#TPThursday– November 29, 2012– Day Tripping to Korea’s Daecheon Beach

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday and the last #TPThursday for November. I have no idea where the month has gone. I have two more weeks of classes, and I am out of here for the winter! 

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Many of you know that I have spent time at Daecheon Beach in the past, and it really is my favorite beach in Korea. That probably has something to do with the fact that it is a short (and inexpensive) 2 hour bus ride from Daejeon. Last Friday I talked a friend into going down for the day to walk on the beach, and have lunch at a great restaurant we know. We were both a little apprehensive, because it’s been so cold here. However, we decided to go for it, and Saturday dawned cold and sunny. The ride there was not as pretty as usual. Korea has gone from lush and green to gray and grimy. The beach more that made up for it! The water was that glorious green that is usually reserved to the Caribbean or maybe Thailand. Yes it was COLD, but so beautiful! We even hung around for the sunset, and we weren’t disappointed. Have a look….


Look at that gorgeous green…swim anyone?? 🙂


Daejeon Beach, Korea ...a cold November Day, 2012


Looking left…(and a good polarizer would have really caught those magnificent rays.)



Daecheon Beach, Korea...on a cold November afternoon...2012


Now for an out of this world awesome sunset…


Daecheon Beach, Korea...November 2012


Sunset, Daecheon Beach, Korea...November 2012


Sunset, Daecheon Beach...November 2012


Daecheon Beach Sunset, November 2012


Daecheon beach is easily accessible by an inexpensive bus or train journey from pretty much anywhere in Korea. First stop is Boryeong-Si, and then a quick local bus ride will find your directly on the beach.


Do you enjoy the beach on a brisk, sunny winters day?


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  1. What a wonderful way to spend a winter’s day! Love those beautiful sunset photos! We live near the beach here in San Diego and love going to the beach during winter. It’s less crowded and the sunsets do seem more special.

    • Hi Mary…love the lack of people in the winter. Growing up in Halifax, I visited the ocean almost every weekend/sometimes during the week. It didn’t matter what the season. In winter, I would spend a lot of time feeding the ducks.

  2. What an awesome sky you captured and it looks a lot warmer than you suggest. I feel the same way about November – that it’s just flown by and that’s OK. It’s always been my least favourite month of the year.

    • These photos do make it look warm, but trust me, my hands were blue by the time I finished:) I don’t mind November, except it always seems so long. January is the month that I like to ignore 🙂

  3. Beautiful beach and a beautiful sunset! I’d love to be able to walk a beach right now even if it was chilly. It is hard to believe it’s almost December already and it’s sure to fly by as well. I agree Nancie, January has always been my least favourite month – it’s cold and it’s long – once we get to February then I start to feel like spring just may be around the corner!

    • Hi Lisa,

      I’ve been to this beach a few times over the years, and this was the best sunset yet

  4. What an amazing sunset!

  5. Fantastic photos, Nancie. Didn’t realize that Korea had beautiful beaches. Is it crowded in the summer?

    • This particular beach is not usually that crowded. Although, in July they do have a Mud Festival. I have never been, but have seen photos and it is EXTRMELY CROWDED. The festival is considered one of the top festivals in the country.

  6. It’s hard to guess from your photo that it was cold! What a lovely sunset.

    I like beaches in the fall, but winter is too cold!

  7. Absolutely stunning shots; there is nothing better than a sun, a beach and a camera. You took us along on this one Nancie, really got caught up in the feel of the place.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed them, Jackie. I was quite pleased with these shots.

  8. Wow, these sunsets are absolutely spectacular! I can just see myself there. And yes, I enjoy the beach anytime. I used to love going to Coney Island in the winter time. The beach feels so different then. It’s always empty except for a few gulls, and only the sound of the waves crashing to shore. I think I prefer it then, as you really get a sense of the magnificence of the ocean. Thanks for bringing back these memories.

    • You are so welcome. I would love to walk Coney Island in the winter time.

  9. beautiful. it reminds me of day we spent at the beach outside of Hoi An. I big swath of sand like this that we had all to ourselves.

    • You have to love it when you can experience something so beautiful with so few people!

  10. Beautiful. Yes, I can definitely enjoy the beach even on a cold, winter day! I too wouldn’t have guessed it was cold from your photos, and I had no idea there were such beautiful beaches in Korea. Did you see anyone dare to take a swim? 😉

  11. Oh that beach looks marvelous! Especially love those sunset pictures.

    • Thanks, Debbie. It has become one of my favorites over the years here.

  12. Love the bright blues next to the yellows. I’m a sucker for sunset shots- they just make me feel so happy. I was actually in Santa Monica the other day and stayed longer than I needed to because I wanted to see the sun set!

    • Jade, I would have done the same thing. We kind of debated about staying, and in the end we were so glad we did.

  13. It’s rainy and dreary here in Vancouver and even though those are cold beach photos they still make me think of summer.

    I’m missing out on TPThursday due to a big work deadline. I’ve got plans in place for some big trips soon so hopefully I’ll be back in a week or two!

    • I hope the rain leaves you soon. Vancouver can be a little depressing in the rain. Looking forward to seeing you back in a couple of weeks. Don’t work too hard 🙂

  14. Hi Nancie, I live by the ocean and absolutely love beaches. Admittedly I do take our beaches for granted, but I still do love them. Not so keen when they are cold – loved the sunset photos.

  15. What beautiful beaches Korea has – thanks for showing them to us!

  16. Gorgeous photos, Nancie — I especially like the sunset ones. I’d like to visit these beaches any time of year.

  17. Love the photos. I can stare at sunsets everyday. It’s nice to see a beautiful sunset like this specially in the winter. I’ll skip the swim though 🙂

  18. Gorgeous pictures. I’ve been trying to get to this beach for two years, now I have a car it is within reach…when it’s warmer!

  19. Aaaah, that sunset looks amazing! Beats winter in NYC that’s for sure!

    • Hi Koren…probably beast most places in North America 🙂


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