#TPThursday — November 22, 2012 — Seoul Lantern Festival 2012

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday, and Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers. Have some turkey and pumpkin pie for me!  Seoul’s Cheonggyecheon Stream has been brightly lit for the past couple of weeks with the lantern lights of the annual Seoul Lantern Festival. Having the weather cooperate was no easy feat, but finally, last Sunday (the last day) was fine enough to make the trip from Daejeon.  This year’s theme was very traditional…have a look.

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Dressed in traditional garb…

m_DSC_0368_edited-1 m_DSC_0371_edited-1____

The year of the dragon…


Playing traditional instruments…


Swimming along the stream…(and my favorite lanterns)

m_DSC_0475 ____ Seoul Lantern Festival, 2012 ____ m_DSC_0446_edited-1____

Doesn’t this remind you of Vegas??



This had to be the weirdest lantern of the night… Child from Canada …(“The caption read…This child from Canada is wearing warm clothing made of animal fur and is holding a spear. He seems thoroughly prepared to go hunting.” ) What the !!!!



Here you can get an idea of how big the crowds were. 



The Seoul Lantern Festival is an annual event, held during the first two weeks of November. The lanterns are lit, weather permitting, from 5pm to 11pm each evening. Arrive early, if you want to beat the crowds. Admission is free.


Have you been to a similar festival anywhere in the world?


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  1. Thank goodness the weather changed for the better Nancie. Love the Vegas fruit and the dragon through the tree, and the Canadian twist was obviously for your benefit!

    • Weather can be so fickle, but in the end we had a spectacular clear evening. Good thing, since it was the last night 🙂

  2. This lantern festival sounds so much fun and such a feast for the eyes. Love all the colors and my favorites would have to be the fish swimming and the fruits. Glad you got the chance to go and share this with us, Nancie!

    • Thnaks, Mary. I loved the fish, too. The pineapple made me laugh, it was so out of place (but in a good way!)

  3. So many weird and wonderful festivals in Korea. Love the colours.

    • Thanks, Sophie. The colors really brighten up a dreary fall, now that most of the leaves are gone.

  4. Let’s just say that the Seoul Lantern Festival is a million times cooler than the Penang Lantern Festival. When I read the title, I was expecting regular, round paper lanterns. I was blown away from the first photo. So amazing! And now there will be lots of people running around Korea dreaming of that typical past time enjoyed by all Canadian children — spear hunting.

    • Yep, that Canadian child…and of course, his spear 🙂
      I’m tempted to show that photo to my uni students, but I’m not sure if they would “get it”. 🙂

  5. Wow on the colour front. You must have had fun snapping away. I’m a little taken aback too with the Canadian fellow. I can’t say I’ve seen anyone that looks like that in Canada…ever. Wonder who dreamed it up.

    • Leigh, so much fun taking shots there. The biggest challenge was not blowing out the color. There was a turkey on display with a great tail and wings that flapped and such, but every photo I have shows his head as a white blob (ugly!). I didn’t carry a tripod because of all the crowds, but definitely could have used one.

      Yeah, the Canadian child, the mind boggles! 🙂

  6. Wow! The colors are spectacular. I got a good chuck out of the Canadian; can only wonder how they got that image?

    • Thanks, Jackie. Hard to know what is behind the Canada’s “poster child” 🙂

  7. So beautiful,that’s a wonderful festival!

    My favorite view is the one with the vivid colored fishes.

  8. These lanterns are impressive. Wonder how they came up with the idea for the Child from Canada and how long it’s been part of the festival.

    • I was at the festival last year, too. I don’t remember the Child from Canada. However, last year I was not down at stream level, too crowded. I took all my shots from above.

  9. The lanterns are spectacular! My son wanted to look at each of them over & over! LInking up early today b/c I have lots to be thankful for in Texas!

    • I’m glad your son enjoyed them! I’ll be right over to see your post. I’m enjoying your “thankful series”.

  10. Great color in these shots!

  11. I love seeing your photos of the traditional festivals and these are really so colorful and fun. I’ll most definitely have a piece of pumpkin pie for you. 🙂

    • Thanks, Cathy! I will enjoy the pie virtually. I can’t wait to have Christmas dinner in Thailand with all the trimmings, including pumpkin pie.

      This is one of my favorite festivals. The lights and the colors are so mesmerizing!

  12. What a spectacular event. I particularly liked the lanterns on the water. Even though I put my Thanksgiving photo post up yesterday, I got so busy cooking that I am very late entering my url. I hope SOMEBODY will take a look!

  13. love the fish lanterns. very playful. makes korea look more appealing than i’ve previously thought.

    • Eileen, Korea has a lot to offer. Pick a good time of the year to come, which is the spring or fall. Summer is too hot and humid, and winter is too cold.

  14. Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are all lovely. I hope to visit Seoul during this festival.

    • Thanks for stopping by Sarah. It happens every November 🙂

  15. Such beautiful photos – and not at all what I had imagined when I had heard of the lantern festival. I was picturing tiny hanging lanterns – I had no idea that some of them were so large and so beautiful! And, of course, my Canadian children go out dressed like that all the time! 😉

    • Lisa, I thought of your kids as soon as I came across the “Canadian child”; such a great Canadian ambassador he is!! 🙂

  16. Fabulous!

  17. I love the fish lanterns!

  18. Beautiful lanterns. I love how others see us Canadians. Love the swimming along the steam and fruits ones. Very creative and colorful.

  19. I just came from the Festival of Lights in Chiang Mai, and it was wonderful! Seeing these colorful lanterns make me wish to be in Korea, too! I am sooo loving festivals right now!


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