Travel Photo Thursday — August 15th, 2013 — Seoul Tripping

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Welcome to another week of  Travel Photo Thursday.  The heat is still with us here in Daejeon. I am doing my best to ignore it, getting out and around to enjoy whatever strikes my fancy. Last Sunday I headed into Seoul to take in an exhibit of Paul Gaugin’s work at the Seoul Museum of Art. I found an unexpected free observatory, with a great view of downtown Seoul, complete with interpretation. Then it was off to Seoul City Hall, where I discovered a fantastic photo exhibition. If you ever wondered about Seoul back in the 1950s, this exhibit is for you. The photo tour begins below…

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Paul Gauguin at the Seoul Museum of Art until September 29, 2013. From the brochure…

“Where Do We Come From, What Are We, Where Are We Going”…First exhibition of Gauguin’s Monumental Masterpieces The work Where Do We Come From, What Are We, Where Are We Going stands for Gaugin’s Polynesian period and his will of art. The masterpieces hold the key to understanding Gaugin’s art, implicitly containing his view of life, world, and, universe by expressing phases of human destiny from birth to death. This four meter width, mural like painting is the largest work of Gaugin’s. It took three years to invite (?) the work, and finally the public in Korea can appreciate Gauguin’s masterpiece. It is, needless to say, the highlight of this exhibition. 

Seoul Museum of Art

You can find out more about the exhibition here.


 View from inside the Museum


Seoul Views


Quite by accident I found the Jeong-dong Observatory; fantastic views of downtown Seoul, and an English interpretation!


Jeong-Dong Seoul with Gyeongbokung Palace


Jeong-dong Seoul from the Jeong-dong Observatory



The squat glass building on the right is Seoul’s “new” City Hall. The older building, directly in front, is the old City Hall, and is now the Seoul Public Library. 




Seoul from the Jeong-dong Observatory


The Changing of the Guard in front of Gyeongbokgung Palace had just finished. I did get this shot, as I was heading towards Seoul City Hall…

untitled shoot-2156.jpg


Seoul City Hall…


From the outside…

City Hall -- From the Outside Looking In


Balloon sculpture in the lobby…

Seoul City Hall -- Lobby


A retrospective photo exhibit…Seoul in the 1950’s…so different from today. If you’re in Seoul, check it out before September 4th 2013… I LOVED this exhibit!

Seoul City Hall -- Photography Exhibit


Glimpses from the past…

Kim Hanyong Photo Exhibit -- Seoul City Hall


And finally, doing what a photog does best…The WINNING SHOT…

Capturing that GREAT Shot!


I hope you enjoyed my day in Seoul as much as I did!


Travelers Tip

If you’re looking for opening hours, etc., best to call the Seoul Tourism Line…1330.
If you’re thinking of visiting in July or August, be prepared for 30+ temps (that would be Celcius)!
My favorite site to find out what’s happening in Seoul.


This is the 138th post for Travel Photo Thursday. You can browse the archives here.


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  1. Hi Nancie,
    I did enjoy your day in Seoul!
    I like anything Gaguin! And that changing of the guard — is the most exotic I’ve seen. I hope it will cool down in Daejeon soon.

    • Hi Marisol,

      Yes the changing of the guard is quite unique here. We had heavy rain last night, and my living room is now about 4 degrees cooler than it has been since I arrived back…woohoo!

  2. Fantastic photos of the city from the observatory. It DOES look hot! I loved the black and white photo from the Seoul nostalgia exhibition. The way it captures the movement, and the kids, is beautiful.

    • Hi Lisa, Yes, tha photo exhibit was small, but great shots. He really captured the feeling of the times in all the photos on display.

    • Hi Lisa! He really captured the feeling of the era in all of his photos.

  3. I love anything Gauguin and lucky you to get to attend an exhibition. What a great view of Seoul. That is an awesome city hall and I’m fascinated with that balloon sculpture. Those guards look like they belong in some martial arts movie and I’m sure quite an experience to see.

    • Hi Mary,

      I’ve seen the changing of the guard in Seoul a couple of time, and it’s interesting just for the costumes!

  4. Thank you, your images reminded me that Seoul is on my “to go” list!

    I like a lot the photo with the outside of the City Hall. And the one with the guards, looking like a still from some historical K-drama (^_^)

    • Let me know when you come to Korea. I’d love to show you around!

  5. your new “linky” thing confused me at first – but I’ve got it done now. I lvoe the way the old palace has been retained within the modern city. And I just love that image with the reflection in the glass windows. And of ouurse, a photography must always have one’s camera with them. I would have enjoyed seeing the photography exhibition.
    Thanks for sharing and hosting. Have a great week.

    • Hi Jill…Thanks for contributing again this week. I love taking shots through glass, or with reflections…always a lot of fun.

  6. Congrats on hitting your 138th post, Nancie!

    Glad you got to see this exhibition, must have been a lovely treat. Thanks for sharing your day in Seoul with us.

    • Thanks, Marcia. I’m lucky that so many contribute every week. That’s how we have made it to 138. I hope we get to double that!

  7. I really like that Changing of the Guards photo. Now I want to go and see them with my own eyes! The contrast between the new City Hall (so very modern) and the nostalgic pictures really demonstrate how Seoul has changed.

    • Hi Michele…come over for a visit! It’s amazing how much Seoul and Korea has changed in the time I have been here.

  8. Nice day you had! Love the shots of downtown. I don’t know why, but Seoul looks different than I pictured it. I have a fascination with photos looking outside through windows — nice one!

  9. my favourite as definitely the bird’s eye view pictures.

  10. I would have a very hard time getting through a summer in Korea. But what a great day – and very interesting looking city hall. I too love anything by Gaughin.
    I have a changing of the guard’s photo – from my 8 hour stopover in Seoul where I took a tour and even that taste of Seoul totally changed how I imagined the city to be.

    • Hi Leigh…getting through the summer here is not easy. This is the second August I have spent in country, and I hope that next year I will be out of country for it.

  11. I can only imagine your heat this summer, but somehow the shots of the city made it feel breezy and light, no matter what the real temps might be. And yes, add me to the Gauguin fan list!

  12. I love the historic changing of the guard (in such wonderful attire) and the ultra modern glass building existing practically side by side. And the sky was so clear!

    • Hi Jan! The sky is almost never clear in Seoul in the summertime…very rare! 🙂

  13. The changing of the guard in Seoul certainly looks very different to the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. What a fascinating photo. I’ve never been to Seoul and have not really had any idea about what to expect – your photos make it look diverse and fascinating.

    • Hi Johanna…Seoul is both of that, and a great destination. A lot of people are surprised when they see photos of the city.

  14. The changing of the guards photo really shows us how much cultures are the same and yet how different they are. Loved this set of photos!

    • Hi Jennie…so true! Who would have thought there would be a changing of the guard in Korea!

  15. My favorite is the “Outside” shot.

  16. Gosh it does sound hot in Seoul, but so worth getting out n about. The pics of the palace looks like it is surrounded by water, or is it yellow foot paths?
    Gorgeous pics, and sounds like an art display 🙂


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