Travel Photo Thursday — April 26, 2012 — My Five Most Popular Travel Shots on Flickr

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday.  First off; congratulations to Leigh of  HikeBikeTravel for winning last weeks Thai cookbook give away! We’ll all be waiting to see some of these awesome dishes coming from your kitchen, Leigh! No contest this week, but say tuned…

I am happy to report that I was able to recover all of my photos, and now I’m in the process of getting them reorganized. That should take another week or so. Also, I am in the middle of midterms, so the job is taking more time than normal this week. What I am trying to say is that what I had to post for this week is not happening (next week, I promise). Instead, I’ve decided to give you my top 5 most popular shots on my Flickr account. Anyone who has a Flickr account knows that there is a Popular link which only you can see.

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My five most popular shots on Flickr….beginning with Number 5…

Number 5:  Spring time in Rural Korea…We got lost on the back roads, and this what we found. I have no idea if this place even has a name!

Rural Korea Springtime


Number 4…  Gunung, Kawi, Bali…  At the bottom of these many many stairs is a major Hindu temple, with 10 rock-cut candi (shrines). It’s one of Bali’s oldest and largest ancient monuments (according to LP).
The day I was there it rained (HARD). That’s why the sky in this photo looks so washed out. (This was just before the downpour.)I think the lushness of the trees and rice paddy on the right makes up for it!

Gunung Kawi, Bali


Number 3… Dragon’s Head, Nun’s Temple, Daejeon… Taken during a temple stay at a local temple on the out skirts of Daejeon.  Featured by National Geographic’s blog “Intelligent Traveler”. The direct link appears to be broken, but Travels on a Shoe String mentions it being featured…

Dragon's Head..........Nun's Temple, Daejeon


Number 2…Taiwan Mist… Taken in the early evening after a huge thunderstorm in the mountains. I was there at the right moment to catch the mist coming down.

Taiwan Mist


AND…Number 1….Seoul Forest…Taken on a fall photo shoot in 2007…

Seoul Forest


Number of hits does not necessarily make a shot the most popular. Take a guess at which of these shots has the most views on Flickr…NO PEEKING! 🙂


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  1. I have no idea which is the most popular, but the first one is my favourite.

  2. I’m glad you were able to revover your pictures, Nancie! That must be a big weight off your shoulders. These are gorgeous photos and I can see why they’re so popular. I didn’t peek so my guess would be the dragon. I like the last one – it’s an image of tranquility.

  3. They are all gorgeous pictures! The colours of the Dragon’s Head are so vivid – I would guess that it’s the most popular. Love the mist in Taiwan and the fall shot of the Seoul forest – I didn’t realize that trees changed colours there as well.

  4. I’m going to guess the mist or the Bali shot. Either way all 5 are stunning! Thanks for taking me away on another photo travel adventure!

  5. Great shots! I love the reflection on the water in the last shot and the mist- beautiful!

  6. I love all of these photos! I’d have a hard time picking my favorite! The detail on the dragon one is really amazing.

  7. I so love your Taiwan mist photo but really they’re all great. Good idea letting Flickr be the one to decide. I’ll have to try that myself after refreshing my account.
    Thanks so much for the cookbook. Looking forward to trying out the recipes and I do love cooking.

  8. All lovely photos, Nancie.

  9. My favorite is Taiwan Mist… but all 5 are just lovely! (^_^)

  10. I love the Taiwan mist and the dragon one, but they are all really beautiful. It sounds like we are in the same boat in a way…I was unusually busy this week (finals are coming) and didn’t quite finish the post I wanted to for today.

  11. All gorgeous shots, but Taiwan mist… spell-binding!

  12. These are all fabulous shots, Nancie. I had a hard time deciding which would be my favorite but I’d have to say #2 — you were there at the right time to capture that mist.
    I’d guess #3 was the most popular on Flickr. I didn’t peek, hahahaha — hope I’m right!

  13. I see why those shots are so popular! Very sharp colors, vibrant. Always love looking at your photos 🙂

  14. Wow! Absolutely love the dragon head and the Bali temple shot. Even with the washout sky and all 😉 and btw, somehow, I think that Bali shot is your most popular! Did I win!? 😉 😛

  15. What beautiful photos. I can see why they are favorites. Hope you get all your photos organized; sounds overwhelming to me. Happy TPThursday.

  16. I’m so taken by the dragon’s head that I assume it would be most popular,but maybe my own preference is clouding my judgement. I know that the most popular photos on my own site (I don’t keep up my Flickr account) are unexpected because they are things people are searching for.

  17. I found all the pictures really great! My favorite was the Dragon head until I saw the mist. I love all the colors and details in the dragon head and will guess this is the most popular photo.

  18. Nancie, it’s easy to see why these photos are so popular. They are beautiful. My favorite is of the stairs in Gunung, Kawi, Bali.

  19. I like #3 and #2 (in that order), but they are are fine shots.

  20. The palm trees in your Bali picture are beautiful. It looks so lush!

  21. The Dragon’s Head is my favorite! I love the colors!

  22. All the pictures are great. My favorite is the dragon.

  23. My guess is the dragon photo – that is my favorite too!

  24. Thanks for linking up this week! Have a wonderful weekend!

  25. The photo with the most Flickr views is Springtime in Rural Korea with 13,644 Flickr views, and number 5 in popularity.

  26. Firstly, Nancie, I’m glad to hear that you were able to recover all your photos. This is a series of very beautiful images. Guessing which one of these is the most popular on Flickr is difficult, as preferences can be so different. I will go for Taiwan Mist, as it’s my personal favourite.

  27. Ah, I hate it when you lose all the gorgeous travel shots you took, then exerting great effort trying to recover what you can. Lucky for you that you got yours back (yipee).
    Anyway, I like how you took the dragon’s head photo. I’ve never really featured Korean destinations on my blogs before, but after seeing these pics, I think I might do a review of its travel destinations myself. (oh, btw, I have no clear-cut favorite with these five pics. They’re all good IMHO)


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