Travel Photo Thursday — Apr. 10/14 — Flower Blossom Time in Korea

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Welcome to our 172nd week of Travel Photo Thursday. Last week I told you that spring had arrived in Korea. Well, Mother Nature is being fickle. This week the temperatures have taken a dive in the morning and evening. Of course, the afternoons are toasty warm, so impossible to know what to wear on the morning commute to work. However, that hasn’t stopped the cherry blossoms and magnolias from gracing us with their beauty. I wandered with my camera last weekend, and got some nice shots for Travel Photo Thursday.

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Along the river…


Cherry Blossoms in Korea 2014


The deep pink blossoms are not that common in Daejeon…


In the Pink

Looking gorgeous against the blue sky…

Blossoms Overhead

Blossom whimsy…

Blossom Whimsy



Cherry Blossom Magic in Korea


Cherry Blossoms in the Wind


Many of the blossoms were starting to fall…


Blossoms on the Path


Cherry blossoms are not the only blossoms spreading their beauty in Korea. There’s the magnolia, which peaks before the cherry blossoms…


Magnolia in Daejeon


Lilacs, my favorite, are not that common in Korea. However, I saw quite a few small trees on Saturday. Give it a couple more years and the smell lilac will be wafting through the spring air.


Lilacs in Daejeon



And, the city will soon be blanketed in azalea’s, my all time favorite! 


The First Azela Blossoms of Spring

Travelers Tip

You’re probably wondering, when is the best time to see the cherryy blossoms in Korea? Well, that used to be very easy to predict. However, like most of the world, Korea’s weather has changed. This year we started seeing blossoms in mid March, and news sources say that they peaked last Saturday, April 6th (a full week earlier than usual, or so the Korean Herald tells us.)

I would say, (to be on the safe side), that you should be here by the last week in March. Of course, you can always start googling for predictions next February! 🙂


This is the 172nd edition of Travel Photo Thursday. You can browse the archives here.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I think magnolia is my favourite spring blossom – it’s not one that you see a lot of here. We have a small cherry tree in the garden which is just beginning to blossom now. So pretty and cheerful!

    • Hi Molly! We have a lot of magnolia here. They are beautiful. My favorite are the pink and white.

  2. Love all these trees in bloom. Spring is so beautiful, isn’t it…

    • Hi Sophie…Spring is my favorite season. All of the color just brings so much like into the city.

  3. Wow, how absolutely beautiful these blooms are, Nancie! Great photos, can’t wait to see some of that here. Thanks for bring a spot of color to my morning.
    BTW, I had to try several times to get to your site. It kept giving me a timeout error.

    • Hi Marcia! Thanks, and I hope all this color comes your way soon. Thanks for letting me know about the site. I’ve been having a few problems lately. I’m hoping that everything is okay now.

  4. Hello after an absence from me. These photos are very pretty. I’ve never thought of Korea being cherry blossom sort of place but of course it makes sense… and it’s spring there, how lovely. Autism here and getting dark at nights.

    • Hi Seana, and welcome back! Korea seems to take a backseat to Japan when it comes to the cherry blossoms. The tourism people need to market it better. Then again, maybe not! The crowds are already big enough!

  5. Stunning photos! In the south of France we’re ahead this year with the climate changing and we’ve already got full leaves on trees. I’d say we’re about a month ahead of last year. Our blossom is long gone but it was pretty while it lasted.

    • Hi Phoebe! Seems like a lot of places had an early spring this year. The Koreans say that means a long, hot, humid summer…UGH!

  6. CHERRY BLOSSOMS! <3 I LOVE that photo with the fallen petals lineup the road perfectly: great idea for a wedding 😉

    -Maria Alexandra

    • Hi Maria…Thank you! I agree, nice idea for a wedding. You’d have to get married at exactly the right time of the year. Then again, you could probably buy the petals…:)

  7. it’s so weird: it’s been FREEZING in Florida, having some of the lowest temperatures we’ever had… in the WINTER! as if it were winter! What the heck? It’s like spring won’t be here in a bit. Absolute insanity this year…

    Happy to hear you are toasty warm in the afternoons at least though haha 🙂 send the sun this way!

    -Maria Alexandra

    • Would love to send the sun your way…let me work on it! 🙂

  8. I love spring flower photos… my favorite is the magnolia, lovely color!

    • Thank you! The blossoms must have been gorgeous in Japan as well this year.

  9. Nancie, love these blooms – especially that magnolia! The trees here and the wildflowers are blooming and it is just mind boggling how many similar plants they have to ours ‘back home’. Geraniums, iris, roses just to name a few! I think we are all ready for spring!!!

    • Hi Jackie! and thanks! It’s the same way here in Korea. They grow many of the same flowers that we have in Nova Scotia. Yes, I can have too much spring and it can’t come too early!

  10. Those shots are just beautiful – and I especially love the one with the blossoms on the ground. Somehow it tells me I’m in Korea – as it’s what I would expect.

    In Calgary I’m just happy the snow is gone.

    • Hi Leigh…I so hope that you see some spring soon. I know that feeling of anticipation, as in WILL IT EVER ARRIVE! 🙂

  11. What pretty blossoms and a gorgeous blue sky. I like how the closeups show me the tiny details while the wider shots make me feel like I could jump right into the scene and walk down that path with the falling blossoms. Enjoy the spring as it will be hot summer before you know it.

    • Hi Michele! Yes, the heat and humidity will soon be here. I don’t mind the heat, but the humidity is a killer!

  12. These photos are a feast for the eyes. I can almost smell those magnolias. Here in N. California we’ve had a lot blossoms, too. In fact, our winter was so unusual (not enough rain, unfortunately) and we got our blossoms very early, it seems.

    • Hi Cathy! There seems to be a lot of early blooming. Then there is my poor Dad in Nova Scotia. They just can’t seem to shake the winter.

  13. What gorgeous photos! We don’t have one single bloom of anything yet. I am sooo ready!

    • Hi Sonja! I hope that spring makes it your way soon. The blossoms really do improve the mood!

  14. Simply [email protected]
    High Park in Toronto also has a spectacular cherry blossom display but that won’t happen until May!

    • Hi Jackie! We’re at least a month or two ahead of Canada when it comes to the blossoms.

  15. Absolutely beautiful photos, Nancie! I love seeing cherry blossoms all over the world in pictures especially at this time of the year. I’m glad Spring has sprung in Korea for you.

    • Hi Mary! I’m so glad you liked the photos. Believe it or not, the day I took those it was freezing. Thankfully, it has warmed up a bit since then. 🙂

  16. I confess to be envious at this time of year. The time when all the cherry blossom photos come out. I just want to be anywhere that they are. It’s that simple.

    • Hi Jan! I hear you. The blossoms are just so gorgeous!

  17. Inspiring pictures! Great to see so many perspectives on one subject.

    • I always like to try and get different angles in my photography 🙂

  18. What beautiful pictures! Really makes me feel like it’s spring – especially because rainy Cusco certainly doesn’t feel like it’s anywhere near spring right now!!

    • Hi Emily…I hope that spring arrives in Cusco soon. What’s the local spring flower?

  19. We were just in Japan and were a few weeks early for the bloom of the cherry blossoms! We got a few early bloomers, which was good, but imagine it would have been magic a few weeks after we left. If it looked half as good as these photos then I would have been right!

    • I’ve been to Japan a few times, but never for the cherry blossoms. It’s on my list.

  20. Ooh you got some wonderful shots! So dreamy and colorful. Love cherry blossoms!

    • Hi Samantha…I think cherry blossoms have to be one of the most popular. Everyone wants to enjoy them, and rightly so!

  21. Beautiful dreamy photo’s Molly :)!

    • Thank you! I love getting a little artsy with my flower shots. The creative juices start to flow 🙂

  22. Gorgeous photos! I love cherry blossom trees! The different shades of pink are stunning. You have some really nice shots here 🙂

  23. Lovely photos! I didn´t see the cherry blossoms while in japan, good to know its possible to see them in Korea..

  24. Lovely pictures. It looks like a beautiful place!

    • Hi Karen…Daejeon is pretty in the spring when everything is blooming.

  25. Beautiful photos! I have always wanted to travel somewhere just to see the cherry blossoms, they are so gorgeous and delicate looking!

    • If you’re still in Asia next year, drop over! Start watching the predictions early, so you’ll be here during prime viewing time!

  26. Amazing! beautiful, dreamy shots. I love cherry blossoms, even here in Italy, they mean spring’s arrived!

    • Hi Margherita…I have never associated cherry blossoms with Italy, but why not? They have climate for them!

  27. I love cherry and apple blossom. Made me a bit homesick for Spring in my homeland, but it did bring back beautiful memories – thanks for great photography shared!

    • Hi! Thanks for dropping by. The blossoms are definitely a favorite time of the year for many people.

  28. Nice photos! This looks like a great time of year to visit Korea/Japan.

    • Hi Jon…I would say that spring is the best time to visit Korea. Just be sure to time your arrival around the blossoms. They don’t last very long.

  29. What beautiful photos! Especially love the ones fallen on the path~

    • Thanks, Irene. The pathway is one of my favorites, too.

  30. Beautiful – this “sea” of pink and white.

    • It really is a sea of pink and white 🙂

  31. I love that brief period each year when tress are in bloom. Great photos!

    • Hi Billie…I agree, and it is all too short!

  32. Those cherry blossoms are beautiful. I’m in Arizona this spring and it’s the yellow palo verde blossoms that are scattered all over.

  33. Beautiful photos, it’s cherry blossom season in Washington, D.C. as well although I have yet to witness them in person, (not for a lack of trying) I hope to be in D.C. in 2015 and finally get to see the glorious blossoms!

    • Blossom time is my favorite time of the year. Ours are pretty much finished. Now we have the azelas, which I do love, too.

  34. Lovely photos! Wish I could be there in person. My cherry tree in my front yard here in Berkeley, CA is just budding.

    • Hi Carole, Our blossoms are pretty much finished. Enjoy your tree as it comes to life!

  35. What beautiful pictures! I think of cherry blossom season in DC and Japan but never even thought of Korea! Thanks for sharing this piece of spring.

    • Hi Lois and thank you! Korea falls under the radar when it comes to cherry blossom season (and a lot of other things too), but they are lovely here. I only wish they would last a wee bit longer 🙂

  36. These are all such incredibly beautiful photos! I love the one with all the petals on the ground. Gorgeous!

    • Hi Michelle! That seems to be a favorite here, and I was happy with it, too.

  37. Ir reminds me of when I was in Japan a long time back. In fact, that photo with the river looks just like Japan. The photo with the path strewn with blossoms at the sides is really breathtaking, and all the other shots are beautiful, too. I just hope you’e not an allergy sufferer, like I am!

  38. What beautiful pictures! The blue sky lends the perfect background.

  39. I don’t think I’ve ever seen shades of pink like that. Beautiful shots!

  40. Gorgeous photos! Planning your trip around the blooms can be tricky! Thank your for the tips!

  41. I love your flower photos; all such beautiful shades of pinks and purples.

  42. The blossoms are beautiful. My favorite blossoms on our property are the ones on the dogwood tree. We’re still at least a few weeks away from those though.

  43. I have yet to visit Korea. The flower petals lining the path look like fairy dust. Lovely photos.

  44. gorgeous gorgeous blooms and images. Don’t you just love the start of spring! Sorry I didn’t stop by last week, but I am glad I logged in today. Have a lovely weekend ahead.

  45. I don’t want anyone to think for a minute that I’m complaining about having missed the winter of 2013-14 in my home town of Philadelphia,Pennsylvania by being here in Honolulu, Hawaii, but one of the things I miss (along with my mother and my dog) are the spring flowers. The trade off for eternal summer is no spring or fall.

  46. Hi, Nancy! Happy Spring! It looks so lovely there. Your pictures are gorgeous – it will be awhile before I can go out here and try to capture anything similar and, of course, we have fewer cherries here in Minnesota!

  47. Wow this is beautiful. Such beautiful trees and flowers. Great post.

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