Travel Photo Thursday — August 22nd, 2013 — Postcard Perfect Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. It’s still scorching hot here in Korea, although the humidity seems to have abated just a tad. They are predicting temps below 30Cel by the end of the week. Fingers crossed! Join me today as I take you on a photo tour of Nova Scotia’s enchanting seaside village, Mahone Bay.


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Heading into Mahone Bay you immediately see the dazzling bay and the three churches on your left. Of course, if it’s raining or cloudy, the dazzles will be playing hookey. However, on this day I hit the bonanza.

Low tide gives a little different perspective…This was taken directly across the street from Keddy’s Landing, where you will find a lovely gift shop and restaurant.


Mahone Bay Churches Low Tide


Keddy’s Landing…


Keddy's Landing, Mahone Bay.jpg


The Gift shop window…(no photos allowed inside, but they did have some lovely things). The restaurant wasn’t open yet.


Gift Shop Window at Keddy's Landing Mahone Bay.jpg

I chuckled to myself when I stopped here. The last time I was inside this establishment it was called Zwicker’s and I was the Account Manager for American Express. Mr. Zwicker had long refused to accept Amex, and he was one of my “hold-outs”. I introduced myself that day, shook his hand. Without batting an eye, he told me very frankly, without blinking an eye, that he would flagellate himself before ever accepting an American Express card!! Smiling, I thanked him for his time, but I didn’t shake his hand on the way out.:) I ran to my car, and laughed hysterically for a good five minutes.


More views of the stunning bay ….


Mahone Bay's and its Awesome Churches



Mahone Bay.jpg


Wouldn’t you love to spend some time pondering life from this bench?


Bench With A View.jpg


Of course you will pass the famous churches, as you head into the town.


Mahone Bay Church.jpg


The Teazer is an opportunity to browse some unique Nova Scotia products, many crafted by local artisans. Warning, you wallet could be much lighter as you exit the door. The good new is, you will be smiling.
Teazer Gift Shop Mahone Bay_.jpg


Fancy a colorful cashmere throw?…


Cashmere Throws for Sale, Teazer, Mahone Bay.jpg


Gifts…from the practical to the whimsical, there’s something for everyone…


Local Gifts at The Teazer, Mahone Bay.jpg


For the environmentally conscious…


P'lovers, Mahone Bay.jpg

(Between The Teazer and P’lovers you will find Joanne’s Deli, and the LaHave Bakery. For some reason,
I didn’t get any photos!). Joanne’s is a great spot to buy delicious local food, from cheese to cheesecake.
Speaking of cheese, the LaHave Bakery sports awesome cheese bread!)


Turn right, and you find yourself face-to-face with The Tea Brewery. Who could resist?



Tea Brewery, Mahone Bay.jpg


Oatcakes with chocolate…out this world sumptuous!


YUM, Oat Cakes at the Tea Brewery_.jpg

I’ll leave you now with one final photo of what draws people to Mahone Bay, its drop-dead gorgeous bay…and a promise to show you more of the picturesque Nova Scotia beauty in a future post.


The bay from the Mahone Bay Marina…


Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.jpg


Travelers Tip

Mahone Bay is a little over an hour from Halifax. You can take the 103, or the Lighthouse Route (route 3)
The Lighthouse Route will have you stopping often to devour the local jaw dropping scenery, so leave yourself
lots of time! Open year-round, best time to visit spring, summer, or fall. 

Mahone Bay Link


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  1. Mahone Bay looks so beautiful, serene and picturesque. I love all the unique little shops you introduced us to here. I don’t think I could leave empty handed at any of those stores. That Mr. Zwicker sure sounds like a character 🙂 I’ve never had oatcakes with chocolate and those look delicious. Hoping for cooler weather for you soon.

    • Hi Mary! Yes, Mr. Zwicker was one of a kind! Hard not to find things to buy in the shops of Mahone Bay!

  2. With it that hot in Korea I can see why you might want to go back and view your cooler looking images from Nova Scotia. Thank you for taking us along. I love these seaside places.
    Have a great week, and stay cool.

    • Hi Jill…yes, I do hope we have a break soon. It seems to be getting a bit better, but maybe I am used to it!

  3. Love these slices of Nova Scotia life through your wonderful photos. Great shots — colorful buildings, blankets! Very nice.

  4. Hi Cathy! Glad you enjoyed the tour of a little slice of Nova Scotia paradise.

  5. Nova Scotia looks quaint and interesting, and I did laugh at your encounter with the dear Mr Zwicker. I’m sitting looking at a grey sky, so the glass blue of the lake you photographed and the sunny sky blue of the little gift shop gave me a much needed lift today. Thanks as always for hosting Travel Photo Thursday too, Nancie 🙂

    • Hi Johanna…my pleasure, and thanks so much for contributing!

  6. Oh, what a character! You’ve just got to love people who tell it like it is, no beating around the bush for them.

    Mahone Bay definitely drop dead gorgeous. I remember Leigh’s photo of the churches. I could see myself losing some change in P’lovers!

  7. Thinking back on all my time in the Maritimes this summer, Mahone Bay rated way up there on the list. Perhaps it was because I hadn’t been there in a long time but I think mostly because it is a memorable place. The sea, the history, the shops and overall beauty. Your pictures take me right back and am re-enjoying it. Looks like you hit it on a glorious day!

    • Hi Leigh, Glad I could bring back some good memories for you. Mahone Bay is definitely a Nova Scotia destination that should not be missed. I think the residents and the business owners in town work hard to avoid having the town lose it’s quaintness (which I think is one of the magical factors here). 🙂

  8. Why have I never been to Canada?? I love these photos, and could potter for hours in those cute shops.

  9. Why have I never been to Canada?? I love these photos, and could potter for hours in those cute shops.

    • Hi Seana…come for a visit. You will be welcomed with opened arms. Best to avoid January thru to about May. The weather can be nasty, and some places do close up!

  10. I can think of nothing nicer than procrastinating on that bench with the beautiful skies and boats on the bay.

    • Hi Jan, I’m with you. In fact, I did sit on that bench and enjoyed the peace and quiet, and the beautiful ocean view.

  11. always love benches by the beach!

  12. That Amex story had me laughing. I could also lighten my wallet a good bit in The Teazer, too. And what a difference tide makes in seeing the rocks in that bay.

    • Hi Michele, Yeah, it’s one of those encounters that’s unforgettable!

  13. Hi Mahone,
    With the lovely and peaceful setting of Mahone Bay, that bench indeed looks like a good place to ponder life. Interesting to see many church spires within very short distance of each other. I love those quaint shops and I’ll sure stop by the brewery!
    Hope you get respite from heat soon.

    • Hi Marisol…for such a tiny town, Mahone Bay must have had a god fearing population at one time! 🙂

  14. Will be heading to Mahone Bay tomorrow afternoon after our flight from Toronto to Halifax!!
    I guess my Amex will be coming in handy after looking at these photos.
    Amex gets some a back rap from merchants because their fee is so much higher than the other cards.

    • Hi Jackie…enjoy Mahone Bay! The fees Amex charges are not that high. I used to get a laugh at some of the things people would tell me about Amex and their fees.

  15. Looks beautiful – and cool! I’ve been complaining about the heat here this week, but it sounds like you have me beat!

    • Hi Cindy. This is the hottest summer for many years in Korea. I don’t need those bragging rights!

  16. Oh I could do some real damage to the budget at those shops you’ve shown us. A delightful looking place; love those colors you captured so well, Nancie!

    • Hi Jackie, Thanks for your kind words. Browsing the shops is so much fun in Mahone Bay, and hard to come away empty handed. There’s something for every budget!

  17. Looks like a beautiful place to visit Nancie, would love to visit here one day, thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Noel…Thank you, and yes it is one of our postcard destinations 🙂

  18. I’ve made note of The Lighthouse Route so that I can make the drive whenever I’m in Halifax. Mahone Bay looks lovely!

  19. I love the picture with the churches reflected in the water! I’m planning a trip up to Nova Scotia this fall, I’ll have to work in a stop here.

    • Thank you, Jess. Lucky lady, Nova Scotia in the fall is so gorgeous with the changing leaves.

  20. I would love to sit on that bench and just enjoy the view in the mornings and evenings. Amazing!

    • Hi Salika…I could definitely sit there for a few hours, too. !

  21. Your photos today are so brilliantly blue and enticing. One of these days we’ll get to Nova Scotia!

  22. Thanks for the tour of Mahone Bay. I visited there last year, but didn\’t see as much of it as you did so I enjoyed seeing your photos. You can see my post here:

    • Hi Grace, so glad you enjoyed the tour. You have an excuse to go back, so you can see what you missed!


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