Travel Photo Thursday — February 23, 2012 — An “Arched” View at the Plaza de Espana, Seville, Spain

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. After Eighteen hours in the air plus eleven hours in buses, and did I mention FIVE airport security checks, I am now back in Daejeon getting ready for a new semester. The jet lag is slowly leaving and I am starting to sort through the winter photos. As always, some I love immediately and others I look at and think…WHY!!?

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This weeks shot is one of the two identical towers at the Plaza de Espana in Seville. Taken through an arched window in the main building, I love how the arch sets off the tower perfectly. (Remember, you can click on the photo for a larger version.)

Plaza de Espana

The Plaza de Espana is on one of Seville’s prime attractions, frequented by both residents and tourist on warm, sunny days. Both the plaza and the Maria Luisa Park, where it is located, were built for the 1929 World’s Fair in Seville, the Exposicion Ibero-Americana.

Both the park and the plaza are free of charge. What more can a budget traveler ask for, right? Exploring the plaza with your camera, or simply wiling away some time basking in the sunshine, it is easy to enjoy a few hours in the Plaza de Espana and the Parque de Maria Luisa.

Want to know more? Check out the links below.

Plaza de Espana (Seville)
Parque de Maria Luisa


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  1. Another gorgeous photo of a gorgeous city! :0

  2. Ah, I was just in Spain too- and now suffering from an awful jet-lag 28 hours transit! Love your photo, makes me want to bear it all again and get back to spain!

  3. So gorgeous! You are making me want to add Seville to our trip to Europe this fall.

  4. I love Spain! Your photos make me long to go back.

    • I would go back in a nano second. I want to eat more olives!! and drink more Spanish wine!! 🙂

  5. I love the composition of this picture and what a beautiful building. You’re making me want to visit the other parts of Spain we missed. That is one long journey for you so I hope you’re back to your normal routine soon.

  6. Only five airport security checks? But, just think of the gigabytes of memories you got to smuggle back with you and not have to be lugging canisters full of film back!

    • haha Mike! That’s one way to look at it 🙂

  7. Really like this view, Nancie. Looks a bit mysterious seen through the arched window.

  8. beautifully framed

  9. Wow, I love that shot! I always like to shoot through doorways, particularly archways, from inside. One always gets shots like these. Love them =)

  10. I have not yet made it to Spain. I really want to. Your photo is one of the reasons why. The architecture looks amazing!

  11. You’ve taken me right back to Seville with that shot. It is so appropriate to shoot Andalusian architecture through arches, since arches are everywhere.

  12. We all seem to have Spain on the Brain today. . .mine is close. We’ve enjoyed following along on your travels, Nancie!

    • Jackie, I can’t wait to enjoy your Spanish adventures!

  13. Nice shot! Again, I really like that you shot it through something else. Was it a window last week? Really gives it something extra. 18 hours on a plane and 11 on a bus? Yikes! That sounds like a looooong trip.

    • Yes, it was LONG!!

      Last weeks shot was through wrought iron.

  14. I love the way you took this picture through the arched window. It is a great shot of a very beautiful building!

  15. I loved the energy of that plaza. Very nice shot Nanci and hope you’re fully recovered from jetlag by the weekend.
    Sometime you have to wonder why we put ourselves through these travel ordeals – 11 hours by bus sounds brutal.

    • Yes, but the bus was a little over 20 Euros and the train was over 100!

  16. Beautifully framed! Thanks for the link up!

  17. Beautiful — I love the effect of the arch, too. also the shadows.

  18. I always look forward to Photo Travel Thursdays! Thanks again, Nancie! I have submitted this photo from Quebec

  19. Great Framing! nice photo overall.

  20. I expect Spain was worth all of the hassles of traveling there and back! I never seem to mind the travel to my destination but the traveling home always seems to be annoying. I love the shot! We have never been to Spain but would like to visit soon. I probably would have picked Barcelona or Madrid as spots to visit, however, I now think Seville looks beautiful too.

    • Yes Lisa, it definitely was!

  21. Nice shot of Plaza de Espana! Seville is a great place to visit.

  22. Stunning photo. Seville is full of tonnes of sites like this, all waiting to be captured in the lens!

    • Thank you! Seville is a photographers paradise.


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