Travel Photo Thursday — December 15, 2011 — Psst, Santa..Look Who’s In Korea

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. Most of the blog problems seem to have been solved…whew. I have moved from Hostgator to Ipages, and fingers crossed that this will be a happy partnership. Today was the last day of the semester. The marks have been submitted and I have bid the students a fond farewell.

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Now it’s time to get the suitcase packed and head to the airport. Someone special is here helping me out….the most famous reindeer of all….

YES!….Rudolph and not just any Rudolph. He’s been in my family for 64 years; my oldest brother’s first Christmas, and he still plays that famous song!


Guarding my suitcase… (It will never get lost on the baggage carousel!)

Psst..Santa...Rudolph is in Korea ,...

and finally…the beautiful Indy, who is going to the sitters tomorrow. She know’s something is going on and is none too happy….



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  1. Love Rudolph – it’s so nice to keep special childhood toys like that. It’s funny how cat’s know when something is up that they don’t like – our cat gets edgy as soon as the suitcases appear – she’ll even climb inside them if they are left open – as if that’s going to keep her from getting left behind!

  2. Rudolph has arrived to remind you that you’re almost away on holiday. All the best!

  3. Love the cat. Named after Indiana Jones, is she? A proper explorer kitty?

  4. Now, that’s a proper Rudolph worthy of Santa’s choice. And good luck with your new relationship with iPages.

  5. Wow ! A toy that’s older than me (by a few months) and still works ? That’s amazing !

  6. That’s a scary looking toy! And a sweet cat.
    My thoughts are turning to sunshine holidays in Italy…

  7. You must be feeling pretty good right now. Poor kitty – they know all too well what’s up.
    And that’s one ugly Rudolph – so ugly it’s cute. Nice history though.

  8. That cat has the most beautiful coloring! Fascinating history… like I usually say here- I never knew that! haha

  9. Rudolf is still playing the song after 64 years?! Now that’s quality…

  10. So cute! I love how vibrant your photos are. 🙂

  11. Where are you off to? I am going back home for the last time in I don’t know how long.

  12. Indy is so beautiful. Yes, they always know…

  13. Wow, Rudolph is quite a keepsake and so great to still be around and working. I hope Indy fares well away from you.

  14. Happy Holidays to you, Rudoloph, and Indy!

  15. How cute is that! The old toys are the best, aren’t they? We have a Santa that belonged to my 50-year-old son when he was one year old.

    Have a wonderful trip and Merry Christmas.

  16. Christmas is a time for memories and how many does that cute little Rudolph have tucked away behind that nose?! Happy travels to you and Merry Christmas!

  17. I love Rudolph – 64 years is a long time! I have my grandfather’s teddy bear which has been in the family a long time as well and it’s one of my most treasured possessions. I feel for you and your cat. I have 2 cats and they hate vacation time as well.

  18. So can you just hop on Rudolph’s back and fly away – avoiding both airport security and the holiday crush?

    Can’t wait to see and hear about wherever it is that you are off to!

  19. Sixty-four years? Wow, lots of fond memories I’m sure. He’s in very good condition.

  20. How cool to have such a keepsake. I’ve still got the Christmas stocking that a neighbor made for me when I was a year old — and that was quite a while ago.

  21. 64 years? wow. It doesn’t look so old 🙂

  22. Rudolph seems to be in pretty good shape with his red nose still shining and all 🙂 as for the cat, I bet she’ll be much happier after the flight ends.

  23. Lovely picture of Rudolph – fun


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