Travel Photo Thursday — April 4th, 2013 — Korea Views That Wow Travelers

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Welcome to another week of  Travel Photo Thursday. One great way for budget travelers to experience Korea is to lace up your boots and hit the mountain trails. There are even a few parks with cable cars if you prefer to leave the hiking to someone else. However you get to the top, you’ll enjoy the views that await you. This week I’m sharing with you a few of the shots I’ve taken from “the top”.

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I  can’t remember the name of this mountain (which wasn’t very high) near Daejeon, but the view was gorgeous.


Rural Korea from a Mountain Top


Korea’s Mount Sorak (I confess to taking the cable car to the top!)

Mt. Sorak....Summer break is here and I am flying out tomorrow to Taiwan, and then in a few weeks onto Borneo. I'll be around from time to time. Have a great summer!


Boriam Hermitage — Geun-San Mountain, Namhae Island (This was short hike that we did during a cherry blossom getaway last spring.)

View from the Boriam Hermitage on Geum-san Mountain, Namhae Island


From the summit of Mount Jakdoo (near Daejeon)

From the Top


Jiri-San National Park…not from a mountain top, but a beautiful view!

Sometimes its Good to Look Back


Do you hike when you travel?


Travelers Tip

There are lots of hiking groups in Korea. If you’re visiting, and interested in exploring some of Korea’s mountain tops, the best place to start would be the Seoul Hiking Group. You can find them on FACEBOOK.




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  1. Hi Nancie, I LOVE all these stunning mountain photos. I love mountains and, yes, I love to hike in my travels. For me, it’s the best way to see and commune with nature. I haven’t been to Korea, when I do go hiking will definitely be part of the itinerary. I had no idea how gorgeous the Korean mountains are.

    • Hi Marisol…a lot of people don’t realize how mountainous Korea actually is. I had not idea until I moved here.

  2. Hi Nancie: These are indeed gorgeous shots. I used to hike. Can’t do as much any more, but that scenery is amazing.
    I’m sorry I missed last week, but I was working on some site changes. It’s back, but in order to squeeze everything in, my travel photo Thursday post will actually come on MY Thursday morning–so I’ll be at the end of the queue.

    • Hi Vera! It’s great so see you back this week. I’ll be by to look at the changes on your site.

      • Sorry to disappoint, Nancy, but the changes are of the invisible sort. Visible ones coming soon, I hope.

  3. These are all beautiful sceneries! You’ve posted some wonderful pictures of Korea before but I love these mountain shots and views from above. I’m drawn to mountaintop views. We try to hike as much as we can when visiting National Parks here in the US. For some reason, we forget all about the hiking part when we visit Europe.

    • There are so many other things to do in Europe! When I’m traveling solo I don’t really want to hike up a mountain by myself!

  4. I love walking on Mountains, but not so much up them 🙂
    These are great views. I like the first one because it shows the interesting looking building as well as mountain views.

  5. The views are stunning Nancie. i did not realise that Korea was so mountainous. I don’t hike as much these days, preferring to take long walks!

    • I’m with you on the long walks, Jenny. My knees really don’t like the straight up. There are no switchbacks here in Korea. It is just straight up to the top!

  6. I love the look of the wilder side of Korea. This post was made for me as it certainly makes me want to explore the hills and mountains of your adopted home.

    • Hi Leigh, I thought of you when I was gathering the photos for this post 🙂

  7. Going to Sokcho and hiking the mountains there is high on my list!

    • Sokcho was the first placed I lived in Korea. The area has its charms, and of course, Soraksan is a huge drawing card.

  8. Very beautiful collection. And the view from Daejeon (the first one) is my favorite…

  9. Beautiful photographs, Nancie! I’d chose the cable car to enjoy the views and take some photos leisurely.

  10. These do make me want to head your direction! And yes, we do hike on our travels (within physical and gear reason). We are both thinking hikes this week as I did a post earlier on hiking in Arizona. . .great minds think alike, right? 🙂

    • I more into walking these days than hiking, and do cover a lot of ground when I’m traveling! Yes, our minds are GREAT!! 🙂

  11. I love your shots of the mountains, especially the way you captured the subtle changes in color.
    I used to think of myself as a beach person, not interested in mountains. But there’s something mysterious about them, especially when they’re shrouded in mist.
    And yes, where and when possible, I’ll do a hike or just walk. The best way, I think, to experience a place is to have feet on the ground.

    • I’m with you on the ground. I read about an app for the iphone that keeps track of how much a person walks. I’m going to download that, so I know exactly how far I’m walking on any given day during my travels.

  12. I’m a mountain fan too! I do like to hike but prefer easy hikes 🙂 I won’t be the one turning down a cable car ride up. Its easier walking down!

  13. Nice shots. I’m very big on mountains — and hiking near, around, up and down them as well. I didn’t realize the extent of how mountainous South Korea was until flying over it a few years ago.

    • Korea really is surrounded, and most people don’t realize that. I didn’t, until I moved here.

  14. I love hiking and experiencing nature when I’m traveling. Great shots, Nancie!

    • Yes, getting outside whenever I travel, is high on my list, too.

  15. Your photos are so dreamy, Nancie! I want to be right at those benches of your last photo! I love learning all of these Korean destinations too. Yes, we absolutely seek out hikes in our travels–it’s one of my favorite things to do!

  16. Beautiful views to see however you get to the top. I enjoy hiking, but sometimes cable cars are the most fun way to reach a summit. Great pics, Nancie.

  17. I had no idea that Korea was so mountainous – looks like a lovely place to hike!

  18. These make South Korea a very enticing destination. Between your photos and the fact that I have a friend living there now, I’m getting more tempted to make my next big, long-term trip to Asia.

  19. I’m so late this week – but here we are anyway!!

  20. A family hike is something that I always try to incorporate into our travels because everyone usually ends up enjoying it. I love your shots, especially the last one of Jiri-Son. Korea looks beautiful.

    • Jiri-san is a lovely spot. Between the mountain and the temples in the area it can be hard to choose what to do.

  21. Stunning views, Nancie! I particularly like the inclusion of the temple in the first photo, and the layering of textures in the second. And to answer your question, I’m a strong walker, but not really what you’d call a hiker…

  22. Stunning views. I love your photos. Thanks Nancie.

  23. These are beautiful pictures! I’m back in Korea soon 🙂


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