#TPThursday — November 15, 2012 — Not Your Traditional Travel Photography

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. If you missed last Thursday’s great photo lineup, you can see it here…Travel Photo Thursday, November 8, 2012. Winter really has arrived here in Daejeon. Standing waiting for the bus this morning, I watched as the snow flurries disappearing as they hit the wet pavement. In my almost 12 years here in Korea, I have never seen snow as early as this.

The snow and the cold don’t really have much to do with today’s photos, except they are a way for me to escape from the reality of winter. Usually travel photos are beautiful landscapes, the local people, something that can be associated with a certain location. However, sometimes I take shots that I end up loving, and only I know exactly where I took the shots. Today, I want to share a few of these special photos.

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Butterflies and Hornets at Andong’s International Mask Dance Festival, 2012


A Butterfly I Met in My Travels


A Hornet I Met in My Travels

A Firefly and Lotus Blossoms at Seoul’s Bongwonsa Temple…


Dragon Fly, Bongwonsa Temple -- Seoul

Single Lotus Blossom -- Bongwonsa Temple -- Seoul


Water Lilly Magic in Ubud, Bali…


Water Lilty Magic


Daejeon’s Chrysanthemum Festival, 2012




And last, but not least bees and orchids captured in Taiwan’s garden district, Tien Wei…




Taiwan Orchid




Do you have a favorite untraditional travel photo?


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  1. I love photographing flowers, and it must bewonderful in Asia with all the bright and beautiful ones.

    • Sophie, There are always beautiful flowers blooming somewhere in Asia!

  2. These floral pictures are absolutely gorgeous, Nancie! I love how you captured the different insects on them too. These colors can brighten up anyone’s day. They look like Spring or Summer calendar shots.

    • Thanks, Mary! Agree, there is nothing like a beautiful flower photo to brighten up a dreary cold day!

  3. I love photographing flowers as well Nancie, looking back on flowery photos makes me feel happy as well as bringing back favourite travel moments. Always a good choice.

    • Jan, it’s hard to take a bad shot of a flower. Although, I have taken a few! (haha)

  4. Sorry Nancy – No. 5 is the link to an old post. I don’t think I can remove it, could you? Thanks!

  5. That last picture of the water lily with the bee is just amazing. It’s such a wonderful composition and so beautiful. One of the things I loved about Thailand was the fact that there were so many flowers – even the ditches were filled with lotus!

    Snow here too in Minnesota, so I get where you are coming from. Take care!

    • Thanks, Cindy. That is one of my favorites. I’ll be in Chiang Mai again this winter during the flower festival. I can’t wait!

  6. Me too, I love photographing flowers. I like a lot the last photo, lovely colors… 🙂

  7. I’d be thinking flowers too, Nancie. These are so beautiful, they’ll take your mind off snow for sure!

  8. You really need a good camera and a steady hand to get these gorgeous pictures. I need to work more on my close-ups, I see. I love them–particularly yours–but mine are always a bit blurry.

    • Vera, I take a lot of blurry shots. What I usually do is take several of the same shot, and then I’m pretty sure I’ll get one without blur.

  9. Love your flowers, Nancie. You need a good camera and a steady hand for such great shots. Mine are always a little blurry.

  10. Of course your shots are all marvelous but I particularly love the firefly & lotus blossom. I think it’s spectacular. We’ve also had early snow in Calgary – 20 + cms last week and hours of shoveling. It’s warming again so it’s going quickly though I hope it stays in the mountains.

  11. I often find myself taking photos of flowers too. These photos have great detail. Beautiful!

  12. Nancie, I did it again. . .linked and started looking at others and forgot to write. . .these are spectacular close ups. I really should get a camera with better close up capabilites but then I doubt if I could do as beautiful shots as these.

  13. Flower power! Great shots!

  14. Gorgeous!! This reminds me of a post you did a few months ago where you were playing around with photos on the computer,doing some magic that really enhanced the artistry of the shot. I adore that last photo.

  15. Fantastic shots, I love macro photography. Those flowers are wonderful, I like the picture with the bee!

  16. Love the pictures – so spring for us!! It is cold here this am – in the 40s so I loved seeing these pics!

    Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks, Becca. Nothing like some pretty flower shots to warm us up!

  17. these photos are absolutely stunning, Nancie! How do you capture so much color?! Are these photos edited? Which settings did you use in order to capture such vibrancy? I would love to learn!

    – Maria Alexandra

    • Hi Maria,

      Most of my photos are taken with a Nikon D90. I don’t usually do a lot of photo processing. It really depends. The last shot in this post was definitely processed. I honestly can’t tell you exactly what I did, it was so long ago. I do use Photo Shop Elements, but there are probably free programs available as well. I don’t consider myself any kind of an expert with Photo Shop. Anything I’ve learned is self taught. I’d recommend finding a program you like and play around with it a lot.

  18. Nancie, these photos are spectacular. Love the brilliant colors, detail and unique perspectives.


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