Travel Photo Thursday — April 25th, 2013 — Travel Memories From Spain

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday.  While it hasn’t been a hectic week travel wise, it has been frantic on the work front. Thankfully, midterms end tomorrow, and once all the marking is done, it will be back to normal. I am dreaming and reminiscing this week, and my thoughts are turning to the time I spent in Spain not that long ago. I may have posted some of these shots before, and if so, I do hope you’ll enjoy them again (it’s been awhile!). I’m sharing with you a few of my favorite Spanish memories, and there were many.


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When I was a kid, I remember  we used to say “Holy Toledo” a lot. Maybe that’s part of the reason I have always wanted to visit this historic Spanish town. I ended up taking a one day bus tour from Madrid. I would have preferred going on my own, but since it was so cold when I was in Spain, I just couldn’t get excited about freezing my rear off walking up and down Toledo’s windy, steep hills. Imagine my surprise when we parked the bus and took an escalator from the bottom of the town to the top! Despite the cold, the tour guide did a great job sharing her knowledge of this grand little town. I can’t wait to go back on my own, and stay a day or two, and so some REAL exploring. This was my favorite shot from the day; reminds me of a jigsaw puzzle.


Historical Toledo on a Cool, Sunny Winter Day


Then, just when I thought I couldn’t be charmed any further, there was Segovia and it’s amazing Roman aqua duct. This was another day tour out of Madrid, and can you believe it, the day was colder than the day spent in Toledo! The sun was a real life saver that day. The guide on this tour definitely would have preferred being at home snuggled up to a warm fire. Friendly did not describe this man. His dour, stern expression kept us moving fast. Like Toledo, I hope to return to this charming slice of Spain.

Segovia’s Roman Aqua Duct…

Roman Aqua Duct, Segovia, Spain


Being there in February meant that I avoided the crowds, but again I didn’t avoid the cold! The architecture and view marry to make this such an awesome attraction. You don’t have to wonder why it is literally swamped with visitors in season.

Granada’s Alhambra…


A Veiw from Spain's Alhambra


Seville also brings back some fond memories. I spent a sunny and pleasantly warm day wandering through the city’s historical Alcazar.Wouldn’t this make a beautiful painting?

A view of the garden…


Seville's Alcazar ...Gazing out into the Garden


Of course, Spain wouldn’t be Spain without its out this world food and wine!

The biggest and freshest olives I have ever had the pleasure of popping into my mouth…

Delicious Fresh Spanish Olives

And it’s wine…

Wine Chilling -- Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid, Spain


Travelers Tip

Spain in January and February has you missing the crowds of summer. The downside is, the weather can cold! Before visiting any of Spain’s world class museums check to see when they offer free admission. I visited Madrid’s Prado a half dozen times during my nine days in Madrid. I only paid admission ONCE. Another thing about the Prado, it is open on Mondays!

Do you have a favorited memory of Spain, or is it on your list?


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  1. I remember your beautiful pictures of Spain too especially that garden shot. Spain quickly became a favorite country when we visited a few years ago. We only managed to visit Madrid and Segovia so, like you, we’d love to return and explore more. There is a blessing to visiting during the off-season. We went in October and there were less crowds too but a bit warmer. We loved that there were so many free attractions and free times at the museums.

  2. I used to work for the Norwegian government and would negotiate with delegates from other European governments frequently. Whenever we had a meeting with Spain, they would set aside a day to show us a bit of the country and that’s how I’ve been in Toledo and Segovia, towns the locals are proud to show off, obviously. And with good reason, they’re both gorgeous and atmospheric.

    • Sophie, it’s so great seeing beautiful places as a result of your job. When I was working in Canada I was often taken to places that I probably would not have gone to on my own.

  3. Aahh… Holy Toledo! It was my favorite city among the places I visited during my first trip in Spain 16 year ago. It was during the fall and the weather was perfect for meandering in the historic and mesmerizing streets. During my second visit in Spain 3 years ago, San Sebastian was my hands down favorite. Loved its beaches, its sweet air and most of all, THE FOOD! My husband and I left our stomach in Spain. We can’t wait to go back and explore more of the country.
    Love your shots! The colors are stunning as always.

    • Thank you, Marisol. I’ve not been to San Sebastian, but definitely would like to go. Now that I know they have great food, I’ll be there!

  4. Mary…I can see October being a great month to visit…the heat of summer is gone, and the cold of winter hasn’t arrived 🙂

  5. Love Sapin, and love your pictures today. Brought back many happy memories for me.

  6. This post makes me happy. I love all of these places. We were in Spain in April and I can recommend that as a good time. Not too many people and perfect weather. Green, black, fat, wizened, cracked – I never met a bad olive in Spain. The colours in your Alcazar Garden photo are gorgeous. Was that a private garden?

    • Hi Jan, haha…I could have existed on olives the entire time! The garden was in Seville’s Alcazar…not private.

      • Gosh we went to Seville’s Alcazar and it was so so hot, I would have loved to have seen this – I wonder how I missed it 🙁

  7. I haven’t heard that saying Holy Toledo since I was a kid. Makes me wonder where it came from. Love the colours in the garden and the lighting in your Ahlambra photo. We had our fair share of delicious olives when in Spain as well.

    • Hi Leigh, I remember Holy Toledo being used a lot in Nova Scotia, when I was a kid.

  8. I love that garden view. There are so beautiful colors in Spain…

    • Agree, the colors in Spain are awesome. Visiting in winter the colors were not so bright and beautiful, so I want to go back in the spring.

  9. It is such a wonderful country! Love the return via your photos. Hard to choose between it and Greece as being the best – both are in my Top Five; that’s for sure!

    • Hi Jackie, I visited Greece once a long long time ago, and it is still on my list to return; as is Spain.

  10. Oh Nancie, that garden shot is amazing. I remember so well seeing my sister’s photos from Toledo, she went when she was 16 and she’s 50 now so it’s a while ago – very string memories! I haven’t seen much of Spain at all, enjoyed very much this armchair travelling with you.

    • Thanks Seana! If you ever do get to Spain, I highly recommend both Toledo and Segovia.

  11. Helo, I’ve just tried to link up but the link doesn’t show. Do you close the linky after a short time??

    • Hi Seana, Your link is showing; number 16. Sometimes there’s a short delay 🙂

  12. Oh now I really wish I were in Spain! Its on our list, but we never seem to get there – seems like that is a mistake. Thanks for the great reminder to get busy and start planning my own trip.

    • Cindy…There is so much to love about Spain. All I can say is, GO 🙂

  13. You’ve reminded me of the Spain I love. The picture of Seville is particularly perfect for that colorful city.

  14. Holy Toledo is right, what a beautiful shot! Love all those vibrant colors. My husband lived in Spain for 6 months (had a flat in Barcelona and traveled around quite a bit), and I am so jealous of his escapades! I can’t wait to visit myself.

    • Hi Kate! I’m jealous of your husband living in Spain too! I can see myself being very happy there for a while!

  15. I’ve always wanted to see Roman aqueducts, but I never thought to head to Spain to find them. That elevator in Toledo is an unexpectedly modern element. Yummy looking olives.

  16. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of traveling in Spain but hope to soon – there are so many beautiful places that I would love to visit. Any place that I can get a plate of olives like that ranks very high on my list!

  17. I absolutely loved Spain, even though I have only visited Madrid.

    I can’t wait to spend more time over there as the people, the food, and the sights are just incredible! You nicely portrayed them here 🙂 great shots, as always

    – Maria Alexandra

    • Thanks, Maria. I spent 9 days in Madrid, and despite the cold, I loved the city. Now to go back when it’s warm!

  18. Maybe it’s because you mentioned it, but the photo of Toledo does look like a jigsaw puzzle. Very cool. Funny that you mention “Holy Toledo” — I haven’t thought of that saying in quite a while, but we used to say it all the time!

    • Hi Cathy…It’s one of those quirky little sayings that seems to have disappeared.

  19. I haven’t travelled to Spain yet but hoping to one day. I just love the colours in your photos! Such a vibrant country and some great eats too 🙂

    • Cheryl, You are in for a treat when you do get there! Simply, so much to see, do, and eat!

  20. I love the view of the garden. It looks like just the place I’d like to stop and enjoy the view.

    • Hi Tonya…To me, it was very dreamlike, and I could have sat there all day.

  21. One of these days I plan to go to Spain – it is on my list – I have a couple of friends going there soon. Now after your post I want to go more than ever!
    Thanks for hosting Travel Photo Thursday!

  22. Oh, the fresh olives! I think Spain has more olives than any other country (Uh-oh Italy). Great views and beautiful photos, Nancie!

  23. Loving these pics! I’ve never been to Spain but it’s high on the list to visit next time we come to that part of the world.

  24. Lovely scenes, Nancie. Must get there sometime soon…


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