Travel Photo Thursday — February 16, 2012 — Seville’s Alcazar– A Delightful Garden

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. I arrived in Seville from Granada by train on Saturday the 11th. The ride down was lovely. I have never seen so many olive trees in my life! Seville is a lovely city, and one that I can see myself returning to. I have visited the major attractions, gone on an amazing tapas tour, and tonight I’ll be seeing a flamenco show; can’t wait. Tomorrow I am spending the morning learning to cook Spanish food; can’t wait!

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Choosing a shot for this week’s Travel Photo Thursday was not easy. This shot, taken at Seville’s Alcazar (Royal Palace), is one of my favorite shots of the week. As always, click on the photo to go to a larger version.

Imagine yourself sitting in the beautifully tiled alcove with the sun streaming in, and the beautiful gardens beyond the wrought iron beckoning…

Seville's Alcazar ...Gazing out into the Garden

Spending a day at the Alcazar is not difficult to do. Hours seem to fly wandering around the beautiful buildings and gardens. You can even book a tour to view the living quarters of the current Spanish monarchy. This is their official residence in Seville. There is no cafe, so if you think you will spend more than a few hours, you may want to bring at least some water.

This really is an inexpensive outing for budget travelers. The cost of a basic ticket is 8 Euros. If you add audio, and a guided tour of the upper rooms your total will still only be 14 Euros. I highly recommend the audio guide. Although, there are English explanations in each room, the guide provides a lot more detail and history. These details made the visit much more interesting for me.

Official website in Spanish (Google translator will help.)

Le Real Alcazar de Sevilla



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  1. Love the colours in this shot, Nancie.

  2. How great for you to be enjoying a flamenco show and a Spanish cooking class. It sounds so fun! I love this shot. It looks so peaceful and a nice little window into the garden. I would love to have this little alcove in my backyard.

  3. Beautiful shot, as usual. And, OOPS I don’t know how to delete that #3 entry; it’s an old one. #4 is my submission for this week. Gomen nasai !

  4. Beautiful and serene. This shot made me feel like I should whisper.
    I’d love to see the official residence.

  5. That gorgeous color captures the romantic essence of the Alcazar. But no restaurant? Say it isn’t so! When we were there, we sat and zipped our cold drinks and recovered from the walk at a beautiful garden restaurant just before you enter the official part of the tour. It must be closed. How sad.

  6. Sounds like a lovely place. I loved southern Spain but unfortunately didn’t get to Seville. Your description makes me want to go back even more!

  7. I’m so saddened that I could not get to Seville the 2 times I visited Spain. I must see this beautiful region on my next trip for sure! Gorgeous shot btw, love the vibrancy of its colors

  8. Fantastic colours – very warm and inviting looking photo.
    I was surprised at how many olive tress there were in Spain too and as it turns out they are the number one producer of olive oil in the world – followed by Italy and Greece.
    Sounds like you’re doing all sorts of interesting things – and the cooking class sounds especially fun.

  9. As I was preparing my post for TP Thursday, I was making myself homesick for Spain. . .and then I saw your photo. Absolutely beautiful shot. And I am absolutely ready to return!!

  10. I thought my post was making me ‘homesick’ for Spain, but seeing your photo nailed it. Great shot. It’s time to return. . .

  11. I can see for your photos that I definitely must visit Spain.

  12. Looks like a great place to hang out with a book or just enjoy the view. I love pictures out of windows!

  13. Just beautiful — colors, framing, shadows! Love it.

  14. Such wonderful warm colors. A perfect shot for a winter day.

  15. Great shot, Nancie! I love Sevilla–one of my favorite places in the world. 🙂

  16. Gorgeous Photo. Very well exposed and nice composition.

  17. Fantastic photo!! It seems to be the perfect place to spend a coulpe of hours relaxing and reading a romance!!

  18. The colours of this photo are fantastic! Seems to be in a fairy tale! I simply love it!

  19. Your whole expreience in Seville sounds wonderful, Nancie! What a beautiful image. Very easy for the viewer to imagine walking right into it, with those lovely colours and the perspective. You’re in Spain, so I’ll finish by saying, ¡Muchos saludos desde Santiago de Chile!

  20. Beautiful! I’m also in Spain at the moment, but am in Catalonia and won’t be making it to Seville this time around.

  21. Great meeting you, Nancie. Hope you come back soon!


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