Travel Photo Thursday, August 25, 2011 — Riding the Wave in Nova Scotia

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. I’m still adjusting to life back at home base in Daejeon. The book project is still on the go. Another two chapters were added, and another week of writing. Barely enough time to post Travel Photo Thursday. By this time next week I’ll be moaning that I have nothing to do. Then, no excuses for not posting my summer adventures!

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“The Wave” has been a fixture on Halifax’s waterfront boardwalk since I can remember, and not without it’s controversy. Hard to believe, that no person has ever fallen on their head off of this thing. That’s been the fear of many. Of course, the city council has had a concrete block installed at the base, which reads: FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION DO NOT CLIMB.

And for the budget traveler….There’s no charge for gazing or climbing…

(Click on the photo to view a larger version.)

Halifax's Wave

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  1. Very interesting structure for a kids playground!

    • Hi Jim,
      This isn’t supposed to be a playground. The sculpture was commissioned by the city many years ago. They wanted something that represented the city, and since we are on the North Atlantic “The Wave” won the day. Since then,it has always been controversial because of kid (and adults) climbing it. (But definitely not a playground.)

  2. Haha that’s funny, because here in Switzerland, many playgrounds have some weird and high bits, and I’m always worried that a kid will fall and break his neck! I mean, I’ve seen one which is like three metres high and kids climb up a net of ropes to reach the top!

  3. Great composition, very dynamic.

  4. What a great sculpture.

  5. Loved the wave in Halifax, and my kids loved it even more. Warning or not, it’s just asking to be climbed…

  6. Beautiful picture – I love the life of it, from the attitude of the kids to their colorful shirts

  7. Oh wow just saw Jim’s comment. It totally now looks like a playground. Digging the hue and saturation of the photo!

  8. Love it. Did they really think kids would obey the sign ? It is a cool composition and you had some awesome blue skies to shoot under. Hope you’ere enjoying sunny days back in Korea.

  9. That wave is just asking to be climbed. If it was a playground in this day and age there would be no hard bits to fall on and there would be a handrail on top – and then it wouldn’t be a wave. Looks like a perfect summer day in Halifax.

  10. When of my fondest playground memories was when someone fell off the top of a slide and broke his arm. That someone’s was a neighbour’s dad — the kid was fine. :_

  11. I want to climb it. I would and take the kids with me. Probably do the “I’m King of the world!” pose at the top too.

  12. What a fun sculpture to play on! I love all the little kids. 🙂

  13. Looks like so much fun, I can see why kids love it and glad that the controversy has not impacted it.

  14. As soon as I saw your photo, I thought,’Man, I’d love to skateboard on that.’

    And then, I thought of this quote by photographer C.R. Stecyk in which he was discussing skateboarding in the 1970s: “Two hundred years of American technology has unwittingly created a massive cement playground of unlimited potential. But it was the minds of 11 year olds that could see that potential.”

    I love that those kids in the picture can see the full potential of this art piece. Nice shot!

  15. Great action in the shot! It does look like fun, but a little dangerous.

  16. Would love to climb the wave! I love art that you can interact with. Have you been to Chicago’s Millennium Park? The best part of the whole park is watching the kids (and adults!) play in the fountain. It really brings the place to life!

  17. Looks like a fun thing for a playground
    Come by and post your link for Photo Thursday here

  18. Looks super fun- but I wonder how safe it is if it gets wet?! slippery!

  19. I was being facetious about it Nancie.
    BTW once again I see my link has taken . So have done it again. Can you check and let me know if it doesn’t show up thanks.

    • Jim….I thought maybe you were 🙂

      The computer gremlins left your link alone this time. It’s there!

  20. Cool sculpture that wouldn’t last one second past the first law suit in the good ole U.S. of A.

  21. Taken from just the right angle. For me that would be a hard subject to get it right

  22. I’m thinking it’s because I am across here so quickly each time Nancie. Because if I come back later there is no problem. It’s because we Kiwis are up ouit of bed so early and quick!

  23. This really made me smile. 🙂 Cool sculpture!


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