Travel Photo Thursday, August 4, 2011 — Days End, Wat Bupparam Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. I’m here in Chiang Mai, my home away from home, where the rain came down in buckets for the last few days (all China’s fault!), but blue skies have returned.

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Wat Bupparam, Thapae Gate Road, Chiang Mai

This is Wat Bupparam on Thapae Gate Road here in Chaing Mai. Six months ago I could not take this photo. Why? WIRES EVERYWHERE…but now the wires have been buried! (Yes, I did a jig!) Architecturally I love this Wat. I could stand/sit and look at it for hours. There’s also what I consider a few quirky things going on here. If you’re ever in Chiang Mai, don’t miss a stroll around the grounds. Donald Duck and his friends hang out here!

I’m back to my book project. The deadline is looming, and I’m starting to get a little frantic…deep breaths here….OMMMMM

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  1. Beautiful shot and I wish you could get the whole world to bury all the blasted wires !

  2. Agree. And no matter what Wat they’re all worth admiring and photographing! Love them.

  3. I had to Google the Donald Duck reference. He seems a bit out of place!

  4. So were the wires really buried or Photoshop CS5 allowed you to bury them

    Nice to visit a country virtual that I will not visit physically in this lifetime

    Come post your link

    • Hi Eileen… The wires are for real buried. I knew there was something different the first time I walked down the street this time, and it was on my second walk that I realized……..NO WIRES. This has happened since January (last time I was here).

  5. Love the soft colour of the sky and the orange tiles on the roof.
    If it’s been raining so hard the humidity must be crazy – how do you stand that???
    Good luck on getting your book done on time – and what is is about Donald Duck??

  6. Oh, I love Thai architecture too…

  7. A beautiful temple indeed! Thailand has such fascinating architecture. But what’s the Donald Duck connection?

  8. Lovely!

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed Chiang Mai when I was there a couple of weeks ago, and this Wat was one of the highlights….nice shot!

  10. Love how the Wat and palm tree pop in the light. Good luck on the book, too!

  11. I’m glad that the wires have been buried so that you could take this photo. Beautiful place, beautifully shot!

  12. What a beautiful temple! It’s wonderful that they buried the wires too!

  13. I honestly was kind of surprised that the wires had been buried there because there are so many places in rich countries like the U.S. that still have lots of wires above ground! That’s fantastic that the wires were buried, especially since you can get such a view of this beautiful wat!

  14. I love the warmth of this photo – beautifully framed with the tree.


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