Traditional Bali for Travel Photo Thursday

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Traditional Bali

This week I’m sharing my favorite shots which for me depict traditional Bali, and the Bali I love. Welcome to week 223 (04/16/2015) of Travel Photo Thursday. For the past six weeks, my workhorse of a computer has been and continues to, show signs of wanting to be retired. This is not the time to be contemplating a younger workhorse, so I have been coaxing her along. I’m at the point that I hold my breath every time I hit the power button. If I’ve been slow getting around to last weeks Travel Photo Thursday linkers, and haven’t commented to many who have left comments here on the blog recently, do accept my apologies! I will make it up to you, I promise! 🙂 I’ve been to Bali a number of times over the years, and one of the things that I like about the island is the traditions that they maintain. Here are a few of my favorite photos depicting traditional Bali.

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Holidays and special events center around the temple. Anyone who has been to Bali knows that these ceremonies are not put on to entertain the tourists. However, at least in Ubud, the locals do welcome visitors into the temple during ceremonies. All they ask is that you wear appropriate dress.

I love this shot of these beautifully dressed ladies waiting to take their offerings to a temple in Ubud.

Temple Offerings, Ubud, Bali

Full moon offerings at a temple near Bali’s Lake Batur.


Full Moon Offerings..Bali


This lady was happy to pose for a photo before entering an Ubud temple with her stunning offering. I cannot imagine carrying that on my head!


Temple Offerings in Bali





Working in the rice fields in Ubud. I wonder how many years they have been farming this way!




Back to the offerings. They happen every day and are not limited to only the large temples. Businesses and homes also offer up to the gods every day.




Even out in the rice paddies! On his way to make an offering.




Experiencing traditional Bali is easy to do on foot when you are in and around Ubud and some of the smaller towns. Should you want to travel further afield cycling in Bail is a fun and safe option you may want to consider.

Travelers Tip

The Balinese welcome visitors in to witness their ceremonies. Do dress appropriately. Ladies should have a sarong, a sash, and a blouse with sleeves. Guys can get away with long shorts and a shirt with sleeves. Taking photos is fine, but do be respectful. If a ceremony is happening, be sure not to interfere with whatever is going on. I highly recommend attending a ceremony, or even two! During the full moon, there is always a lot of activity and many great photo opportunities.


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  1. Nancie, I love Bali, and these are some great portraits! Love them.

    • Hi Corrine. Thanks! Putting this post together made me realize how long it’s been since I have been to Bali. Ubud, and the smaller villages outside are my favorite places.

      • Thanks for posting great post and good photos Nancie!, as a Balinese i’m really proud of the images of my homeland and its cultures is in your blog. Nice to meet you here..

  2. Impressive how they carry that weight on their head. Not to mention the necessary balance…

    • Hi Lilli. Yes, it always amazes me how they do this.

  3. I’m impressed by both how beautifully vivid the ladies’ clothes are but especially by their skill at balancing such towering loads on their heads. I’ve only visited Bali once a very long time ago on a 3 week, whirlwind trip of SE Asia when we thought that’d be our only chance to be in that part of the world. Hah! Anyways, we were so exhausted by the time we reached Bali, that we just laid on the beach to take a vacation from our vacation. Now, I wish we had taken the time to visit these temples. My nephew will be honeymooning there next month, and I need to show this post to him.

    • Hi Michele. Well, Bali is definitely a good place to lay on the beach. I’m sure the newlyweds will love Bali!

  4. Great photos and great idea concentrating on the traditional side of Bali

    • Hi Jill. I love all of the traditions that the people of Bali continue to honour.

  5. These photos are stunning! We’re just back from SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand! And it was too short.

    • Hi Jackie. The trips are always too short, aren’t they!

  6. These look incredible! I’m dying to visit Bali (possible honeymoon location!) and I can’t wait to explore and hopefully witness some of the ceremonies you mentioned. Great stuff!

    • Hi Lo! I hope you make it to Bali. The ceremonies are fascinating and beautiful.

  7. Nancie, these are absolutely beautiful shots! Hope your computer holds on for a while longer. I am now at the mercy of satellite internet so hope my fellow linkers understand I may not get to as many of their posts as I would like, but I too, will make it up in future weeks!

    • Hi Jackie. Thanks! Yes, I don’t really want to make a new computer investment at the moment. It looks like you and Joel are enjoying yourselves. Don’t worry about the Internet, or lack of it!

  8. What a great collection showcasing the Balinese. I love how colorful their costumes are. It really is quite a feat to balance all of those things on their heads. Good luck with your computer!

    • Hi Mary. I love the traditional costumes, and the head balancing always amazes me. I could never do that!

  9. If cornucopia head balancing were an Olympic sport, we may have just found a strong medal threat. Especially if style points are allotted.

    • Hi Bob! Haha….You should write to the Olympic committee 🙂

  10. Impressive how many offerings they can fit on a plate! I know it should be complicated to carry all that weight on your hear and I understand it is a skill to not drop the arranged offerings on a plate. But, do they totally balance the place in the head or do they use the hand to help with the load? I am asking because I have been to countries where they totally balance a heavy load in their heads (no hands). Just a question to understand better the situation. Thanks!

  11. Love this as we got to see some ceremonies recently in Bali also, and they were amazing

  12. I love these portraits. Their faces are so full of happiness. Beautiful compositions, Nancie.

  13. I love Bali. These photos bring back great memories of our two visits. Wish it wasn’t quite so far away.

  14. Was in Bali 35 years ago, so it is about time to go back. Thanks for the nudge! And didn’t visit this traditional side, just frolicked in the beaches. Thanks for the nudge again!

  15. I loved seeing this photos — I’m going to Bali in May. Lots to look forward to.

  16. The Balinese women’s clothing is beautiful, and it’s amazing how much they can balance on their head. Interesting photos of the rice paddies too. It looks like such a labour-intensive crop.

  17. Absolutely fabulous photos! So colorful, exotic and inviting pictures.

  18. Lovely photos and so nice to learn about the culture and traditions!

  19. Every time, we have been to Bali, we truly enjoyed witnessing how religion is still part of everyday life on this island, which is not necessarily a given in other cultures.

  20. I’m too tired to google it—-what is the religion they are “practicing”? The Balinese are beautiful as are your photos of them. Maybe one day, we’ll make it there.

  21. I love the authenticity of destinations like these. In most places across the world, staging events for tourists tends to convey the wrong message. I will add Bali to my bucket list. Seems cool from the pictures.

  22. Oh how lovely! We were planning a trip to Bali for August, but the tickets from South Korea (where we currently live) were too expensive, so we ended up planning a trip to Vietnam instead. We’ll have to save Bali for another time very soon though. I already wanted to go, but your pictures make me want to go even more!


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