Travel Photo Thursday — August 1st, 2013 — Blue is for Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia

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Welcome to another week of  Travel Photo Thursday. I’m back in Daejeon, and my Travel Photo Thursday muse is being kicked in the tush by jet lag (will it ever end?), and the heat and humidity (will it ever end?) and (thank someone for the a/c in my bedroom!). Frankly, I was a little worried this morning that maybe Ms. Muse was missing, but after a good jolt of coffee (from my Timmy stash), she’s here and kicking. While I was home in Nova Scotia, I spent a splendid morning in the rural oceanside village of Blue Rocks. Besides me, a few kayakers, a  (very small) handful of other photogs, and a few sea gulls, I had the run of the place. Scroll down to see my favorite shot from the morning.


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Good Morning from Beautiful Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia


Travelers Tip

Blue Rocks is only an hour an twenty minutes from Halifax. Goggle maps will get you there. (Search Halifax to Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia)

You can easily include Blue Rocks into a day trip to Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, and Peggy’s Cove. If you have the time take the scenic Lighthouse Route (old route 3) instead of the busy 103, with little or no scenery in sight!


Travel Photo Thursday

Today marks the 136th post for Travel Photo Thursday! Our first post was back in December, 2009 to mark the one year anniversary of BTS. A huge thanks to everyone who has made this weekly travel photo feature such a success!


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  1. I love it – what a perfect representation of a Nova Scotian village! I’ve not been to Blue Rocks but it reminds me of both Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg. Hope you get over the jet lag and feel more like yourself soon!

    • Thanks, Lisa! Yeah, this jet lag really makes me feel “way out there” (if you know what I mean!)

  2. This looks like a postcard. It’s beautiful and so serene. Between the posts you and Leigh have posted, I need to move Nova Scotia up my travel list. Hope you get back to your routine soon.

    • Thanks, Mary. Nova Scotia really is a delight, and I think your kids would love it!

  3. these little seaside townships are the place of dreams. I hope you get over your jet-lag soon. I was always puzzled by it until I flew back from London….jet lag indeed! Have a great week and thank you for hosting Travel Photo thursday!

    • HaHa Jill! I guess until you experience it, jet lag is hard to understand.

  4. THAT is gorgeous. And of course, blue is my favourite colour

    • Thanks, Denise. You would be in your element on a sunny day in Blue Rocks! 🙂

  5. I feel like we’re following in each other’s footsteps!! I love Blue Rocks.
    Hope you don’t have to suffer from heat for too much longer. Perfect summer temps in the Saguenay area of Quebec today.
    Congrats on doing so many #TPThursdays – a real commitment and it’s been a great way to meet fellow bloggers and see some fantastic spots.

    • Thanks, Leigh! Yes, I have met so many great people by doing this. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time in Quebec.

  6. Hi Nancie. lovely photo of Blue Rock!
    Glad to hear you made it back okay in Daejon. Sorry to hear about humidity and..uggh… the jet lag:( Hope you get over it soon. Despite your zombie state, I appreciate that you manage to still put together this forum. Thank you!

  7. Love the seeming serenity of the place! “Seeming” because I know the heat can make it really hard to travel around especially if you’re not used to it.

    • It wasn’t overly hot when I was in NS, or at least not for me. We had a couple of days of 30+, but for the most part 25 or under. 🙂

  8. I hope looking through your holiday snaps to find Blue Rocks is not making you homesick for Canada. Leaving a place you love after having such a great time there is a bummer.

  9. Beautiful photo, like Mary said, it looks like a postcard… (^_^)

  10. I love the blues in this photo. I can almost feel the stillness. (Sorry you are still fighting jet-lag, but I am glad to know I’m not the only that takes a week or so to get back in ‘normal’ mode. Hang in there!)

    • Thanks, Jackie! I think the jet lag has ended. Now, if I could just see an end to the insomnia I have been suffering from on and off for the past 6 months or so!

  11. OOPS. Sorry everybody and Nancie. My first link (9) was not the correct link.

  12. I LOVE the effect you gave to the photo: how do you make the sky look like that, with the half circle? What’s the effect called I meant to say? 🙂

    -Maria Alexandra

    • Thanks, Maria. I used a feature in the developer module of Lightroom 4 called post crop vignetting.

  13. Have to say again how much I love the blue of Nova Scotia… and Blue Rocks… very appropriate!

  14. Your posts and photos are really inspiring me to take a road trip through Nova Scotia! I’d like to invite you to link up on my blog every Wednesday for Wanderlust Wednesdays – details are at the link below.

    • Hi Dana, Thanks for the invite. I will have a look and give it a try 🙂

  15. Thank goodness for coffee, eh?
    That is a fantastic shot, Nancie! I love the reflection on the water and the contrast with the sky.

    • Thanks, Marcia. Yes, I have gone back to drinking more coffee this past week!

  16. Just looking at that photo makes the heat and humidity go away (kind of). Welcome back to Asia! I think I’m over jetlag now but am letting the last lazy days of summer break mess with my sleep patterns. As always, thanks for hosting this linkup.

    • Hi Michele…Yep, jet lag as run its course, but the heat and humidity are killers. I do have a/c in my bedroom, but still not sleeping that great.

  17. We’ve been to Blue Rocks, stumbled upon it by chance when we were in Lunenburg. Such a pretty spot.

  18. Nice representation of Nova Scotia! Jet lag aside, hope you’re settling in Daejeon.

  19. What a gorgeous spot. if the rest of Nova Scotia is like this, we really must visit! I hope you can settle back in to the heat and humidity of Daejeon. After being away it’s always hard!

  20. Your photo looks just like a postcard! I’ve not been to Nova Scotia, but my husband and I are considering a fall trip. A scenic drive along the coast with lighthouses in view sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

    • Hi Tonya! Make it late September/early October and you should see some lovely fall colors as well!

  21. Perfect photo! I love the reflections in the water and it makes me want to visit. Nova Scotia is definitely on my bucket list for when my husband finally retires.

    • Hi Jennie. Between mid August and mid October are the best months to visit.

  22. Your picture makes it look absolutely perfect! I love those little Atlantic fishing towns. Good luck with jet lag and the heat/humidity.

    • Thanks, Cindy. I think the jet lag has pretty much run its course. Sad thing is, over the last 6 months I have become an insomniac and not sleeping more than a couple of hours at a time. (:

  23. BTW – I’m getting lots of error messages and no way to see other links or link myself on either my iPAD or Explorer. No problems on Firefox.

    • Hi Cindy, I’m sorry your are having problems. I use Chrome and Firefox and they work okay. I don’t use Explorer, and I almost never access the site via my Ipad. I haven’t had anyone else mention any problems accessing.

  24. Hi nancie! Just found you thru another blog and thought I’d try a link to my Angkor Wat post. Not sure it worked but loved your photo and enjoyed my visit!

    • Welcome, Tina. I see that your link did appear in the blog roll. I hope that you’ll make Travel Photo Thursday a regular event!

  25. one glance at that photo and you know it has to be Maine or Atlantic Canada. That seashore, weather-beaten look. great photo.

  26. Beautiful! I was in Nova Scotia several years ago. A great trip!

    • Hi Elizabeth! Nice to hear that you have fond memories of your visit. 🙂

  27. Lovely shot, Nancie. Everything about it cries out, “Visit Blue Rocks”!

  28. Beautiful photography! It makes me feel like I’m there~

  29. Love the photograph! Beautiful. Best of luck with the jet lag too. I always have issues coming back from Asia too.

  30. So gorgeous! Nova Scotia has been on my radar, but it is so hard to make it back across the pond from Europe to visit Canada very often.

    • Hi Jennifer! My pleasure! I know the feeling. Living in Asia, it’s very expensive to get across to Nova Scotia.

  31. I have such wonderful Nova Scotia memories- thanks for bringing them back.

    • My pleasure! Thanks for linking up to Travel Photo Thursday. Please come back for this weeks edition on Thursday, of course 🙂

  32. That’s a great photo, Nancie and it looks like it was taken at low tide? I agree on those who commented that it looks like a postcard 🙂


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