the ground the top of the pole actually was. I wondered where mom was. I can’t imagine letting a kid be hoisted up a pole that far off the ground!

Look Up...Way Up



And finally, a dragon dance at the top of the pole…


Dragon Dance


This all happened prior to the parade, and was great fun to watch!


Traveler’s Tip…

Chiang Mai has a large Chinese community, and they go all out for Chinese New Year. In addition to the parade, there’s a variety of entertainment throughout the weekend. Of course, there is no end to the delicious food you can sample. Check your lunar calendar for next years dates. I’ll probably see you there!




Just in case you missed last week’s Travel Photo Thursday.


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  1. Oh, that poor boy on top of the pole! Being on that pole looks scary and it’s not even on the ground. The dragon dance looks wonderful. It looks like a great Chinese New Year celebration! Have a great school year ahead and wishing you warmer days soon.

    • Hi Mary…The boy loved every minute of it. He acted like he was fearless. I have been corrected about the dance…lion dance; not dragon 🙂

  2. Wow this is amazing! so high up! I wonder if that is his Dad reaching up the pole. I love watching lion dances and dragon dances, but I have never seen them up a pole like this. I love the colour, noise, movement and theatre of these dances. Fabulous shots. I particularly love the shot of the little boy watching. This is my sort of candid photography – it tells a story.
    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in Travel Photo Thursday. Sounds like you need to rug up in Korea.

    • Hi Jill…Yes, much colder here than Chiang Mai. Thankfully the sun has been shining since I arrived back, and it is slowly warming up. Actually, I think this is lion dance…I should do a little edit on the post 🙂

  3. The photo of the little boy in his mother’s arms is so beautiful and the dragon dance on a pole is very descriptive. It would have been great to be there.

    • Jan, This is a great parade because it is not very crowded, and there is so much going on.

  4. If I was a parent I would certainly be holding my breath – but I wouldn’t want my child at the top of a pole without a trampoline t break the fall. Great set of photos.

    • My child would not have been up there either. In typical boy fashion, he enjoyed every moment!

    • I’m with you there, Leigh. Thankfully, he made it up and down without an accident.

  5. Hello, what gorgeous, lush photos, I would love to know how you took the shots and about filters etc etc

    I jut read about this linky on Zigazag. I’m linking some photos from a trip out of Sydney recently, which I posted yesterday. Do you mind a post from a different day??

    • Hi Seana, Welcome! It is perfectly okay to post from a different day…totally up to yourself.

      Thanks for your kind words. I shoot mostly RAW and most of my editing is done in Lightroom. This is a recent change for me, and I am still finding my way around the program.

  6. That boy is up high indeed! And I’m also amazed that the pole isn’t firmly planted in the ground but looks like it’s on the back of a truck trailer. I’m both sad and glad that Chinese New Year is over here. For the 15 day celebration, fireworks were constantly waking up my kids at night.

    • Hi Michele, The celebrations in CM usually last about 3 days. The fire crackers this year weren’t too bad.

  7. There’s always so much color in the photos you take in Asia — the festivals and celebrations are so vibrant. Great shots – the dragon dance at the top of the pole reminded me of the human castles in Catalonia. A young kid would climb way up to the top. Amazing.

  8. I love that very first picture of that little boy. It is such a sweet portrait.

  9. Happy Lunar New Year, Nancie.
    Good luck and have fun with your 2013 freshmen!

  10. Oh, I love that first picture, and in combination with the pole picture, it indeed tells an exciting–if scary story. You’ve had enough fun, Nancie–back to work.

  11. The first photo is really beautiful

  12. Top shot is definitely a winner. And I bet that kid had a great time climbing up there!

  13. WOW, I’m impressed!

  14. Looks like fun. Sorry you have to return to wintery weather, but I’m sure you’ll find plenty of interesting things going on!

  15. Our daughter is Chinese, and I hope we can visit China to experience Chinese New Year one day. She’s not quite old enough to appreciate it yet. I’ll share these photos with her after school today, because she loves learning her heritage.

  16. Love the look of that little guy watching the parade! The one on top of the pole though – I got all shivery just thinking about him up there! Good luck with the new school year!

  17. The excitement of the parade gave you those expressions on the faces that you’ve captured so nicely, Nancie! I remember those first days of semester so well. They’re on best behaviour because they haven’t got you figured out yet!

    PS. I’ve mentioned this post of yours in the first post on my new second blog on my website, as well as linking to my photoblog.

  18. I want to travel to China so badly. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  19. That pole is pretty high, but if they’re trained lion dancers (I think that’s actually a lion) they would have done this 100’s of times before in practice. Also, for what little comfort it provides, it looks like all the people in the bed of the truck are ready to catch them if anything goes wrong – or at least break the fall! 😉

  20. Love the picture of the little boy and his mother! I can see why everyone was so interested in the parade.

  21. Loved the little one – they can tell the story with their eyes, can’t they. Have a good school term ahead. . .as you said, where did the time go?

  22. I was shocked with the kid on top of a pole, especially the one wearing that dragon costume.


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