#TPThursday — January 10th, 2013 — Chiang Mai’s Sunday Walking Market Madness

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Welcome to another week of  Travel Photo Thursday! Hua Hin is a memory (although lots more to write about), and I am slowly settling into the Chiang Mai vibe. Since arriving, I’ve been nosing around the neighborhood to see what has changed ,enjoying eats and drinks at new haunts and old, and the Sunday Walking Market. Here are a few random shots of  Sunday’s market. 

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Market Madness…





For sale…





Traditional entertainment…





Delicious cheap eats…



These deep fried morsels of goodness are called “Money Bags”.







Leaving the “madding crowd” through Thapae Gate…





  • The Sunday Walking Market is a regular Sunday event in Chiang Mai. Officially the market starts around 6pm, but vendors begin setting up early in the day, and are always eager to make a sale.

  • Bargaining is expected. Remember, do it with a smile.

  • Have your Sunday dinner here. Everything is made on site, and so good and cheap. Come with an appetite.

  • No credit cards, so bring your cash.

  • Come early to avoid the crowds. 

  • Foot massages, highly recommended!


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  1. Oh my! The street food looks so delicious especially the mango (my absolute favorite fruit) I’m glad you’re having a wonderful time exploring the Sunday markets. I could probably spend hours exploring it.

    • Sticky rice with mango is my absolute favorite Thai desert! If I see it, I eat it…:)

  2. Deep Fried Money Balls, with mango for dessert, followed by a foot massage and maybe a coffee – perfection.

  3. Looks like a great place to grab a meal. I am a huge fan of those mangoes and could almost live on those things. I”m hoping to see them in the grocery stores here any day now.
    Are you taking a break from teaching?

    • Leigh, I can only just imagine how much a mango would cost in Canada! I’m on winter break at the moment. We go back to class on March 4th.

  4. Such a diversity of food and wares. Bargaining in markets isn’t my strong point, but I’d like more opportunities to practice at wonderful places like this in Chiang Mai. 🙂

  5. Deep fried money balls sound fantastic! And I’ll take a footrub, too please.

  6. The food looks delicious. I’ll take some money bags, please!

  7. I can’t wait to get back to Asia for regular access to cheap and delicious mango! These market pictures are mouth watering!

    • The fruit here is just so good, and so cheap. It is easy to get used to!

  8. I haven’t been in Thailand in ages, but I remember Bangkok’s Weekend Market from the 90s. This reminds me a little. All kinds of things jumbled together, the smell of cooking in the hot air, very interesting experience.

  9. For me, a visit to the market is always interesting, because you never know what you can find… especially the food…

  10. While I’m usually going to take a mango over anything else, I think the moneybags have my vote here. They look delicious!

  11. Money bags followed by mango and sticky rice sounds perfect. This market looks like a lot of fun. I haven’t been to Chiang Mia so I look forward to hearing more about it. Enjoy your break.

  12. Street food looks delicious, especially the money bags. Looks like you’re enjoying Chiang Mai.

  13. Love Thai dumplings — Thai food in general. And like so many things, it’s just not the same here.

  14. I haven’t eaten breakfast yet… Deep fried anything — well, almost anything — sounds good right now!

  15. For me, this part of the world seems so far away. I hope to be able to take my kids there someday and explore!

  16. I love markets like that! It looks similar to a flea market. I love flea markets!

  17. I do enjoy wandering local markets. Those money bags looked wonderful. How did they get their name?

  18. What an interesting market! I am hoping to go to Thailand this year so maybe I’ll be able to visit Chiang Mai too.

  19. Such a very interesting adventure and it seems that you have been enjoying yourself with all that stuff.

  20. Sorry to have missed all the photo fun for the past month – December was BUSY! As usual, I love looking at life through your lens – the Sunday Market looks like something I would love!

    I have revamped Friday Daydreamin – asking everyone to link up their favorite post of the week – hope you can link up this week! Thanks!

    • Welcome back! I will definitely link to Friday Daydreamin’ this week.

  21. I love markets! They are usually so colorful and great for people watching. You always have to go with your camera, because you never know what you will see! Some of the best photos of I’ve seen have been taking in markets 🙂 great shots, Nancie

    – Maria Alexandra

  22. I miss bargaining/haggling so much! many people find it annoying, but to me it is exciting and a lot of fun. It is also the perfect excuse/reason to go mingle with the locals 🙂 my Arabic got really good in Egypt because I would just throw myself to the market and bargain whenever I have this chance.

  23. WOW! Coming from a small town atmosphere that is a lot of activity going on! I love the blur of traffic on your last picture! The food looks great and I love that you can walk through the market and listen to the live music. What a fascinating place to people watch!


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