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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. Spring is still struggling here in Daejeon. The trees and blossoms are struggling to come to life. This past Saturday I did have a magnolia tree sighting. Seeing those blossoms was exciting! However, for the most part we are still under a blanket of bleak.

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We have a photography group in Daejeon and we have gotten together a couple of times recently. Last week we did a walk in an area close to the Expo site (Yes, Daejeon hosted an Expo in 1982). Not much color, and there is little to no water in the river right now. Taking shots of a bridge with no water underneath is just…well, strange. I did manage a couple of shots I liked. Plus, here is a shot of the Expo Bridge, that I took a couple of years ago.

These were taken from under the bridge…

The Under Side

Daejeon's "Under" side...




On another day, a couple of years ago…


The Expo Bridge, Daejeon


Expo Bridge, Daejeon


Have you ever joined a local photo walk when you’re traveling? It’s a great way to meet people, and an inexpensive way to see the local area.

If you are ever in Daejeon, The Daejeon Photography Club.

If you are in Seoul, you can check out the Flickr in Seoul Group. They meet bi-weekly.


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  1. I love the underbelly bridge shots – and very cool perspective. The colours of the bridge against the sky are also stunning.
    I’m in Georgia so hot & sunny but Calgary has a winter storm warning in place today if that makes you feel any better Nancie.

  2. I love the underside of that bridge. It reminds me a little of the dilapidated pier outside of Savannah, GA a little bit. We are still going through the rain then sun then clouds then rain cycle of spring here in Seattle. We hope to be out of the bleak one day soon too.

  3. This reminds me of seeing the covered bridge across the Rhine that makes the border between Liechtenstein and Switzerland. When I was there, I could walk across the river. Strange feeling indeed.

  4. There’s something hauntingly beautiful about the under side of the bridge. The last photo is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken a local photo walk. My husband has been interested so maybe this summer vacation.

  5. I think a photography tour would be so much fun. I wonder if there are any family-friendly ones. Both of my girls are interested in photography – the younger one uses a point and shoot but my 15 year old bought her first DSLR just prior to our trip to Paris. All three of your shots are beautiful – I love the perspective!

  6. It’s amazing how something that isn’t really meant to be seen and would be considered ugly can be beautiful if you shoot it from the right angle.

  7. I love that Expo Bridge photo. Great shot! (^_^)

  8. You’ve got some fabulous shots here, Nancie! The underside is so full of character. Very beautiful!

  9. I’ve never taken a photo walk while traveling or otherwise, but it sounds like a great concept that I’d like to try. Very nice bridge shots!

  10. Love pictures of bridges and very awesome you have before and after water to show.

  11. Nice shots even though it was bleak. We are having a strange spring here, too. Cool and unusually stormy.

  12. I like those bridge photos. I’ve been trying to get some nice ones as there are quite a few in Paris.

  13. These pics of the bridge and under it are amazing. LOVE them!

  14. Is it in the first two shots is the same bridge as in the last one?

  15. Look at the bright side. At least the water under the bridge isn’t frozen !

  16. That might be an interesting spot to return to and do a time lapse. When the water was a little higher.

  17. I love those frames. There’s something about different “arches” in a photo that I really like. And speaking of local photo walks, yes, 2 days ago in fact I was just walking to meet my partner and I took a photo of him walking to me because I thought he looked so handsome. Once I looked at the photos, I saw a beautiful frame with palm fronds surrounding him and a great set of clouds in the background. I took 5 more mins to take more photos. Afterward, I saw that local spot, which i walk by every day, in a whole new light. I smile every time I see it now. It is very nice to see an otherwise common and “dull” place from a different perspective, right? 🙂

  18. Cool shots!

  19. I never thought about taking shots under a bridge. These are beautiful! Really a different perspective.

  20. I really like the geometry of this bridge. Great shots!

  21. I love the under the bridge photos.

  22. I love the underside of bridges – great photos, Nancie. And it’s always good to have to find a shot where you wouldn’t otherwise look!

  23. I have never thought to shoot the underside of a bridge – but your pictures are so great! And I love the idea of joining up with a photo walk – I am going to look into that locally.

    Thanks & Happy Easter!



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