Travel Photo Thursday — Feb. 20, 2014 — Hill Tribe Beauty in Chiang Mai

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Here we are for the 165th week of Travel Photo Thursday. I arrived back in Korea on Tuesday morning at 6:30am. A 3 hour bus trip got me into Daejeon around 10:30am. Getting used to 7 degree temps (that’s celsius) is a challenge! Thailand has a large population of indigenous people living in the mountainous north. Although there is more than one ethnic group, as a whole, they are referred to as the “hill tribes”. They are all well known for their beautiful textiles, and from these textiles the tribes produce beautiful traditional costumes. There is always a large contingent of hill tribe people involved in the Chiang Mai Flower Festival. Today I am sharing some of my favorite shots, showcasing their beautiful traditional costume

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Beautiful Hill Tribe dancers and costumes….

Beautiful Hill Tribe Costumes

Beautiful Hill Tribe Costumes


Isn’t she stunning in her traditional costume?


Hill Tribe Portrait


Love the colors and the bead work…


Young Hill Tribe Dancers


The men look so handsome in their outfits! I can only imagine the work that went into attaching all those beads.




The traditional hats are beyond gorgeous!



Hill Tribe Head Gear


Non-stop energy as they dance the parade route!


Hill Tribe Dancers


Traveler’s Tip

Chiang Mai’s Flower Festival is one of the best opportunities to see these beautiful Hill Tribe costumes. Remember, that parade is held in February, either the first or the second weekend.



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  1. Glad you’re home, Nancie! I can’t get over how beautiful those costumes are. They’re so colorful and the details on those bead work are just exquisite. It is interesting to think how long it took them to do all that intricate work. That is some dedication and patience. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures from this parade.

    • Hi Mary! Thanks for the welcome back! I have to say the colder weather is not treating my skin well. It’s amazing how quickly the moisture disappears. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I learned a little more about the bead work when I was in Mae Hong Seon, and that is another post 🙂

  2. Beautiful costumes, indeed. I especially like the two girls in blue, they’re so cute!
    Thank you for all the photos from this festival.

    • Hi! Yes they were so pretty, and loved having their photo taken.

  3. While another wonderful adventure comes to an end, what wonderful memories and photos you brought back with you. These photos are absolutely superb, Nancie. The faces are portraits – beautiful portraits.

    • Thanks, Jackie! I was pleased the these turned out so well. As you know, taking photos in crowds can be a challenge!

  4. What stunning costumes! I’m imagining the hours of work that have gone into them. The girls are beautiful and obviously so proud. The Flower Festival is obviously one not to be missed

    • Hi Jenny! If you ever have the opportunity to be in CM at flower festival time, don’t miss it!

  5. So beautiful and colorful, love your photos!

    • Thanks, Catherine. I’m so glad you enjoyed them. And thanks for linking up this week.

  6. What beauties in the second and third photos – and what colour in their outfits. It sounds like a bit of a rude awakening heading back to Korea – but in a few weeks I’ll probably be seeing spring blossoms on your website.

    • Hi Leigh Yes, a real shock indeed. My skin has literally dried out over night. Woke up this morning to my arms covered with blood. I must have scratched all night…ugh! It is the moisturizer for me, non-stop.
      Yes, can’t wait for the spring blooms. Must plan a cherry blossom trip 🙂

  7. I would love to see this in person, and the flower festival seems like a beautiful time of year to experience the region! Love your vibrant photos!

    • December and January are great months to visit Chiang Mai. It’s cool at night, so you can sleep with just the windows open, no A/c. Then, days are sunny and warm. I didn’t see a drop of rain the whole time I was there!

  8. Welcome home Nancie! Gosh these costumes are colourful, and how intricate. The hours and hours of work that’s gone in to make them is a little mind boggling. People have such patience (not me though!).

    • Hi Johanna, and thanks! I would never have the patience for this bead work either! I admire the ladies for their patience.

  9. I especially like their hats. Their outfits are so colorful and intricate. Yes, I do bet that it must take a long time to do all that beadwork. I hope you adjust quickly to the cold.

    • Hi Michele! I have the woolies on! Nothing like going to bed in layers…haha. All the bead work is done by hand, so I an only imagine how long it takes; definitely a commitment.

  10. Those are way fancy dress-up duds!

    • Hi Dick! I want some, too! 🙂

  11. High Nancie, lovely photos as usual. The people and their costumes are just gorgeous!

    • Hi Rachel! Thanks you, and nice to see you here again this week.

  12. Gorgeous photos. It brings me back to the time I was climbing the mountain where the hill tribes lived. It was a sweaty, but wonderful time! Love the shots!

    • Hi Corinne…Welcome to Travel Photo Thursday. I’m glad you like the photos!

  13. Very beautiful costumes, though some of the women’s head gear do look a bit heavy – and hot. Looks like Chiang Mai is the place to be in otherwise grey, dreary February.

    • Hi Sophie! Nothing but sunshine in Chiang Mai in February and beautiful flowers!

  14. Wow, these are magnificent photos!


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